70 Greatest Bob Haircut Models for Long, Short and Medium Hair

The bob haircut is a haircut that will never go out of style. Many women have started to adopt this hairstyle lately, and in this article, you will find out why.

This article presents you with the advantages and disadvantages of bob haircut, how it appeared, how to properly care for your bob haircut. Also, you will find out what kind of bob fits you, some rules in choosing a bob haircut, and a tutorial of a perfect bob hairstyle.

angled bob haircut

The bob haircut and the unlimited variants of hairstyles that start from this seemingly simple shape have kept their place deservedly among the most versatile and popular hairstyles in the world.

Therefore, it is not surprising if you want to resort to such a change of look. Since the ’60’s when the bob hairstyle appeared, this was a revelation in women’s hairstyles – and one of the most malleable hairstyles anyone can wear.


Bob Haircut: A Brief History of this Ever-Present Look

Over the centuries, the bob has been carried by important female personalities: Cleopatra, Ioana D’Arc, even Amelia Earhart, the first female aviator to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. However, it was not until the early 1900s that the haircut gained popularity among women.

Transformed into a fashionable hairstyle by big names such as dancer Irene Castle, Coco Chanel and actress Colleen Moore, the bob was a symbol of emancipation and quickly became the dominant western hairstyle in the 1920s – especially among people with creative and artistic skills.

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The “father” of the modern bob was hairstylist Vidal Sassoon, who launched the hairstyle as a modern reinterpretation of the pageboy hairstyle, very popular in the 1960s. As in the 1920s, the bob haircut represented free spirit and independence.
Until the 1970s, bob hairstyle became a symbol of fashion – even men chose to wear it after 1990.

Today, the bob haircut comes in all shapes and sizes, from inverted to spun and to negligent or layered. The common appearance of these hairstyles is the chic and feminine look that it offers, as well as the quick care.

Remarkably Pretty Bob Haircuts

Which Bob Haircut Suits My Hair Type and Face Shape?

One of the biggest benefits of bob haircut is accuracy. Thus, the hair trimmed so it looks good even if its not styled. Another benefit: you will quickly find the bob hairstyle that suits you depending on your hair type and face shape. If you are unsure, ask a hairstylist.

best bob haircuts

– The layered bob fits very well with thin hair because it gives volume and structure – and because it partially covers the face, it can be worn even if the shape of your face is round.
– An inverted bob is an ideal hairstyle for thick hair because it is natural and maintains the volume of the hair.
– If you have a high forehead, the bangs bob is one of the hairstyles that best suits you, because it shows your feminine features.
– If you have long hair and are not sure if you want to cut it short – try a long bob – it will create the impression that you have shorter hair and will get used to another style.
– The short bob inspired by the style of the ’60s fits those who have a heart or oval face and thick hair.
– Anyone can wear the negligent bob haircut, but it is best suited to those with slightly curly hair.

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5 Rules in Choosing Your Bob Haircut

1. It is very suitable for minions with a small skull, nose, and small ears, not a long neck. It fits this kind because it creates an empty space, between the shoulder line and the hairline, space that harmonizes with the jawline (it is also called geoline, because it is part of the face geometry). Due to this space, the petite woman will look taller.

2. The straight bobbin line or CARRE, as it is called by the French, is geometric – graphic, with straight cuts, both at the baseline – back and at the sides: it would be good for the haircut to be at the base of the ear lobe.

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3. For the backline, very straight on the sides, you can follow the jawline (as above) or the lip line (so shorter), for the bolder women. This perfectly straight shape from the back can also follow the line of the ear tips, terminating at the tip of the cheekbone; I recommend this choice for women very, very daring and with perfect features (small oval face with small ears, small nose, small mouth, neck perfectly proportioned to the size of the body).

4. The color of the hair on the bob haircut should be black color, which is the same color all over the dark shaded hair (for example black, dark chocolate, deep dark brown or violet-blue).

5. The classic straight bob line always has a straight bang, at the eyebrow line, which puts the focus on the eyes, both on the shape and on the color of the eyes. Also, in the area of the bangs, but very discreet, it can be placed inside the hair (using the technique of the sheets) – never on the surface – colors accent red-violet-blue or even silver, colors-accent that harmonize perfectly with the hair dark color.

The accent colors will harmonize with the color of the eyes, with the color of the skin or even with the color of the clothing. These accent colors become the focus in the hairline and are meant to draw attention to a particular area, such as the bangs in the case of the classic straight bob.

bob haircut fine hair

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Bob Haircut


  • It is easy to maintain, requiring a short set time and minimal use of hot tools.
  • Hair grows and whenever you can change the shape of the haircut.
  • Looks very good with stripes and miniature clips in different shapes.
  • You will use a much smaller amount of maintenance products.
  • It is a unique change that will accentuate your optimistic character.
  • You will remove the “sick” suites and your hair will regenerate much easier.
  • With the haircut, you will also be able to choose a drastic change of color, because this haircut fits any shade.
  • Bob haircut highlights most of the facial features: eyes, smile or cheeks, creating a youthful look that will benefit you in any situation.
bob haircut fine hair


  • Such a haircut does not forgive some features of the girl. Because it is so short, there are no suites that minimize a protruding jaw shape, a double chin or too obvious.
  • The haircut is suited to the oval face shapes and generally to the delicate ones.
  • It will maximize the features (eyes, nose, cheeks) and highlight any traces of skin: wrinkles, left skin, black spots, etc.
  • It is recommended for those with thick or medium hair, and not for those with thin or very wavy hair.
  • It needs constant maintenance. As the hair begins to grow, the hair loses its original shape.
  • It takes some time before you get used to the new haircut. When we choose to opt for a change like a bob haircut, the moment we see, the hair falling on the floor, we have a heart tightening. If we do not like the haircut, then it is not necessary to panic because it is only about time until the hair grows again.
bob haircut for round face

What to Do for a Perfect Bob and what to Avoid if You Have Such a Haircut?


– Dry your hair from root to tip for more volume.
– Choose a conditioner that suits your hair type: because you have curly hair, it is very important to comb it easily.
– Trim your tips every 6-8 weeks to maintain the shape of your hairstyle and to make it easy to wear.
– Apply a hair conditioner specially created for straight hair, especially before combing your hair.


– Do not cut your hair alone, because you can very easily break the bob hairstyle – call a stylist whenever needed.
– Don’t arrange your hair very often and avoid using products that load or thicken your hair.
– Don’t take your hairstyle seriously – the messier the bob is, the more casual and light your look will look.

bob haircut for curly hair


Bob haircut does not need too much: cleaning with shampoo, maybe a conditioner and ready. You can wash in the sink.

Yes, when you have such short hair, it really doesn’t take long to wash it. In 10 minutes everything is ready. But the most important thing, not just for the bob haircut, is to choose a shampoo suitable for your hair. Otherwise, you can increase excess sebum, and the grain gets much harder, or maybe not at all, in the tail. Another effect that a bad soap can have? Increase hair electrification, and your look will look unkempt.

That is why it would be good to talk with your stylist about the type of hair you have and together you can choose the best option for you. He may also recommend the right conditioner, mask or treatment for chemically treated hair, if applicable.


Short hair dries much easier naturally, but it is not the best option for wavy hair. If you want the suites to remain straight, but the hair type will not allow this, you will need help.

You can use either the dryer and a normal brush, or use a hot airbrush, so define the tips and add extra volume to the root. You can also dry your hair upside down for more volume.

However, if you want a summer look with wavy suites, natural drying is a solution as efficient as possible.


After washing, you can use a sugar spray or styling cream. The sugar spray helps keep your roots smooth, and the styling cream helps you get defined at the tip level.

Hair foam is especially suitable when using natural drying. It will help you define loops and add extra strength while preserving the natural look.

Dry shampoo and volume powder are two other products that we used constantly when we had curly hair. The powder is suitable if you want more volume at the root and a flawless hairstyle.

The appearance of the hairstyle is affected when the hair begins to thicken, so you will need the help of dry shampoo. Bob haircut gets very hard in a stylish tail, and dry shampoo can get you out of many tangles. More than that, he also brings an extra volume of hairstyles.

What is a bob haircut?

1. A bob haircut represents three quarters of what is considered a long hairstyle type.
2. The hair is straight cut, and it is extended to the jaw.
3. Most times, the bob has bangs, but it all depends on the features of the face, and preferences.

How to cut a bob haircut?

If your face is elongated, cut the bob as short as possible; it will help you to frame the face.
If you have an angled face, you should cut the bob with soft lines.
If you have round or heart-shaped face, you can cut a longer bob.

How to style bob haircut?

The half bun is a great style for bob haircut.
The half up top knot is another way to style bob.
The all side hair is also a suitable style for bob.
The messy hair with volume represents another great to style bob.

How to fix a bad bob haircut?

Get another haircut.
You can choose other hair color.
Hair accessories are always a great idea to improve your hairstyle.
Try various styling options.
Use a wig or hair extensions.
Try different hair products and/or styling tools.
Start wearing hats.

bob haircut african american

Hairstyle Tutorials for a Bob Haircut

How to make beach waves:

– The famous beach waves are always suitable, especially if you want a little change of look and a new hairstyle. They are made very easy, even if your hair is short. What do you have to do?
– After the bath, when the hair is still wet, apply foam to define the curls. Then divide the hair into thin suites. Twist the suites to the root, then fasten them with staples.

– There are special tools that can help you achieve this look, and then the job is half ready. On dry hair, apply a spray for thermal protection and start playing with your curler and your hair until you get the desired hairstyle.

How to make bob wet hair:

– You can opt for this bob hairstyle for an evening outfit.
– You may as well be present on the red carpet or you may choose to spend an incendiary evening at the club.
– Whatever your location is, you will look incredibly hot, full of sensuality and sex appeal.
– All you have to do is brush your hair back.
– Fix the strands that slide with some spray or clips.
– And fix the whole hairstyle with spray…

You should try these 2 hairstyles and you will look incredibly good because it will visibly rejuvenate you and highlight the strengths of your femininity.

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