50 Super Homecoming Hairstyles Photos as well as Concepts

Homecoming hairstyles like vintage hairdos, funky bobs, sexy curls, sophisticated braids, updos and down-dos, chic buns. The most beautiful homecoming hairstyles ideas.

Homecoming hairstyles tutorials and photos for inspiration, pieces of advice on how to style your hair for the homecoming.

Homecoming hairstyles must be perfect, according to the event. If you already found your favorite dress and shoes for the homecoming party, now you need to discover which hairstyle is the one that suits you best. If you run out of ideas, we can help you! In this article, we have some suggestions about the latest trends of homecoming hairstyles.

Homecoming hairstyles

Homecoming hairstyles must accentuate your individuality. Choose one which represents you, but keep in mind that it must match your face shape, dress, and accessories. You can do yourself some of these homecoming hairstyles by learning a few easy tricks, but if you do not manage, you can ask a friend to help you or you may go to a professional hairstylist.

How to Do Homecoming Hairstyles – The Fishtail Braid

homecoming hairstyles the Fishtail Braid
source: glamour.com

Step 1: Brush out your hair and also choose which side you desire your braid, then split it right into two even sections.

Step 2: A fishtail is much easier than it looks; basically you’re simply bringing an item of hair from one section over right into the various other. Beginning by taking a small item of hair from one side and bringing it over and including it to them within the opposition.

Repeat beyond, ordering from the outside component of the area each time, as well as proceed all the way down your braid. Potempa advises keeping your hands right over where you’re braiding to keep it tidy, and also to hold of your hair, using just your tip fingers to relocate the hair throughout.

Step 3: Continue right down your hair as well as safeguard with a hair tie. Once the pigtail is secured, “pancake” it by moving little items of your pigtail so they relax and also develop more volume.

Step 4: Utilizing the Beachwaver, crinkle any kind of shorter layers or bangs.

Step 5: If you have any longer layers that really did not make it right into the fishtail braid, entwine them right into a three-strand braid, and tuck and pin it right into the fishtail braid.

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How to Do Easy Homecoming Hairstyles – Ponytail Braid

homecoming hairstyles Ponytail Braid
source: glamour.com

Step 1: Make a deep side part.

Step 2: Taking the best area, different your hair right into 3 strands and develop a Dutch braid (keep in mind “left under, right under”) along your ear.

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Step 3: Pancake the pigtail.

Step 4: Take a two-inch area in the middle of your head (this will be your “Mohawk” component) and also do a conventional three-strand French braid (right over, leftover, ordering items as you go) down the middle, quitting at the contour of your head.

Step 5: Currently, on the other side, protect as well as develop a two-strand spin with a clear hairspray.

Step 6: Pull all your hair up right into a high braid and protect with a hairspray.

There are so many possibilities to create such homecoming hairstyles; you only have to choose the most appropriate for you. If you are a simple person, then you can opt for a chic, romantic and cute hairstyle, and if you are rather a complex one, then you must look for something intricate. No matter which one of the homecoming hairstyles you will wear, we are sure you will be in the center of attention. Here are some of the biggest trends of homecoming hairstyles:

Vintage Elegance
These classic homecoming hairstyles will make you look stunning! They are inspired by the previous decades, but at the same time, they keep the modern line, so they maintain their popularity at all the important events. With a vintage look, you will never make a mistake.

Vintage elegance hairstyles

Funky Bobs
Bobs are very trendy, their formal aspect can be adapted for the homecoming party and you will look glamorous. They look very good from medium length hair to short hair. You can style these homecoming hairstyles in so many ways that you will see you do not need very long hair to look amazing.

hairstyles Funky bobs

Sexy Curls
The flirty curls will never get out of style, because they are fascinating. Get some bouncing curls homecoming hairstyles if you want to shine! You can wear these homecoming hairstyles lose or half-up, to obtain volume and at the same time, to show your beautiful curled ringlets. You can use a sparkling hair clip.

hairstyles Sexy curls

Sophisticated Braids
If you want one of the homecoming hairstyles which creates a strong impact, then you can wear braids. There are so many possibilities here, so you can decide for a French braid, a braided band, a boho braid up-do, or any type from the complex to the simple braids.

hairstyles Sophisticated braids

Updos and Down-dos
These homecoming hairstyles are very easy to create and they match perfectly with medium length hair. You can add a braid or a twist to make them different and avoid the monotony. These hairstyles will make you look irresistible and romantic.


Chic Buns
The ballet buns are stylish, so you can wear them as chic homecoming hairstyles too. You can wear them high on your head, on the side, or low on the neck. These can be worn especially if you like to dance a lot because they help you avoid some inconveniences.

hairstyles Chic buns

Sleek Ponytails
The ponytails are also very appropriate for the homecoming if you style them correctly. These homecoming hairstyles are very permissive; you can wear them with any type of outfit, from less formal to sophisticated and maintain your lovely look…

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