60 Heavenly Pink Hair Color Ideas + Bonus Dye Tutorial

Pink hair shades and celebrities, tips and shades that benefit you, pink lemonade hair, millennial pink, magenta hair. How to care for pink hair, information about what products to use.

Pink hair tutorial, step-by-step pieces of advice on how to dye it without chemicals, metallic rose hair, cotton candy pink, watermelon, baby pink, pink shadow, pink peaks, pink pastel, rainbow hair, pink flamingo.

Pink hair is the new trend in terms of extravagant colors to try, especially if your hair color is light. How this trend has expanded, color care tips and many other pink hair issues you will find in this article.

Tips and shades that benefit you
How to care for pink hair?
Pink shades and celebrities
How to dye your hair pink without chemicals – tutorial –

Pink hair can totally transform you. The shades of rose will give you a feminine air while the bright pink will highlight the rebel in you.

pink hairstyle

Lately, all cool girls have adopted this color, for example, Cara Delevingne, Kristen Stewart, Maisie Williams, and Hunter Schafer. And for men, dyeing their pink hair means overcoming the notion of masculinity. With this gray weather, you’re probably in the need of changing something about you, as a consistent change of look. As the hair is most handy to change, this will probably be your choice as well.

Maisie Williams pink hair

Kristen Stewart pink hair

But not everything is reduced to a color of hair color diametrically opposed to the one you have worn so far. If you do not change everything – and that means the way your makeup, the clothes, the accessories, especially their colors – you risk the result to be a disastrous one.

Instead of pointing something out, focusing on the hair, for example, will come out the chaos that will tire the eye or make you go unnoticed. And all you wanted to do was run away from gray.

Tips and Shades that Benefit You

If you have decided to do your hair pink, but have a dark natural hue, it will need discoloration. You can do it at home, but the risk of losing your hair is very high, so at least in this phase you call a specialist. All this can also advise you if you already have hair dyed in a certain color.

silver pink hair

The best scenario is one where you already have naturally light or blonde hair. In this situation, all you have to do is buy yourself a jar of dye in the desired shade and experiment by following some important steps:

  • all paints recommend on the instructions sheet to perform a test to determine allergic reactions. Even if you have dyed your hair before, you are dealing with another type of dye, so do not skip this step;
  • get ready with gloves, cover your ears and wear clothes that you allow to watch;
  • choose the color – you have a lot of alternatives! If you have light skin, you can choose any shade of pink, including a very pale pink. If you have a darker color, olive or brown, opt for a darker shade of pink hair.
  • always make a few suggestions to test the color! Moreover, to get used to and get used to those around you with the change, you can opt for pink strands only in the first phase.
  • even if you are dealing with a semi-permanent dye for pink hair, keep in mind that it will take up to a few weeks for the dye to be completely removed.
  • if you opt for hair-dyeing in the salon, you can ask the hairdresser to choose a shade of pink hair as close as the intensity of the base shade and to intersperse, from place to place, areas of pink strands. You can try to get this effect at home too but stick to this task only if you are very confident in your hairstylist skills.
  • if you feel very brave or if you want to cover a darker blonde, opt for a very intense pink hair dye. Darker shades of pink are a good option if you do not want to discolor your hair, but just give it a subtle shade of pink hair. If, on the other hand, you have light-colored hair, expect deep pink hair dye to bring your hair to this level.
  • Darker dyes contain more pigment, so keep in mind that it is possible to rub the pink hair dye on clothes, towels or sheets.
  • For warm skin tones, you can opt for a deep pink hair or pastel pink hair. A blonde with pink hair accents goes just as well. They also rely on shades of golden pink hair that remind at the same time as the color of copper.
  • The shades of pink hair that match the cold tones are hot pink hair and fuchsia that will highlight your features. And the ultra-light gray blonde shades with pink accents look great.
  • When choosing to wash your head with shampoo over pink dyed hair, make sure you switch to a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates are harsh cleaning agents that you will find in most shampoos, but they can seriously dry your hair and thus speed up its discoloration. So, avoid using them as much as possible!
  • Hair loses both protein and moisture when it is dyed, which makes it dull and weak. But the regular application of masks to pink hair and multiple feeding and deep hydration treatments is the key to increasing its strength. The best treatments for hair with proteins, especially if they also contain coconut oil, are so beneficial for the hair.

red and pink hair

How to Care for Pink Hair?

Before you dye your hair pink you need to know that you will need to dye it every 3-4 weeks to maintain the color. If you are not willing to do this, simply do not opt for pink hair!

  • Wash with warm water, not hot water, to protect the color. To maintain the vivid hue, you can put a few drops of paint in the hair conditioner. Wash your hair with shampoo no more than 3 times a week. If you have dark hair, you will need to bleach your roots at least once every two months before dying.
  • Always use thermal protection products! Any device that generates heat (hairdryer, curler) is able to open the cuticle and thus it will lose color and shine.
  • In addition, try as much as possible not to overuse these accessories, precisely because the hair needs water and often using hay or plaque, you will dry it and gradually it will deteriorate, it will lose its shine.
  • Keep the color intensity of hair with professional hair care products for dyed hair.
    Ideally, you should use shampoo (it degreases the hair and removes the accumulated impurities during the day), treatment (it opens the hair cuticle allowing it to absorb the ingredients that will help it maintain its color) and balm (this one as a to close the hair cuticle, so the absorption will remain in the hair). Professional products pay much more attention to the hair and you will feel the difference on your skin.

Pink Shades and Celebrities

Pink Lemonade

Hailey Baldwin pink hair

Hailey Baldwin went from blonde to pink hair. We must admit that this shade greatly benefits her, especially since before she had a light hair color. If you have an open hue too, you can make yourself a few pink strands at home, which will look fantastic on your hair.

Millennial Pink

Blac Chyna pink hair

Lately, the nonconformist Blac Chyna has gotten used to her hair dyed in different shades of pink. However, if you are the type of woman who prefers long-lasting changes, we advise you to use bleach before dying, to be sure that the shade will remain on the hair always fresh.


Bella Thorne pink hair
Bella Thorne didn’t give up pinkish makeup, even though she chose to dye her hair in the same shade. Of course, the shade should be discreet, because you already have a “strong” color on the hair and lips.

Metallic Rose

cara delevingne pink hair

Cara Delevingne made us accustomed to pretty shades of hair. This time, the star has dyed her hair in a shade of metallic pink, which does not over-emphasize, but does not go unnoticed and allows a strident makeup.

Cotton Candy Pink

Cyndi Lauper pink hair

Cyndi Lauper had pink hair long before this color became highly sought after. The pink candy is usually chosen by the extravagant people because it is a spectacular color, firstly, and secondly because it allows you to make-up as you like. Careful! Don’t mess with very contrasting shades, such as green or blue.


Jimin pink hair

Jimin, a member of the BTS band, has opted for pink hair with all the other bandmates since last year. This watermelon pink hair is, in fact, a light reddish hue. You can make up as you wish, as long as you do not overdo it with shrill shades.

Barbie Pink

Gigi Hadid pink hair

The beautiful Gigi Hadid posted on Instagram an image with her new look with pink hair. Don’t you remember the ponytail? The shades of purple and fuchsia match wonderfully with blonde girls. If you like this idea, but you don’t have that much courage, we suggest you try the shade first.

Pink Shadow

Iggy Azalea pink hair

Iggy Azalea gave up the blonde in favor of pink hair. The shade of pink hair implies a darker shade at the roots and a light blonde at the tips. We recommend that you go to the hairdresser to get exactly what you want.

Pink Peaks

Joan Smalls pink hair

Model Joan Smalls changed her look by dyeing her pink tops. Admittedly, it looks amazingly good, even if the roots are brown. You don’t have to worry about it even if you have short hair. Tell your hairstylist to help you with pink hair extensions!

Pink Pastel

Kesha pink hair

Renowned singer Kesha dyed her hair in a pastel pink hue. On her long hair, pink is perfect. If you are blonde, the more you can choose this shade of pink hair, because it gets very easy even at home


Rainbow pink hair

To get this pink hair color, you need two types of pink hair dye. It is best to call a professional, to make sure that you get what you want. Make yourself discreet and choose to value your hair.

Pink Flamingo

Pink flamingo hair

Flamingo pink hair is a combination of three colors: black, blonde and pink. Obviously, the predominant one is pink. The roots below are black, and on the surface, blond. Therefore, the look is suitable for both brunette and blonde.

How to Dye Your Hair Pink Without Chemicals – Tutorial –

You should know before trying this tutorial that the colors will show up best on light-colored hair. If you will use these on dark hair, the color will show up as a dark pink with red shades. Bleaching before applying these colors is definitely the best way to get your perfect shade of pink hair, even if it is not healthy for your hair.

The celebrity tool of this tutorial is food coloring. It is very cheap and the colors usually turn out pretty amazing and shining.

red pink hair

What Do You Need?

– Pink food coloring;
– Half a cup of conditioner;
– A bowl and a paintbrush as an applicator.


  1. Before you begin, pour some conditioner into the bowl and mix it a little.
  2. Add two drops of the food coloring and also mix them well until thoroughly blended.
  3. You can start applying the mix onto your hair with the paintbrush
  4. Leave the mixture on for four to six hours, depending on how light your hair shade is. We recommend you to leave it for six hours so you can be sure that the color is doing its best.
  5. Rinse your hair out in the shower, but without using shampoo. It is best for your hair not to use shampoo or other products for a few days. Also, it is best not to wash your hair for a few days so the color has more time to set in.
  6. Towel dry!

You can also dye your hair pink very quickly with some natural pink tricks which wash out very quickly.

One of the tricks would be cranberry juice. This kind of juice has a pigment that will turn light blonde hair into pink hair. If your hair tone is darker, your hair will look reddish.

To use, you just have to pour some cranberry juice into your hair and wrap it in a towel for a day, and after that, you just wash your hair and dry it. Beet juice is also an efficient option for a temporary pink. To use, you just repeat the same steps as you did with cranberry juice…

These two options will only last a week, so it can be a very good test before you decide if you are going to dye your hair with some permanent pink hair dye. These are also completely natural choices, so why not trying them?

bright pink hair blonde pink hair blonde hair with pink highlights blonde and pink hair

pink and purple hair pink and green hair pink and blonde hair peach pink hair pastel pink hair pastel pink hair dye pale pink hairneon pink hair light pink hair kylie jenner pink hair katy perry pink hair hot pink hair girls with pink hair girl with pink hair dusty pink hair dark pink hair curly pink hair

purple pink hair purple and pink hair Pink with pink hair pink-short-hair pink reddish hair pink purple hair pink ombre hair pink highlight in blonde hair pink hair styles pink hair highlights pink hair hentai pink hair girl pink-hair-extensions pink hair dye pink-hair-color pink curly hair pink brown hair pink blonde hair

rose pink hair short pink hair silver and pink hair