30 Gorgeous Bun Hairstyles | Video Tutorials and Photos

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Bun hairstyles represent classy hairdos which will never get out of style. In this article we will show you the most beautiful types of bun hairstyles and how to obtain them, you just have to follow our tutorials and pieces of advice. A stylish bun will always guarantee a chic and sleek look for you regardless of your hair length or type.

Whether you want to try a vintage bun, a classic bun, a romantic bun, or a modern bun, here you can see how to create them and when is the right time to wear them. You will find out which type of bun is great according to your hair type and what accessories to use. Plus, you will get inspired by our photo gallery of bun hairstyles.

Bun hairstyles are casual enough to be worn on a daily basis but they are still fashionable for an evening or a special occasion. We’ve compiled this selection of the most stylish bun hairstyles you want to copy to help you find the best style for you.

Bun hairstyles are very sophisticated styles that resemble very much to a Phoenix bird in terms of beauty. Bun hairstyles are always reinterpreting trends, styles, and eras. These bun hairstyles can survive each season and they are almost pure art. You only have to choose the option that suits you best. Take a look and find out more about these wonderful bun hairstyles!

bun hairstyles

Vintage Bun Hairstyle

Vintage bun hairstyles are timeless. This kind of bun is a hairstyle that is ideal for a delicate face. Maria Callas loves these bun hairstyles. You can modernize the bun by oversizing it. We guarantee you will look very chic with such bun hairstyles. In order to achieve the look, you only have to create a very high bun using a scarf. Try it and you will obtain beautiful bun hairstyles!

A vintage bun relies on the hair accessories you use. We recommend you opt for retro bandanas made of chains, silk, jewelry or even natural hair. You can also wear your bun with bangs. In this way, you will achieve a ’60s baby doll style.

Vintage bun hairstyle

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A Classic Bun

You can also try a classic bun, because the classic bun hairstyles will never go out of style. If you are a modern woman, and if you have thick and curly hair, you can reinterpret a classic bun: replace it with a banana bun. This is a great trick to obtain bun hairstyles if you have curly hair.

A classic bun

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A Romantic Bun

Romantic bun hairstyles are mostly based on well-defined waves obtained by using a curling iron. You can try an extravagant high bun and accessorize it with some stylish hairpieces. You can try a high bun on a straight hair too. Divide your hair into strands and then create a romantic bun using some styling products. You will attract everybody’s attention with romantic bun hairstyles!

Another romantic bun is a boho one. Create a perfect boho bun by braiding your hair. You will look fabulous and feel great with this style, because boho bun hairstyles are special…

A romantic bun

A Modern Bun

If you are a big fan of the modern style, you should try a modern bun. You can opt for a high beehive bun accessorized with a simple bandana or try a very well structured one. You will draw everyone’s attention with these kinds of bun hairstyles!

low bun hairstylesbraided bun hairstyles

messy bun hairstyles cute bun hairstyles easy bun hairstyles two bun hairstyles hot bun hairstyles high bun hairstyles hairstyle with bun twist bun hairstyles braid bun hairstyles top bun hairstyles

A modern bun

Which bun hairstyle will you choose?

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