Nail designs for valentines

Nail designs for valentines are important for every woman, because men are paying attention to a woman’s hands, especially on the romantic holiday. There are various characteristic motifs to choose from. In this article, we present you some of the most appropriate ideas, so you can make the best choices and impress your partner with a perfect manicure on the day in which everyone celebrates love.

Nail designs for valentines

When you need to choose between the nail designs for valentines, opt for the feminine ones or try to find something to match or describe your relationship with your boyfriend. Every detail counts and it is a well-known fact that most women are thrilled to prepare for Valentine’s Day: they like to find the most amazing dress or elegant outfit, to style their hair and to look perfect, so they must take care of their manicure as well. Tip: do your special nails long before you go to meet your loved one, to be sure they have plenty of time to dry. A manicure that looks amazing on your hands, makes you feel very confident.

cute valentine nail designs

Colourful French

This manicure is a little bit festive, but extremely appropriate for the Valentine’s Day. You may use the combination of red tips and silver basis, for a cool effect. If you do not want a French with multiple colours, you can use only a cute pink basis and white tips, with a little silver glitter in between them, and your manicure will look impressive.

Lovely hearts

The heart is another one of the most popular symbols of the nail designs for valentines. With a little creativity, you can paint the hearts in different ways, whatever you like. You can make just one big heart or many little ones, or you might like to try a cool mix between the styles.

love nails design

Romantic words

You can try these nail designs for valentines to paint sweet words on your nails, like, “I love you” or “sweet heart”, “kiss” or you could write the name of your boyfriend – this will be something which will draw his attention for sure. You can also try a less used font, to make the words on your nails more special.

Festive decorations

These nail designs for valentines are gorgeous and reveal a bold personality. You can try different applications, microbeads, marbles, stickers, rhinestones for a spectacular effect.

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