Lisa Kudrow reveals the heartwarming factor she has actually never ever seen Friends in an interview with Jennifer Aniston

Friends are thought about one of the very best and most long-lasting comedies of all time, but one of its celebrities, Lisa Kudrow, has never seen it, for a genuine reason.

Kudrow, 56, spoke to her Friends co-star Jennifer Aniston as part of Selection’s Stars on Actors interview collection.

The show covered ten periods and 234 episodes, and while Aniston included she has been reviewing the show recently, Kudrow hasn’t.

‘ I do not watch the show. I’m still not viewing it in the hopes that day we sit down and see them with each other,’ Kudrow claimed.

The show made headings in November when it was exposed to all of the original cast members – Kudrow, Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer – will reunite in a brand-new special for HBO Max.

While little is learned about the special, Kudrow included, ‘That will be truly terrific. I can not wait to do that.’

Series co-creator Marta Kaufman exposed last week that they want to shoot the Friends reunion unique in August.

They likewise recollected concerning their first conference – at the first table read for the pilot episode, with Aniston even remembering what everybody put on.

‘ You were using a proper Phoebe Buffay– like white linen, hippie tee shirt, and you had several seashells and necklaces on,’ Aniston stated.

‘ And you had your hair pulled up in 2 little clips, and you had these little blonde tendrils. So, so, so gorgeous! And Courteney [Cox] carried a pink baby tee with white trim,’ Aniston included.


Aniston included that she was lately finding Friends clips on the net, while she was with Courteney Cox.

‘ This set time I was with Courteney, and we were searching for something to referral, an old ‘Friends’ point,’ Aniston claimed.

‘ And afterward, we located– there are bungles online– and we rested there at the computer system like two nerds seeing these slips making fun of ourselves,’ she added.

Aniston additionally stated when she saw those old episodes, she will, ‘normally remember where we damaged during the scene.’

She included that she and Aniston would ‘enter these fits of laughter because you had this terrific capability to– you will strike your punchline, and you would certainly make this adorable point where you would certainly damage.’

‘ You would say the punchline, and you would certainly always rely on the target market and say, “I’m sorry, it’s hilarious.”‘.