Kylie Jenner outfits in 2019 – how to dress like a star

Kylie Jenner’s latest outfits seem to attract many looks and some of them appear to be really bold, which was something expected to some extent. Her outfits this year are very different and it seems she is willing to make all sorts of combinations that stand out.


Here are some Kylie Jenner outfits from this year which you can inspire from.

Kylie Jenner outfit

Kylie Jenner outfit #1

Red crop top and a black mid-rise carwash skirt which has a kind of fringe. As matching accessories she chose a diamond paved bracelet and for shoes laced pumps.

Even if it is a simple outfit, it seems that Kylie considered it suitable for a small party or probable for a not so important event.

Kylie Jenner outfit #2

A long below-knee light cream dress, that on top resembles to a shirt. To cover the naked top and not only, she chose a matching color coat, that does not seem to be very thick.

As shoes she chose a pair of stiletto shoes, their color being assorted with the whole outfit, namely  light cream. The bracelet was surely not lacking, but it could not be seen because of the sleeves of the coat.

Kylie Jenner outfit #3

Here is something simple, yet still elegant: a black dress, but this time a lot shorter than the one before, with two transparent stripes in front, from top to bottom, and the top of the dress comes on neck.

Regarding her shoes for this outfit, she chose a pair of sandals that are cut on the back and the edges are transparent but the front is covered in black leather.

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Kylie Jenner outfit #4

Black outfit with a bit of colour on “top”. Regarding this outfit, Kylie chose a very transparent black blouse, which allowed to see the bra that was also black. The pants that were also black were made from leather and their type was skinny. In the top part, over the blouse, she wore a wide purple jacket.

As accessories, this time she chose just a little black purse to go with her outfit.

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The shoes were a pair of mustard-colored sandals with some straps and in the front part they had fridges.

Kylie Jenner outfit #5

This outfit seems to be a little bolder than those before, because we are talking about a leopard print outfit from top to toe. Kylie wore this time a pair of leopard leggings and on top she had a matching leopard prind coat. Apparently it could not be identified the piece of clothing she wore under the coat, but we suppose she wore a black or leopard blouse or shirt.

This quite luscious outfit in terms of visual appearance Kylie chose to accessorize it with just a simple black bag which had a thin strap.

Regarding the shoes she wore, she chose a pair of black bunny sneakers with thick white soles.

Kylie Jenner outfit #6

This one is similar to the one before. This time Kylie wore a animal printed short silk satin dress with long sleeves, one that is similar to a jumpsuit. As shoes she chose a pair of sandals covered on the front with black leather and the accessories were missing entirely…

These are some of the outfits that Kylie Jenner wore so far, some of which you can inspire yourself from if you are lacking outfit ideas.


Kylie Jenner outfits black dress


Kylie-Jenner-red-dress Kylie Jenner outfit