Khloe Kardashian ‘Doesn’t Understand’ Why Cynthia Erivo Mocked Her ‘New Face’ on TikTok

Khloe Kardashian is miffed at starlet Cynthia Erivo’s surprising remove of the reality star’s ‘makeover.’

Cynthia Erivo has been scathing in a video clip in which she showed up ‘confused’ by 35-year-old Khloe’s ‘transforming face’ and mocked her current photos non-stop.

This has resulted in the Keeping Up with The Kardashians star scratching her head regarding why she went through such hostility after she had uploaded photos of herself on Instagram, which revealed she would undoubtedly have a remarkable makeover.

While lots of fans doubted whether Khloe had been under the surgeon’s blade, the KUWTK star had asserted that it was all down to clever make-up and lighting.

A source informed Hollywood Life that Khloe wasn’t troubled by the 33-year-old actress’ takedown on social media.

They said:” [Khloe] does not understand why Cynthia took to social media to make fun of her.

Yet she feels good in her very own skin and did not know Cynthia uploaded what she did.”

In the TikTok video clip by Cynthia from June 4, a woman shows up puzzled before four images of Khloe from the past 12 years.

The woman is dumbstruck that the four photos are of the very same individual and starts to suggest that this can not be the case.

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The source included: “Khloe is confident with exactly how she looks. Her looks have changed throughout the years, as do a lot of individuals.”.

This had not cleaned with Cynthia though that had captioned her TikTok video with “Amusing” when sharing it with her Twitter followers.

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In the video, the woman is told be her daughter: “Mom, these are all the same person.”

The confused mom reacts: “What do you suggest that they are the same person? That’s not possible.

These are four various people you’re informing me that this area of females that I’m considering, that this is all someone … They’re not the very same person, and I’m informing you, dear.”.

The KUWTK celebrity’s strong makeover had been given by her hairstyling group Andrew Fitzsimons and Tracey Cunningham…

The images were consulted with equivalent amounts of awe and derision by her followers; however, Khloe countered at the haters saying that her “various” appearances had been accomplished “from my weekly face transplant plainly.”.