Kendall Jenner style guide in 2020

Kendall Jenner has earned her reputation by using outfits which always manage to turn people’s heads when she’s out on the street. Even an ordinary T-shirt worn by Kendall Jenner with a simple pair of trousers looks like the chicest outfit you have ever seen.

Here are some great ideas of outfits that were inspired by Kendall Jenner, ideas from which you can inspire to create some of the most amazing outfits someone has ever seen.

Little black matched with jeans

As mentioned above, a simple shirt combined with a pair of trousers look simple but nevertheless stunning. Choose a simple black T-shirt, one that is not too long and it highlights your waistline, and harmonize it with a pair of jeans with a high waist.

Choose black platforms with white soles and if you want to be just like Kendall Jenner, you can blend the entire outfit with a hat.


Accessorized black

There is nothing simpler and more elegant to be able to stand out wherever you go! In order to do this, try to be guided by Kendall Jenner’s style.

Choose a black jumpsuit, preferably sleeveless, and complete this outfit with some silver accessories such as a necklace, a few bracelets or even a very thin belt, one that does not stand out too much.

Regarding the shoes, you can choose a pair of stiletto shoes that are also silver.

kendall jenner Rock top

Rock top and ripped jeans

Another outfit brand of Kendall Jenner style, this seems appropriate as a daily outfit.

It’s a summer outfit and you can wear it wherever you go. Choose one of your favorite ripped jeans and harmonize them with an off-the-shoulder blouse, one that resembles a chemise.

Regarding the shoes, choose a pairs of high sandals with silver straps.

kendall jenner jumpsuit

Something lighter – choose a jumpsuit

It seems that Kendall Jenner’s style consists in a lot of outfits that include jumpsuits, some are more elegant and others are lighter. As a day outfit you can choose again a jumpsuit, an army green coloured one or a denim one, but this time one with long sleeves.

As shoes, choose a pair of simple white sneakers and if you want to get the whole Kendall Jenner style, choose to wear a little black bag, preferably a Saint Laurent one.

kendall jenner outfit on the run

An outfit on the run

Here is an outfit you certainly don’t get to see every day! Even if it looks strange, it seems to be appreciated because Kendall Jenner wears it. If you’re on the run and don’t have time to sit too long in front of the closet, choose a pair of black leather trousers, a black hoody and a wide denim jacket.

As shoes, choose a pair of black boots without heels. You can blend the entire outfit with a small bag covered in black fur…

Even if this outfit is more daring, it will give you an ’80s vibe and you will certainly look like a star!

As you can notice, Kendall Jenner’s style is not very common, but it’s a very bold one. If your closet does not have too many black clothes or jumpsuits, it would be good to start to enrich it with such clothes!