30 Hawaiian Hairstyles Ideas for a Perfect Beach Vacation

Hawaiian hairstyles are for those who want an exotic look. Either you have long, medium, or short hair, you can easily find the most beautiful styles for you. Have a look at our suggestions and get inspired for your next hairstyle!

Hawaiian hairstyles might be tricky if they are not correctly chosen, because the hot and humid season can mess the hair. So, to avoid those situations, we present you with the best trends for the summer – you will be surprised by some of these gorgeous must-have Hawaiian hairstyles.

Many women do not want complicated Hawaiian hairstyles in the hot season because they are tough to maintain. There are some main directions – the braids, the Parisian influence, the center partings, the ponytails, and the wet-look – and we invite you to discover more about the Hawaiian hairstyles by reading below and paying attention to our photo gallery.

Long hair allows you to try many Hawaiian hairstyles. For variety, you can choose a ponytail, braid, bun, or loose curls.

Time is sometimes an enemy, and you need to do your hair quickly and run to work. Even when you run out of time while preparing for a party, try these Hawaiian hairstyles that are ready in 10 minutes, and you will get a fantastic look.

1. Hawaiian Short Hairdo

hawaiian hairstyles for short hair

You do not need to have mermaid degree locks to wear a stunning Hawaiian hairstyle. All you need is appearance with a little wave, so it blows in the breeze. Plus, a small flower accessory won’t hurt. Tuck it behind one ear or draw hair right into a braid crown or side braid and protect with your favored bloom.

2. Lengthy Hawaiian Hairstyle

hawaiian hairstyles for long hair

Emit the supreme Hawaiian internet user ambiance with long, beachy locks. You can attain this texture with a day at the coastline, or spritz wet hair with salt spray and scrunch hair occasionally as it dries out. As for a braid, a fishtail plait, or a loosened pulled out braid, and both have significant island feelings.

3. Hawaiian Curly Hairstyle

Hawaiian Curly Hairstyle

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Stick straight hair just will not provide for Hawaiian hairstyles. Naturally, curly hair have an advantage; however, you can continuously produce wavy texture if requirement be. Utilize your favored hot device and lots of texturizing sprays to produce flawlessly ‘reversed’ Hawaiian hairstyles with swirls.

4. Hawaiian Hairstyle with Flowers

Hawaiian Hairstyle with Flowers

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Blossoms are suitable for any type of event, also easy ones; however, flower crowns are for the more significant moments in life. When picking the best blossoms for Hawaiian hairstyle, assume intense colors or soft whites.

5. Hawaiian Braided Hairstyles

Hawaiian braided hairstyles

Braids are best for Hawaiian hairstyles. For the active Hawaiian babe, braids pull hair back for outdoor tasks. Overall, braids are stunning, even if they are implied for the design alone. Braid every one of your hair in your favored style or create one romantic plait and secure with your favored exotic blossom.

6. Hawaiian Wedding Hairstyle

Hawaiian Wedding Hairstyle

Hawaiian wedding hairstyles should appear soft and easy. Create long, soft waves on your wedding and add a double braid crown for interest. Every Hawaiian hairstyle needs a flower, even wedding appearances, right? Add a large, gorgeous bloom at the rear of the head or off to one side.

7. Hawaiian Hairdo for Youngsters

Hawaiian Hairdo for Youngsters

Even young girls understand how magnificent an easy floral Hawaiian hairstyle can be. Offer youngsters bumpy tresses and pin hair back over one ear. It wouldn’t be a Hawaiian hairdo without a blossom, so let them select their preferred flower.

8. Romantic Knot

Romantic knot hairstyle

Separate small strands from the sides and tie them with a small band at the back of your head. Turn them into a twist. Take a strand from under the tail and braid it. Twist the braid around the tail, then fix it with a pin.

9. Elegant Twists

Elegant twists

Get a low ponytail out of strands of hair and fix it with an elastic band. Using the fingers, make a hole in your hair over the band and turn the tail inside out. Gather the side strands and repeat the procedure.

10. Double Bun

Double bun hairstyle

Put the hair from the top in a small bun. Make a second bun out of side strands and you will get an amazing Hawaiian hairstyle.

11. Elegant Knot

Elegant knot hairstyle

Divide your hair into two thick strands and obtain two tails. Then divide each tail into two strands and twist them. Then put them all together in a knot.

12. Braids Bun

Braids Bun hawaiian Hairstyle


Braid strands on both sides of your head, then gather them in a tail and twist to obtain a bun. Fix it with bobby pins.

13. Headband Hairdo

Headband hawaiian hairdo

Put a headband around your head and start wrapping your hair around it. Twist the side sections and fix them over the bun.

14. Reinterpreted Ponytail

Braid the side strands and gather them at the back of your head. Then make a low ponytail and tie it with elastic bands in 3 places. This is a another great Hawaiian hairstyle.

15. Hairstyle Bow

Hairstyle bow

Wrap the side strands around a headband. Turn the strand under the band in a ponytail, but don’t pull the whole strand out yet. Divide the bun into two sections to make a bow. Then fix it with pins. Wrap a strand from the ponytail over the middle of the bow. Use some hairspray to fix.

16. Stylish Bun

Stylish bun

Use the hair on the top of your head to make a ponytail. Place a hair bun and wrap your hair around it. Fix everything with an elastic and pins. Braid the ends and wrap them also around the bun. You will get a cool Hawaiian hairstyle.

17. Fake Bangs

Use hair extensions to create bangs if you don’t want to cut your hair but still want to have a unique look.

Hawaiian hairstyles are always in high demand, and all future brides want to have a great hairstyle when they walk down the aisle. If you are preparing for your wedding this year and you want to look fabulous, here are some great ideas for your hairstyle.

18. Fishtail Braided Updo Hairstyle

Fishtail Braided Updo Hairstyle

Now, this is what we call as being something amazing for a wedding hairstyle! This hairstyle will make your hair look not only thicker but stronger.

If you have highlighted, this hairstyle will bring out your hair color and will be something unprecedented at a bride.

19. Low Loose Updo

Low loose updo hairstyle

It is advantageous for both long hairs and the medium one. You can make it both curly or straight, the idea is not to be caught very tight. But considering that this wedding hairstyle is achieved due to the curling technique, you should let loose some curls to frame your face a little bit.

If you have a preference for messy hairstyles, this seems to be a very good option if we refer to a wedding hairstyle.

20. Great Gatsby Hairstyle

If the film had part of the success, why not have a wedding hairstyle like it, especially if your hair is short.

It seems that women choose this hairstyle very often these days, and the good part of it is that you can use accessories like jewelry to highlight it. If you don’t want to wear a veil, this seems to be the best choice you can make!

If you have a simple bob or a pixie cut, you can look so glamorous with this cool wedding hairstyle, and if you want to add a modern touch, you could use feathers and pearls!

21. Vintage Wedding Hairstyle

Today it seems that vintage hairstyles are very popular, and hairstylists choose retro imagines from magazines to create them. If you want to adhere strictly to a vintage wedding hairstyle, you should not forget about accessories, and these are very important when you want to get a vintage hairstyle.

It seems that this wedding hairstyle has a strong influence on hair trends and it seems to be a good choice even for other occasions.

22. Wedding Low Braided Bun Hairstyle

Here’s another choice that you can make if you are preparing to walk down the aisle. This wedding hairstyle seems to be great both for long hair and for the medium one.

It seems that some celebrities have the habit of wearing such hairdos, the reason that makes them one of the best choices for a wedding hairstyle. If you also want to bring out your attractive facial features and your slender face line, you surely should not think twice before you choose this hairstyle.

23. Chignon Wedding Hairstyle

Here is another option, both for medium hair or a long one. Even if it’s a simple hairstyle, it’s still a beautiful one and let’s not forget elegant too!

The only thing that you have to do is find the perfect accessories to accompany this hairstyle so that it could be a perfect wedding hairstyle and to help you not get confused with one of your guests.

24. Cool Bobs

Bobs are perfect for the summertime because they offer a refreshing look. Women with thin to medium hair will be the ones who will benefit the most from these styles. The graduated bob will also be a very good option. Edgy and cropped bobs will make a good choice next summer.

25. Beautiful Braids

The braids began dominating the Hawaiian hairstyles trends, and the international stylists propose them for the summer. These hairstyles are extremely practical, classy, romantic, and sexy, and modern women choose to wear them even more lately. For the next summer, the braids with strong center-parted hairstyles with concealed tops of the ear, or the ones with extreme partings will be a must-have.

26. The French Side Braids

The French braided bun is another great trend for Hawaiian hairstyles, which will make a strong impression wherever you will go. It is ok to wear classical braids, but the side French ones will make a sensation.

27. French Braid Ponytail

The ponytails will get special attention in the summer. A regular ponytail combined with a braid with a touch of France inspiration will be one of the latest trends.

28. Ponytails

The classic ponytails will be back in trend next summertime. You can try an inside-out effect style, which is a bit more complex than the regular one; you can even opt for an accessorized ponytail; for example, you can decorate it with a bow. Another great ponytail summer style is the low, slick one at the front and teased up at the back, which is influenced by the ’70s fashion. Crimping is also back in the summer. The best way to wear this texture is with a ponytail. The extreme side-parting looks amazing with a low ponytail, and you can opt for a sleek one.

29. The Wet-Look Hawaiian Hairstyles

It seems many hairstyles which were a big trend in the past, are coming back in an improved manner. The wet look hair will be wearable again next summer. These loose styles will be worn laid back with the sleek center partings or with the side partings with a backcombed crown…

30. Gorgeous Layers

The asymmetrical Hawaiian hairstyles are also back in trend. Prepare yourself for blunt cuts and layers. Another way to wear layers next summer is to brush them through based upon the ’50s style with bouncy waves.