50 Cowgirl Hairstyles and Haircuts Ideas for a Great Western Look

Cowgirl hairstyles are getting more and more attention. They can be found in many different alternatives and we are sure many of them will make you want to try them. Discover the trendiest cowgirl haircuts in our article!

There are numerous cowgirl hairstyles women can pick from. These hairstyles are amongst the top-rated in the culture. Females are primarily evaluated based upon their clothing and the type of hairdo they have embraced. You shouldn’t emphasize yourself overlooking into top-notch hairstyles in the market. Below are some marvelous cowgirl hairstyles worth taking a look at.

Whether you’re trying to find the very best want to rock on the farm or ranch, or you simply intend to personify a cowgirl appearance anytime, after that, you’ve pertained to the ideal location. Cowgirl hairstyles need to mirror the way of living that comes with the region. Every cowgirl requires designs that both secure their hair throughout the exercise and dress up required accessories like hats.

Braids and braids are most common amongst the cowgirl hairstyles. These styles entail parting the hair from the middle and incorporating with two ponytails or braids. You can additionally have your hair down, mixing it with a hat, which is usual of the cowgirl look. The fishtail braids are also appropriate for this fashion.

Cowgirl Hairstyles Ideas

We have obtained inspiring cowgirl hairstyles designs for hair that is short, long, or someplace in between. Our looks will show you how to enhance breastpins, scarves, hats, pigtails, and past. Take a look at our top 10 best cowgirl hairstyles.

To get a fashionable look, you don’t always require to lose a great deal of time on this. With some simple actions, you can get  your brand-new hairdo without any trouble. There are numerous easy means to have a memorable hairstyle. Cowgirl hairstyles are classy, and a lot of them are simple to create.

cute cowgirl hairstyles

As a cowgirl, your hair must be drawn back far from your face, so it does not get in the way of your riding and dealing with the ranch. And also, it just really feels nice to allow the wind impact around our face on a hot day, right? Keep your locks tangle-free and your hair back with these stylish and useful cowgirl hairstyles below.

Best Cowgirl Hairstyles for Women

1. Bohemian Braid Hairdo

Bohemian Braid Hairdo

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Which cowgirl hairstyles could be a lot more beautiful than the Bohemian Braid Hairstyle for the cowgirls? Our opinion is no one.

Perfect For: These cowgirl hairstyles are optimal for long distinctive hair.

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2. Urban Cowgirl Hairstyle

Urban Cowgirl Hairstyle

Are you searching for a short hairstyle that will offer you that cowboy look? If indeed, you should take into consideration the city cowgirl hairstyles. These cowgirl hairstyles are characterized by dividing the mid head hair from the side hair on both sides of the head. Afterward, blonde and highlight color should be unevenly dispersed throughout your head. Going on, the hair on each side of the head must be brushed straight before being offered a bumpy appearance. Adjoin your edge hair with your center head hair and begin weaving it backward. Form a bun look design in the direction of completion of the braid.

3. Cowgirl Hairstyle with Hat

Cowgirl Hairstyle with Hat

What type of cowgirl would you lack a hat? You do not need to have a Stetson; as a matter of fact, any kind of wide-brimmed hat will do. Give your hair some soft crimps for uncomplicated exterior appearance, and you’re ready to go with these cowgirl hairstyles.

4. The Easy Chignon

The Easy Chignon Hairstyle

Sure, you’re not most likely to an expensive occasion each day, but this is a stylish and very easy way to maintain your hair up and out of the way. And when you do have an elegant event to go to, you’ll already have your go-to hairdo grasped completely.

5. Pigtails

PigTails hairstyle

Whether you braid them, curl them or let them hang long and straight, pigtails are the best country-inspired cowgirl hairstyles. Part your hair down the middle, and smooth out fly-away infant hairs without slicking on too much product. For a true cowgirl look, you do not desire these piggies to be overly polished and perfect.

6. Loosened Side Braid Style

Loosened Side Braid Style

If you have thin hair, then you need to choose a loosened side braid for an encouraging appearance certainly.

Suitable For: It is perfect for smooth and thin hair. Loose side braid hairstyle is optimal for those cowgirls who have short-medium hair.

Just how to Style: Keep the top hair of the head a little untidy and begin entwining your hair from the back. Brush up the braid on the side for a trendy look. Make the braid messy for a textured look.

7. Back Head Braid Hairstyle

Back Head Braid Hairstyle

These are some of the simplest cowgirl hairstyles and they are easy to create. Your stylist needs to offer your head a blend of both blonde and black shade. Blond shade needs to supersede the black one. After that, brush all your fringe hair backward to adjoin with the middle head hair. Adjoin this hair and brush it towards the back of the head, leading out an area of the side head hair hanging straight. The side head hair on both sides of the head needs to adjoin at some time towards the end of the mid head. Later on, weaving should conjoin in reverse till towards the side of the hair.

8. Short Hairdo for Cowgirl

Short Hairdo for Cowgirl

Producing the utmost short cowgirl hairdo is simple. Go with an unfussy feeling and crimp your hair into beachy waves. Offer it a tousle with your fingertips for an all-natural, windy look.

9. The Twisted Ponytail

The Twisted Ponytail

This kick’s your regular braids butt and just with a little spin. It’s your everyday braid, however, with a small selection.

10. Curly Ponytail

Curly Ponytail

Cowgirls like a good pony, particularly considering that you don’t desire hairs in your face while you’re viewing the bucking bulls (or scoping out a warm cowboy). Use backcombing and product at your roots to include some volume in your crown as you draw back your hairs after that crinkle completions of your braid for a very easy and straightforward look. These are gorgeous cowgirl hairstyles.

11. Side Braided Hairstyle

Side Braided Hairstyle

The provided hairdo is currently considered as a fashionable and eye-catching hairdo amongst functioning cowgirls because of its perfectly maintained look.

Suitable For: It is optimal for extra-long and thick hair.

Exactly how to Style: Start twisting your hair from the right side of the head to the left side to conjoin them. When you did, maintain the braid on the side for an incredible look. You will wear great cowgirl hairstyles.

12. Side Hairstyle

Side Hairstyle

As the name suggests, this cowgirl hairdo puts the focus in the direction of the ideal side of the head. Above all, you should have long hair to be eligible for this splendid hairstyle. These cowgirl hairstyles require two activities, particularly plaiting and dying your hair. Your hair has to attain a mix of black, blonde, and highlight color. These are a few things worth checking out. In addition to all these, your hair ought to be split into three little parts. Each section of the hair must be weaving distinctively. This is in regards to the size of the braid, among others. All head hair must be directed towards the right side of the head.

13. Cowgirl Look with Long Hair

Cowgirl Look With Long Hair

Double pigtails are enjoyable cowgirl hairstyles; however, double bubble braids are a little bit a lot more fashion-forward. To create these cowgirl hairstyles, separate hair right into two even sections. Include a hair tie every 3 inches and somewhat pull areas loosened to produce the bubble design.

14. Braid with a Bow

Braid with a Bow


Place a bow on it! Actually. If you have constantly asked yourself how individuals get those little, adorable bows in their braids, it’s, in fact, not that challenging. Try it on your own and you will wear gorgeous cowgirl hairstyles.

15. Big Hair

Big Hair

There are no hard or quick guidelines when it comes to big hair… whether you obtain a smooth blowout or develop large swirls, massive hair and boots always pair well together and you will get amazing cowgirl haircuts.

16. Basic Back Braid

Basic Back Braid

It is very simple and easy to maintain a hairstyle for cowgirls.

Suitable For: It is ideal for any type of face shape, hair appearance, and hair size.

Just how to Style: Brushed up back your hair and link them right into a braid at the back with the help of an elastic hairband. Use a hat to add life to the easy ponytail cowgirl hairstyle.

17. Traditional Cowgirl Hairstyle

Traditional Cowgirl Hairstyle

The classic cowgirl hairdo has existed since forever. This is among the few cowgirl haircuts that can be incorporated on any type of hair. Start by reduced drying your hair to offer it a soft structure for very easy combing. Proceed on and separate your head hair into two parts. Each area on each side of the head ought to be brushed directly to a specific degree, after which plaiting needs to begin. Include spice to these cowgirl haircuts by wearing a stetson.

18. Medium Cowgirl Hair

Medium cowgirl Hair

Sometimes, straightforward is all you need for cool cowgirl haircuts. Cowgirls with medium size hair must use hair down with loosened and glamorous curls. By doing this, hair can be drawn right into a neat ponytail at any time.

19. Second Top Knot Hairstyle

Second Top Knot Hairstyle

Do you only have a couple of seconds to do your hair? That’s all you require to complete this elegant and stylish leading knot. These cowgirl haircuts are ideal for those mornings your running late.

20. Side Braid Cowgirl Hairstyles

Side Braid cowgirl hairstyles

Braids are always a stylish and lovely cowgirl haircuts to show off long hair, and a side braid works excellent with a stetson. Whether you do a fishtail, Dutch braid, French braid, bubble braid, or Bohemian style, a solitary side braid is a great seek the rodeo.

21. Two Knotted Hair

Two Knotted Hair

These cowgirl haircuts disclose a real-life character of a cowgirl.

Suitable For: It is suitable for any kind of hair type, length, and facial attributes.

Exactly how to style: Maintain the leading hair untidy and moving. Different the hair right into two sections. We are beginning entwining the hair right after the ear zone. Wear a black cowgirl hat to finish the look.

22. Shoulder Smooth Hairstyle

Shoulder Smooth Hairstyle

Are you trying to find a cowgirl hairstyle that provides you the chance to display your long and lovely hair? If, of course, you should have a look at a shoulder streamlined hairstyle. It is rather straightforward in that you can conveniently acquire on your own. You simply streamlined back all your head hair towards the back. Adjoin all your hair to make it sticks on each other. Later on, route it onto the left shoulder. You can seasoning your appearance by providing a bumpy look. Finally, wear a stetson for a great impression.

23. Cowgirl Hairstyle for Black Hair

Cowgirl Hairstyle for Black hair

Cowgirls require their hairstyles to help them. Box braid cowgirl haircuts are stunning, functional, and very easy to put on. Off course, pigtails can be worn down over the shoulders, but at the ranch, they can be bound into a stylish reduced bun and even a reduced ponytail if your braids aren’t too long.

24. Curly Topknot Hairstyle

Curly Topknot Hairstyle

If you don’t plan to wear a hat, load your hair on top of your head instead. This design functions excellent for girls with long, naturally curly hair. Use a sock bun for even more volume. And comparable to the other techniques we mention, you do not want your hair too slicked down ahead – you’re going for smooth yet full of quantity.

25. Long Fishtail Braid for Cowgirls

Long fishtail braid for cowgirls

Here is another attractive hairdo for cowgirls to adapt for a glamorous look. It exposes the soft appearance of a cowgirl.

Suitable For: It is excellent for long hair. It fits oblong, elongate, and round face form.

Exactly how to Style It: Keep the leading hair messy for an untidy look. Make a ponytail at the back of the head. Currently, make two areas of hair. Grab a smaller area of right side hair towards the facility and adjoin it with a smaller sized area of left side hair by pulling them tight. Repeat the actions until it is done.

26. Tendril Hairstyle

Tendril Hairstyle

This is just one of the current cowgirl haircuts ladies should have a look at. It acquired this name because your hair resembles tendril. Start by dividing your side head hair right into two parts. Plait each area and conjoin them with each other while directing them towards the left side of the head. Plaiting must be handled as much as a specific degree, whereas the remainder of the hair must be left free. The rest of the hair, consisting of fringe hair, should be brushed towards the left side of the head.

27. Cowgirl with Braids

Cowgirl With Braids

Display your stunning mane with a braid, the perfect cowgirl hairdo. If your hair is luxuriously long, try a classic braid. Brief hair or hair with layers look great in French braids. In any case, braids are an excellent method to shield your hair with style.

28. Half-Up Waves Cowgirl

Half-Up Waves Cowgirl

If you want to appear like a cowgirl, however feel like a mermaid, a half-up/half-down style with lengthy loosened waves is the way to go. The style looks terrific from all directions, and going half-up keeps the hair out of your face.

29. Messy Cowgirl Hairstyle

Messy Cowgirl Hairstyle

For several of the busy cowgirls, it is hard to hang around in vogue their hair. The untidy topknot is particularly for them.

These cowgirl haircuts are optimal for an oval face form and longer hair.

Exactly how to Design: Order your all hair. Make a twist of hair with the help of the hands and connect them on top of the head while maintaining them a little messy.

30. Back Ponytail Hairstyle

Back Ponytail Hairstyle

Select a smooth back ponytail hairstyle if you want to offer your long hair some breathing room. It is identified by all your head hair being sleeked in reverse, expect the fringe hair. Your sleeked back should be conjoined at the back of your hair by some area of your side head hair. Afterward, give the remainder of your putting on hold hair a curly appearance as it creates a braid. That’s not all; take your fringe hair and plait it into medium-sized braids. Lastly, your edge hair needs to rest near the conjoining factor of the rest of the hair. You will create interesting cowgirl haircuts.

31. Cowgirl with Bandanna

Cowgirl with Bandanna

Bandannas are enjoyable and look stunning with cowgirl haircuts. They likewise safeguard hair from sun damage and offer you a possibility to flaunt your design with colors and patterns. We also like bandannas because they fit every hair type, length, and appearance.

32. Layered Hairstyle

Layered Hairstyle Cowgirl

Display a wild or carefree mindset with lengthy, shaggy layers. With or without bangs, this cut will frame your face while also playing with appearance and volume. If you favor a shaggy bob, have your hair angled ahead at the front.

33. Hawk Hair for Cowgirls

Hawk hair for Cowgirls

It is just one of the stylish and cutting-edge hairstyles for the cowgirls.

Perfect for: It is ideal for thick bumpy hair.

Exactly how to Design: Separate the hair into numerous sections on the right side of the head. It was beginning entwining each area in upward instructions. Keep the remaining hair messy and brushed up on one side. You can blonde your hair for an additional striking look.

34. Cowgirl Hairstyles for Women

Cowgirl hairstyles for women

Take advantage of this hairdo if you want to display your beautiful soft hair. The cute house hairdo is popular for achieving a full blonde appearance. All your center head hair ought to be brushed towards the left side of the head. Furthermore, the majority of your fringe hair needs to be routed in the direction of the left side of the forehead. Guarantee your hair is provided a bumpy want to add spice to your gorgeous hair. The hair on the right side of the head ought to additionally achieve a wavy appearance. Most importantly, it must rest right away after the temple.

35. Cowgirl Hairstyle for Wedding Celebration

cowgirl wedding hairstyles

Flaunt your utmost cowgirl look with this lovely braided wedding event hairdo. This lengthy hairstyle is everything about making a statement, so assume big curls, braids, and a sparkling hairpiece. Half-up styles are ideal for wearing hair beautifully curly while pulling your hair off of your face.

36. Half Tied Streamlined Hair

Half tied streamlined hair

The offered half tied hairstyle looks classy on cowgirls.

Suitable For: It is ideal for streamlined straight hair. It fits the oval and elongate face form.

How to Style: The styling consists of extremely straightforward action. i.e., side-swept your hair and link the half part of hair at the rear of the head with bob pins.

37. Curly Cowgirl Hairdo

Curly Cowgirl Hairdo

As the name recommends, this top-notch hairstyle concentrates on offering you a curly-wavy and cowgirl consider the exact same time. Lengthy hair is encouraged for any person that is considering this hairstyle. Coiffure your lengthy hair to provide it a soft texture that can be brushed right into various instructions. After that, offer your hair a curly-wavy look before brushing it into its natural expanding instructions. This declaration doesn’t apply to the edge hair. Fringe hair must be separated right into two parts and brushed laterally. Include flavor to this hairstyle by using a stetson.

38. Fishtail Braids Cowgirl

Fishtail Braids Cowgirl

Are you searching for a basic yet trendy cowgirl hairstyle for your blonde hair? Pigtails are terrific; however, a fishtail style kicks it up a notch. Keep it laid back and perfect for the cattle ranch by loosening up the braid. It additionally makes hair appear thicker.

39. Braided Hairstyle with a Bandana

Braided Hairstyle with a Bandana

The messy braid hairdo with a bandanna and a red lipstick transforms the total appearance of cowgirls.

Ideal For: It is perfect for long hair and fits the oval and heart shape.

Just how to Design: You can make any design of a braid just keep it untidy for an abundant appearance. Wear a bandanna around the temple in order to add beauty into a simple messy braid.

40. Boho Hairstyle Cowgirl

Boho Hairstyle Cowgirl

Are you running out of time in choosing an easy momentary hairstyle for your hair? Look no further. Look into the basic boho hairstyle. You must have a blonde or soft hair to acquire this simple yet impressive look. Conjoin your edge and middle head hair and comb it in reverse. Your head hair should be separated into two main parts when it reaches some factor in the mid head. Right here, provide hair on each side away look before adjoining each component to develop a bun.

41. Cowgirl Braid

Cowgirl Braid

You can never fail with a timeless braid. Slicking every one of your hair back is fine; however, aside component adds just a tip of panache. A low braid is wonderful for outdoor tasks with a couple of slender items neglected for design.

42. Country Girl Hairstyle

Country girl hair style

This is among the rare hairstyles among women. Consequently, consider it if your love originality among your peers. Attention is given to the left side of your head. Offer your hair a mix of blonde and black look The blonde color needs to inhabit the majority of part of your hair. Afterward, your stylist should weave your hair from the temple towards the left. This needs to continue until it virtually reaches the side of the adjoined hair. It is most definitely worth trying out.

43. Bride Cowgirl

Bride Cowgirl

Consider this wedding event hairdo if you are hosting one or going to one. The wedding event cowgirl look hairdo can easily be taken on by any sort of hair. Your stylist should start by coiffure your hair. After that, your stylist must brush your hair towards the rear of the head. That’s not all; your side head hair ought to be braided and adjoined in countless ways to create a blossom appearance style. This is what makes this cowgirl impressive and be rated among hairstyles women need to think about for their long hair.

44. One Side Braid Hairstyles

One side braid hairstyles

There needs to be a divider line that separates the mid head hair from that on the left side of the head. A section of the left head hair should be weaved. It is definitely worth having a look at.

45. Hat Cowgirl Hairstyle

Hat Cowgirl Hairstyle

Most importantly, the size of hair on both sides need to be equivalent. Spice up the appearance of your hair by offering it a mix of blonde and black look. Afterward, wear your favored cowboy hat.

46. Smooth Boho Hairstyle

Smooth Boho Hairstyle

This color ought to be erratically distributed to give your hair a one-of-a-kind appearance. Your hair should be combed in reverse to make it simple to obtain the bumpy look. All the hair on your head needs to be brushed in reverse in addition to the side head hair. The side head hair must conjoin together with a bun in the direction of completion of the mid head.

47. Braided Hairstyle for Long Hair

Braided Hairstyle For long Hair

As the name recommends, this cowgirl hairdo is defined by dividing the middle head to divide the hair into two main parts. Afterward, apply gel that makes it easy to divide your hair right into multiple sections. Take a section of the front hair on each side of the head and plait it straight. Also, give some area of the free hair a wavy appearance. This hairdo is encouraged as it is easy to transform into different hairstyles.

48. Long Braided Cowgirl Hairdo

Long Braided Cowgirl Hairdo

Boho braided hairstyle focuses on the right side of the head. It is identified by the top of your hair being black, after which it turns blonde at some point. That’s not all; your hair needs to get a curly look throughout the head. Brush your hair in the direction of the best side of the head. Carefully choose your fringe hair and braid it towards the ideal side of the head. This need to additionally be carried out on some section of your side head.

49. Cowgirl Haircuts

Cowgirl Haircut

This is just one of the few hairstyles that motivate the growth of edge hair. Start by thoroughly cutting your fringe hair to align with your eyelashes. After that, comb your side head hair to its respective side. After that, start weaving your hair on each side immediately after the ear region. Each side of the head must have at the very least two braids. Spruce up your look by putting on a dark color stetson. In conclusion, this hairstyle can be integrated with any kind of hair…

50. Cowgirl Hairstyles for Kids

Cowgirl Hairstyles for Kids