70 Adorable Flower Girl Hairstyles Easy to Make

Flower girl hairstyles step-by-step tutorials for beginners and professionals, hairstyles for little girls, hairstyles for teenager girls. How to make flower girl hairstyles.

Flower girl hairstyles like braided bun, ponytail, fishtail braids, flower bun, Princess Aurora twistback, double braid, ballerina bun, with pictures for inspiration.

Flower girl hairstyles must be sweet and lovely. Take a closer look at our gallery and choose the best styles. These can be worn by any little girl or the teenage lady at the wedding ceremony.

Adorable Flower girl hairstyles

Flower girl hairstyles are adorable and they must reflect innocence because a flower girl is a little girl or the teenage girl who participates at the wedding ceremony and symbolizes the link between childhood and womanhood. She is either a member of the bride’s or the groom’s family, or just a close friend of them. Her responsibilities are to walk the aisle with her partner the page boy, in front of the bride and she carries a basket with petals; sometimes she spreads them on the floor. It is believed this process brings prosperity and good luck to the newly married.

You can select a flower girl hairstyles from our handpicked designs checklist if you are going to a wedding celebration or an event celebration. Numerous flower girl hairstyles can be utilized for the bride-to-be and also the bridesmaids. The creative imagination about flower girl hairstyles can genuinely cut loose below.

flower girl hairstyles long hair

The accessories for flower girl hairstyles must be very carefully selected with the factor to consider of how much time they ought to offer. All-natural blossoms look much better, nonetheless, they swiftly loose their quality, so if the hairdo needs to last for a very long time, fabricated blossoms are generally selected.

The flower girl hairstyles can be found in all dimensions and also forms and also are typically rather difficult. Several flower girl hairstyles can be made quickly in your home, while others ought to just be delegated to an expert.

Flower girl hairstyles are a wonderful means to highlight the princess to the surface area and also make any type of woman or lady look her ideal. There is an excellent range of such hairdos available, depending upon the size and type of hair, and also the available blossom accessories.

How to Make Easy Flower Girl Hairstyles

How to make easy flower girl hairstyles

Step 1 of the flower girl hairstyles tutorial: Begin by blow-drying the hair and also cleaning either the day prior to or the day of the wedding celebration.

Step 2 of the flower girl hairstyles tutorial: When the hair is completely dry, freely draw it back right into a braid and also protect it with a hair flexible. Location the base of the braid where you desire the bun to sit-high, reduced, or in the center of the head.

Step 3 of the flower girl hairstyles tutorial: Take the area on the right as well as turn the hair counter-clockwise while bringing that twisted area below the left area. Proceed to turn the 2 with each other as well as change turning each area back and also forth up until the entire braid is turned with each other.

Step 4 of the flower girl hairstyles tutorial: Take the entirely turned braid and also cover it around the hair flexible at its base till the bun is finished. Include hairpin to secure it.

Step 5 of the flower girl hairstyles tutorial: For an accent, include a flower or various other accessories once the appearance is finished.

Any little girl and the young lady must look great at a wedding, especially a flower girl which will be in the center of attention almost as much as the bride. The hair must look stylish, but at the same time, it must be comfortable. Let’s see the appropriate hairstyles for a flower girl.

white flower girl dresses

Hairstyles for Little Girls

Take care of your little girl by choosing the cutest hairdo! There are many good options of hairstyles for little girls. These flower girl hairstyles will enhance her beauty and they will make everybody admire your precious daughter. The floral headpieces halos are very popular and your little girl will look like an angel. A large bow in the middle of the head will also make a good impression.

A pinned back hairstyle is very good and practical option from the flower girl hairstyles list; you can use any cute hair accessory to keep the hair out of your little girl’s face – a hairband is a very good choice too. A heart crown braid will make an excellent choice, also the zigzag ponytails, the double halo braid and the knotted hairstyle for shorter hair. Other great creative ideas of flower girl hairstyles are the knotted bun with micro-braids, some nice curls achieved with the help of a no-heat method, a diagonal bow braid and many more.

toddler flower girl hairstyles

Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

These angelic flower girl hairstyles will look amazing on any teenage girl. The braids will make a sensation and plus, they are very trendy. The braided flower up-do is also very appropriate for such a special occasion. If the teenage girl has long, healthy hair, she may create a Rapunzel twist ponytail which can be achieved very easy by dividing the hair in two parts; one section must be braided, the other, twisted around the braided one and then both of them secured at the end.

Braided Bun


When hair is black or brownish, it can be tough to see complex information like braids, spins, curls, and so on. Include raw white buds and also infant’s breath to offer a much-needed comparison to dark hair.


little girl Ponytail flowers

Braided buns are excellent choices of flower girl hairstyles. This is possibly the most convenient hairdo on this flower girl hairstyles list, however it does not refute the reality that it’s additionally among one of the most stylish appearances.

Natural Curls

little girl Natural Curls flowers
Encourage your child by accepting her one-of-a-kind crinkle pattern. Complete and also enjoyable cool swirls require a just as visible flower headpiece to match. Countered your beloved’s all-natural black hairdo with a pleasant blossom crown.

Bun Flower Girl Hairstyle

Bun Flower Girl Hairstyle
As practice would certainly have it, the flower girl ought to become with down the aisle by a little kid called the web page young boy. As she spreads flowers, he is the one lugging the wedding celebration rings.

Fishtail Braids

little girl Fishtail Braids flowers
Every person will certainly be humming regarding just how pleasant this appearance is with these flower girl hairstyles. An attractive fishtail pigtail coupled with delicious blossoms is ideal for a wedding event in the warmer months.

Flower bun

little girl Flower bun
The flowery bun is attained by making a limited braid near the neck. Slim hairs (concerning half an inch) are apart and also affixed to each various other with unseen pins to develop a flowery appearance. Include some blossoms to the flexible, which holds the braid in position.

Princess Aurora Twistback

Princess Aurora Twistback with flowers
Disney princess-inspired flower girl hairstyles are entirely appropriate. As well as, this would certainly e best for wedding celebrations!

Double Braid

little girl Double Braid with flower
Lots of females might divert in the direction of white flowers and also streamlined swirls for a wedding event, however, an unusual bride-to-be will certainly appreciate this multi-braid unpleasant appearance with a pretty tiara. This is an ideal design if you are in search of a hairdo for blossom woman that fits right into a much more subtle wedding event.

Pink Roses

little girl hairstyle with Pink Roses
Constantly a conventional selection, pink roses are likewise extremely secure choices when it comes to flower girl hairstyles. They are every person’s preferred, and also you can wager your little blossom lady will certainly love being outdoor decked from head to toe in this charming color of pink.

Ballerina Bun

little girl Ballerina Bun flower
No difficulty ballerina buns are constantly a great choice. Maintaining the hair out of the method, the focus will certainly be on your blossom women’s gorgeous faces…

The Celtic knot is very delicate and it will look amazing. A side-swept represents a simple look, but it will be easy to maintain and it is very appropriate if you have a dress with an intricate design. Other great ideas of flower girl hairstyles are the ones with fancy curls and loops, romantic layers, sleek styles with cute details, sweet fishtail on the side with some volume at the front above the forehead. These flower girl hairstyles will catch the eye and draw admiration!

flower girl hairstyles curls
flower girl hairstyles curls

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flower girl hairstyles with flowers


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