Fall Asleep More Quickly with these Tips

We all experience from time to time a difficulty when trying to fall asleep. Even if we are extremely tired when we go to bed, we just cannot fall asleep.

For our readers that have had this problem, we have put together a list with some tips that will help you slide into the dream world and have a good night’s sleep.

Stay with a Routine

Stay with a routine

Choose a bedtime and just stick to it. This way your body will get accustomed with the schedule and not only will you fall asleep more quickly, but your body will start to “switch off” by itself.

Lower the Lights

Lower the lights

One hour before going to bed it is important to turn off all the light. You can keep on a night lamp or some candles. This way you will make your brain think that night has come and it is time to sleep instead of making it think that it is still daytime.

Maintain it Cool Down

Maintain it cool down

You may not believe it, but it has been actually proven by scientists. Not only adults, but even babies sleep better when the temperature in the room is between 18°C and 21°C. You may not believe it, but we recommend you to try sleeping with a door or window open while snuggling under a big warm blanket.

Avoid Blue Screens

Avoid blue screens

The screens of the TVs, tablets or smartphones tire us, but keep our brain active. So in order to fall asleep more quickly, avoid using them before bedtime.

Read a Book

Read a book

One of the best hacks that help you fall asleep is to read a boring book. We have all had this experience in school when we had to read some book that we found really boring, just remember which it was and use it in your advantage.

Usage of White Noise Applications and also Makers

Usage of white noise applications and also makers

White noise does wonders both on adults and on babies. Buy a machine or an app that creates these white noises, it will be a very good investment.

Take a Warm Bath or a Shower + Massage Therapy

Take a warm bathroom or a shower+ massage therapy

A hot bath and a massage are all what you need to feel relaxed and fall asleep. Take a hot shower or a bath before bedtime. Massage is also very relaxing – massage yourself or put your loved one massage you. It will feel like heaven.

Drink Milk and Honey

Attempt great old milk as well as honey

You may know this method since your childhood and we tell you this is effective. Just use it now, too. But keep in mind not to drink the milk and honey before going to bed, at least half an hour earlier is the best.

Do Not Consume Hefty Food Prior to Rest

Do not consume hefty food prior to rest

Healthy carbs, proteins are the best option for dinner. Add a cup of chamomile tea and you will sleep like a baby.

Do Not Consume High Levels of Caffeine in the Midday

Do not consume high levels of caffeine in the mid-day

You should only drink coffee in the morning if you want to have a good night’s sleep. But if you like having a cup of coffee throughout the day, just choose decaf.

Use Modern Technology: a Sleeping Headset


This kind of headset helps you fall asleep by playing meditative music.

Maintain Your Feet Cozy

Maintain your feet cozy

Keeping your feet warm is an easy solution that may help you fall asleep easier. Just put on some fluffy socks or tuck the blanket well.

Fight of Snoring

Fight of snoring

It is problematic not only for the person that suffers from this condition but even for the one lying next. If you want you and your partner to have a good night’s sleep, invest in some snoring device or headband that will help you with breathing.

Buy a Great Mattress

Buy a great mattress

The mattress is maybe the most important thing for having a good night’s sleep. Just do some research and find out which is the best one, then buy it.

Workout Throughout the Day

Workout throughout the day

Exercise is a good solution to relax your body, but it should be done during the daytime.

Bonus: Reserve Tour Bed for Only 2 Activities — Rest and Sex

Reserve your bed for only 2 activities

If you do so, your brain will understand that your bedroom is used only for those two specific things and it will be way easier to fall asleep…