Catherine Zeta-Jones’ mini-me little girl Carys stuns with similarity to renowned mum

Catherine Zeta-Jones has stunned followers with a photo of her 17-year-old little girl – that looks the outright spit of her renowned mum.

Carys Zeta that Catherine show spouse Michael Douglas sent out fans’ jaws going down as she positioned in the family members’ yard, putting on a lotion silk slide outfit.

With her rolling redhead locks and slim develop, she might pass as Catherine’s double – despite their 32-year age void.

“My girl, in the garden,” Catherine captioned the sun-kissed picture.


Fans could not believe their eyes, with one writing: “Gorgeous like her momma.”

Another commented: “I thought it was you. Beautiful!”

And a 3rd stated: “I honestly thoroughly that was you  @catherinezetajones  – spitting image and just as beautiful! Thank you for sharing.”

It follows Catherine opened regarding exactly how difficult she’s found it remaining in lockdown for the last four months and unable to see her mom and dad.


Speaking to Lorraine’s Ross King previously this month, she stated: “That’s what’s been difficult for me in lockdown, being far from mam and dad, say thanks to God we can see each other [on video calls].

“We all live such distanced lives, and it takes a time similar to this to value those that are close to you.”

The 50-year-old starlet took place: “I’ve been enjoying as the world experiences this and sending out all my ideal feelings bent on everyone.


“What we did do, we abided by the rules. My kids were all back; all of a sudden, my kids’ friends were back. It’s hard for us to go, ‘No, let’s not sneak off and have a party with your friends.'”

She and her spouse of 19 years Michael have got a brand-new pup to maintain them firmly in their home, in addition to little girl Carys and their boy Dylan Douglas, that will undoubtedly assist their mom and dad celebrate their 20th wedding event anniversary later on this year.

“They said it would never last,” Catherine giggled.

“I have a great blueprint of marriage both with my parents and Michael’s father and stepmother and what a good marriage means and how precious that is and how you work at it and sustain it and appreciate it. So yeah, 20 years…”