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35+ Epic Burgundy Hair Ideas for a Spectacular Look

by Jennifer
Burgundy Hair

Burgundy hair shades and what does each one represent, the most popular shades of burgundy for hair dye. Tips for maintaining the burgundy hair color for as long as possible.

Burgundy hair for each skin color, eye makeup to match this type of hair, how to dye hair burgundy, photo gallery of burgundy hairstyles for inspiration.

Burgundy hair is one of the most mysterious variants of color in shades of red, and also the subject of this article. To get a reddish-brown, burgundy or wine color, below is a little guide for you to know how to dye your hair burgundy at home and how to maintain such hair color.

What shades of burgundy exist and what does each one represent?
The most popular burgundy shades for hair dye are:
How do you choose the right burgundy shade for your skin color?
How to keep the burgundy color on your hair for as long as possible?
Here are some useful tips in this regard:
Eye makeup if you have burgundy hair
How to dye hair burgundy.

You can also find makeup tips and matching hairstyles for burgundy dyed hair. This is because burgundy is more than just a color and requires a certain look in an absolute way.

black burgundy hair

Burgundy hair, the color of red wine, Bordeaux – they are all shades of a family of magic, cool, strong colors, without being too shrill and screaming. It really takes you thinking of a red wine marsala.

Burgundy suits any woman, regardless of skin color, face shape, hair color or any other feminine individuality. Makeup trends were directly influenced by this color for both the eye area and for lips, cheeks or nails. Burgundy is a classic and elegant color through the multitude of color matching possibilities with absolutely anything.

It is a shade that is easy for our eyes so you can wear this color from head to toe, from shoes to hair accessories and it will not be too much. A burgundy color stain will enhance your outfit and give your look a classic elegance.

burgundy brown hair

What shades of burgundy exist and what does each one represent?

To choose the right shade of reddish-brown, the color of red or burgundy wine for you, it is first and foremost important to understand what these colors represent and what the subtones are.

The most important of the reddish shades is the burgundy color, which comes in several shades, but there are other categories as well.

Burgundy: a dark brown/brown reddish hue with a purple hue in it which makes it even cooler. However, it is neither purple, nor red.

burgundy color hair

The most popular burgundy shades for hair dye are:

  • Cabernet: a darker burgundy color, a kind of cherry;
  • Claret: a more reddish hue with maroon tones;
  • Cranberry or “cranberry”: it has notes of pink;
  • Brown or chestnut: this is the chestnut-colored tomato – a natural reddish-brown;
  • Merlot, a little lighter and redder than the basic burgundy.
  • But we also have the color brown, a more neutral color, but with a darker reddish tone mixed with a bit of brown.

There is no warm color, but no cold color – I think it is somewhere in the middle.

black and burgundy hair

How do you choose the right burgundy shade for your skin color?

The next thing to do, after you’ve really noticed the subtle nuances of Burgundy, is to identify what kind of subtones your skin has. Here are some suggestions to determine which skin color you have, to choose your lipstick in the right shade of pink.

– If you have warm skin with yellow undertones, your veins will look a little green or blue-green. In that case, it is good to choose more neutral reddish shades like reddish-brown or wine color. Only so, together, they will look good and alive in combination, without “clashing”, looking strange.

– Burgundy hair, on the other hand, can make the skin in very warm tones look more earthy. That’s why this shade is more suited to warm, yet very light skin tones – the darker your skin, the more burgundy dyed hair will make it look closer to the willow color, emphasizing defects.

– The same rules apply to olive skin, which can be recognized by very green veins, even if it is questionable whether the olive is a warm or cold color. In any case, find out that an olive complexion can look really green if you associate it with a burgundy reddish-purple hair. This is because green and purple are opposite colors on the color wheel and tend to exclude each other when close together. This effect works wonderfully on color-block clothes, but not when it comes to combining hair and skin.

– The color of the wine, the brown and the burgundy in the hair are for the cold skin subtones. If you have a predominantly cool color tone, which translates to pink undertones, which you recognize after veins in more purple tones, you can play with both a cool burgundy and neutral brown hair. red and wine color.

– The same tips as in the paragraph above also apply if you have a really neutral complexion, which can be recognized due to the veins that appear much more pale/blue.

It doesn’t matter as much as how light or dark your skin may be, but light and delicate or intense skin tones tend to look good with burgundy or wine color.

So, if you have a very pale complexion, intense burgundy hair may give you a slightly dark, Gothic effect, while if you have a dark skin tone, then a wine-colored hair will give a balance and a less dramatic effect.

brown and burgundy hair

How to keep the burgundy color on your hair for as long as possible?

Various shades of red hair, including burgundy and brown, appear to fade much faster than other dyes.
This is why good color maintenance is so important, both to make the burgundy color look as fresh as possible after dyeing, and to keep your hair healthy and in the best condition as a whole.

Here are some useful tips in this regard:

– The less you shampoo your hair, the healthier it will be. This is twice as true and valid if you dyed your hair in a color that is slightly discolored, such as burgundy red. If you can get rid of shampoo on your head only once or twice a week, it might be ideal, but clearly don’t wash your hair with shampoo any more days than these two!

– Hot water can open the hair cuticles more than cold water and, in this process, it can remove the hair dye. For this reason, wash your dyed hair only at the right water temperature. Avoid washing hair at higher temperatures as much as possible. As a bonus, including your skin will thank you for it!

– The high temperature will always damage the hair, and this is enhanced if your hair has been dyed too, in which case the heat can also accelerate and discolor the color. Try, as far as possible, to avoid combing your hair at high temperatures and, if necessary, then make sure you use a heat protection oil or spray beforehand.

– In order to increase the duration of the head washes – which, as often as possible, the more spontaneous in accelerating the deterioration of the color – instead use a dry shampoo to absorb the sebum and oils removed from your scalp and to keep the hair in place. a clean look for longer, without damaging its color and brightness.

– You will also need to protect your burgundy dyed hair from the harmful UV rays of the sun, but also from the chlorine water from the pool in the summer. Wear this hat when you leave the house, a swimming helmet if you go to the pool or the pool.

– And if you do not have a scalp with a tendency to thicken, you can completely give up the shampoo and try the co-washing technique – which relies on the hair conditioner to do all the cleaning. And this seems to be the most gentle cleansing option for dyed or damaged hair.

burgundy and blonde hair

Eye makeup if you have burgundy hair

A monochromatic eye shadow looks in the color of plum, purple or wine color is especially beautiful in combination with burgundy hair or wine color, especially if the lips are not obvious. Colors such as bronze rose gold and copper can work wonders, especially if the hair is dyed in a warm brown / brown shade.

Neutral shades and earth colors of eye shades – matte, metallic or sided – are also good options of eye shades, because they go well with any hair color and outfit. For lighting and eyelid cover area, you can opt for beige, cream or champagne, while taupe, light brown and chocolate work applied to the crease of the eyelid.

And a charcoal gray color on the eyes, as well as a smoky-black eye makeup is never a bad idea, either. If you are bolder, play more with the colors!

If you want to wear brighter colors, it would be a good idea to avoid complementary shades of burgundy, which would mean, for example, a mix of yellow and green.

burgundy black hair dye

How to dye hair burgundy

If in the end, you decided to dye your hair at home in burgundy, look at what you need! Make sure you choose them early, so you don’t wake up during the procedure because you are missing something – there is no room for improvisation when playing with such shades of hair.

Step 1: prepare the dye

– Start mixing the burgundy hair color with the revelator as they need some time to develop. Follow the instructions on the package or the hair dye kit to figure out exactly how much paint and revealer to mix. Mix them in a bowl with the paintbrush or place both in a paint bottle with the applicator and shake to combine well.

– Put on a shirt or blouse of sacrifice, which you do not care if you stain with hair dye (one with buttons is ideal, to make it easier for you to remove it). You can also use a special plastic wig for hair dyeing, like in the salon.

– Then put on your plastic gloves and cover the edges of your face in contact with your hair, as well as your ears, with cosmetic grease, to prevent your skin from turning red or purple.

– Divide the hair into sections you plan to dye. It is usually recommended to divide it into 4 sections starting from the middle of the forehead and, again, from one ear to the other and cap/top of the head.

– Catch each section with a hair clip clip.

burgundy blonde hair

Step 2: Apply the dye on your hair.

Start by dyeing the front sections of your hair, to give them more color development time. Therefore:

– Loosen one of the front sections of the hair, take a very small section of the hair close to the front, which has a thickness of about 2.5 cm.

– Starting from the root of the section, start applying the hair dye. With the applicator brush or fingers in gloves, pull the hair dye down, on the strand, from the roots to the tip of the splint. If necessary, apply more dye to cover the entire length of the hair.

– Massage that section of hair with your fingers to help the burgundy hair dye get into the hair, to cover every bit of it.

– Separate each spindle 2.5 cm thick and repeat the dyeing process. Continue to do this until the entire section of hair is covered with dye. In the end, snap it up, toward the top of the head, with a hair clip.

– Undo the next front section of the staple and repeat the same procedure as in the previous section. Once this section is ready and fastened again with the hair clip, unfold the next section for dyeing in the same way and then on to the next and so on, until you finish applying the dye on all the hair.

Step 3: the processing time of the dye

  • Since all your hair is covered by burgundy hair dye, it’s time to let the dye develop its color.
  • This process usually takes between 25 and 45 minutes, but to know what is the most appropriate waiting time and what is needed for that paint to “catch”, read on the hair dye package or the instruction sheet in the kit coloring…
  • After that, you just wash your hair (without shampoo), and let it dry. If the result excites you, then enjoy your new burgundy hair color and a new look!

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burgundy bob hair burgundy brown hair color burgundy curly hair

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