Top 70 Black Nail Designs in Different Shapes and Styles

Black nail symbolism, when they appeared, which are the most popular black polishes used, how to wear these nails correctly. The most iconic black nail designs in history.

Black nail patterns, how to combine these nails with different items, ideas for designs, pictures to inspire you to create wonderful nails with black base.

Black nail designs engage a lot of styles: from rock-inspired themes to elegant patterns or chic decorations, they draw the attention, suggesting the woman who wears such manicure is bold, eccentric and chic.

What is the symbolism of the black nails?
When did the black nails appear?
Which were/ are the most iconic black nails in history?
Which are the most popular black nail polishes used?
How to wear black nail polishes correctly?
How to combine properly black nails with different items?
Black nail polish base
Black nail patterns
Creative black nail designs

While most women prefer nude or natural colors, black is certainly something different and it takes courage to experiment on this side of nail art. In this article, we present you with some of the most beautiful and trendy black nail designs to serve you as inspiration.

Black Nail Designs

Black nail designs require good quality nail polish and instruments. Remember that it is necessary to take care of your nails before starting the painting process to obtain the perfect black nail designs. It is recommended to have your nails anything but long or very long when you choose to wear black nail polish.

How difficult is it to choose the perfect nail polish color for the perfect manicure? Well, there is a wide range of people can choose from for black nail designs. There are vibrant nail polish colors such as red, yellow, orange; there are more pastel tones such as pink, blue, cream; and at the end of the list of colors, we encounter the non-colors: black and white! So what about black and white nails?

french tip black nail

When it comes to creating a beautiful manicure, people enjoy mixing all kinds of colors together. Despite being considered non-colors, black and white are often used to create patterns, decoration ideas, symbols, and drawings. Between these two, white is usually applied as a base for most of the manicures, it is basically the go-to nail polish because it is somehow viewed as a universal shade or tone, as it can be used in pretty much any manicure.

On the other hand, black nails are not that popular, even though people can be seen every now and then wearing a nice glossy or matte set of black nails. Darker colors are added as a final touch most of the time when it comes to black nail base; this is why people prefer using black on their nails as little as possible.

Black Nails

Black nails are a representation of the fine line between chic and edgy; not to mention that they offer the possibility to play with lighter colors in terms of decoration. Black nails with golden decoration? It is definitely a dealmaker.

What Is the Symbolism of the Black Nails?

In general, black is the symbol of power and rebellion against the norm, for comfort and keeping distance from the outside world. People associate black with the Goth culture, with the way in which people separate themselves from the outer world and embrace the “darkness” within themselves because they exude some sort of “don’t mess with me” attitude.

Nowadays, black nails are no longer part of a stereotype, but they are embraced as a powerful cultural statement, the embodiment of independence, determination, and self-mastery.

Black Nail Designs

When Did the Black Nails Appear?

We already know that Chinese people were the ones who invented nail polishes around 3000 B.C, made out of egg whites, beeswax, gelatin, and gum. Nail polishes were usually worn only by the members of the Royal Family because they were the only people who could afford it.

However, many other dynasties painted their nails as well, most of the time in red or black, to display the nobility of each person. A few decades later, during the twentieth century, black nail polishes were slowly but surely shunned because they were considered a sign of rebellion against the norms.

Even so, many celebrities started to include black nails into their day to day appearances such as Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, and Marc Bolan, so it ended up being in the spotlight even more than previously. From 1970 to 1990, black nails became more and more well-known and even used, even though they have been associated for so long with the goth culture and always seen as a part of Marilyn Manson’s appearance.

silver Black Nail

Despite all of these, in 1999, black nails were offered special attention by the famous brand Gucci. Since then, this type of black nail designs gained a new meaning, a haute couture hit, being sought and worn by people all around the world. Nowadays, black nails are a must in the beauty industry, they are no longer a taboo, but a sign of empowerment and determination, seen as a game-changer.

Which Were/Are the Most Iconic Black Nails in History?

There is no surprise that black nails have taken the spotlight since forever. Let’s take a look at the course of black nails’ history!

1. David Bowie used to wear black nail polish;
2. Demi Lovato wearing black nail designs;

Demi Lovato black nails
3. Steven Tyler wearing black nail polish;

Steven Tyler black nails
4. Emma Roberts wearing black nail polish;

Emma Roberts black nails
5. Kurt Cobain used to wear black nail polish;
6. Selena Gomez wearing black nail polish;

Selena Gomez black nails
7. Lily Collins wearing black nail polish;

Lily Collins black nails
8. Johnny Depp wearing blue and black nail designs;

Johnny Depp black nails
9. Lea Michele wearing black nail designs;

Lea Michele black nails
10. Harry Styles wearing black nail polish;

Harry Styles black nails
11. Emma Watson wearing black nail polish;

Emma Watson black nails
12. Marc Jacobs wearing black nail polish;

Marc Jacobs black nails
13. Blake Lively wearing black nail polish;

Blake Lively black nails
14. Bad Bunny wearing black nail polish;

Bad Bunny black nails
15. Hailee Steinfeld wearing black nail polish;

Hailee Steinfeld black nails
16. A$AP Rocky wears black nail polish;
17. The singer Seal – “Kissed by a Rose” – wears black nail polish.

Which Are the Most Popular Black Nail Polishes Used?

Black nail polishes can be found in a variety of shades, prices, and styles. Black nail polishes can be accessible or more expensive, lighter or darker, simpler or more accessorized one for each taste and need. Here are some of the most well-known black nail polishes:

  1. Givenchy Black Nail Polish in Noir Satin – it was created in order to develop its application, so its durability, resistance, and consistency is considerably improved, not to mention this black nail polish is truly pigmented;
  2. Marc Jacobs Nail Polish in Blacquer – perfected black nail polish is a revolutionary packaging, a high-end product, flexible and consistent;
  3. Smith and Cult Black Nail Polish in Bang the Dream – a long-lasting black nail polish formula, consistent and opaque with a glossy, shiny, almost metallic finish to it, easy to apply and resistant;
  4. Nails Inc. Black Nail Polish in Alexa Silk – this black nail polish offers a very pearlescent look with a satiny finish, consistent and durable, perfect for all occasions;
  5. YSL Nail Polish in Noir Over Noir – this black nail polish is one of the most well-known products of the brand Yves Saint Laurent’s La Laque Couture collection, it is durable and elegant, not to mention that it comes in a special package;
  6. Pretty Vulgar Nail Liquor in Deep Dark Secret – in spite of its name, this black nail polish has nothing to do with vulgar, it is actually the other way around, it provides resistance, consistency, a glossy finish, and a very classy package;
  7. Deborah Lippmann Black Nail Polish in Fade to Black – it is a satiny black nail polish, a classic black color, with a creamy texture and simplistic appearance;
  8. Gucci Nail Polish in Iconic Black – this black nail polish does not only have an amazing formula and recipient but it also comes with a triangular-bristle brush for precise application;
  9. Chanel Black Nail Polish in Celebrity – a simplistic recipient that contains a matte black nail polish with a creamy texture and a nurturing formula;
  10. Christian Louboutin Nail Color in Khol – this is what we call a revolutionary packaging; this black nail polish provides beauty and effectiveness in the sense that it lasts for a large period of time and offers consistency;
  11. NARS Black Nail Polish in Night Breed – a glittery black nail polish, glamorous yet wearable;
  12. Burberry Beauty Nail Polish in Poppy Black – this black nail polish is a moisturizing charcoal-like black nail polish with a matte finish;
  13. JINsoon Black Nail Polish in Polka Black – a futuristic nail polish, a charcoal-like black base with black polka dots;

simple Black Nail

How to Wear Black Nail Polishes Correctly?

Taking into consideration that black nail polishes have a very interesting story behind them and a special meaning, they require even more attention.

There are many black nail polishes you can choose from, however, keep in mind that you should feel comfortable while wearing them and that there are so many tips and tricks regarding the potential that your manicure can achieve when styles accordingly.

Black Nail Dos:

  1. One of the first things to take into account is how long you want your nails to be. It usually depends on how you think that the color makes your fingers look. It is recommended to wear black nail polish with short nails, preferably square-shaped because they look more classy and slender than long nails that make your fingers look stubby.
  2. If you are passionate about pastel-colored nails but you still enjoy trying every once in a while a black manicure, there is always a solution to this. You can simply accessorize the black nails with sparkles, precious gems, glittery finishes or an ombre effect.
  3. Black nails always look best when polished, so do not forget to apply a top coat that offers a glossy finish and protects the nail polish.

Black Nails Don’ts:

  1. Even though black nails have been associated with the goth culture, this does not mean that you should let or encourage your nails getting chipped or cracked just to reinforce the goth look.
  2. People usually think that if they moisturize their hands, then their black nails will get stained, which is completely false. Many black nail polishes actually do contain nutritious substances that complement the color rather than damaging it.
  3. It is not recommended to use rings when you have black nails because rings accustom to steal the sparkle for your manicure. Whether they are matte or glossy, black nails have enough sparkle to shine on their own without wearing additional accessories.

sky Black Nail

How to Combine Properly Black Nails with Different Items?

Black nails are so exclusive yet wearable that people find it difficult to understand how to properly combine black nails with different items, whether we talk about clothing, accessories or other beauty items. Indeed, there are some steps to be considered when creating the ultimate outfit, among which we present the following:

Steps to be followed to combine black nails with different items:

  1. Since everyone is accustomed to thinking of black nails as a crucial part of the Gothic culture, if you plan to create a Gothic look, then you should opt for a total black outfit, as simple as possible, with a simple V-neckline or maybe a turtleneck sweater, a pencil skirt, either a silver necklace or a silver bracelet and of course, the black lipstick for a seriously strong effect. However, keep in mind that this look might come out as too heavy for some people, so you can try to avoid wearing black lipstick as its absence eases your entire look.
  2. On another note, you can also combine your black nails with a pair of skinny jeans or a cute black patterned mini skirt, with a simple black top or with a flannel shirt.
  3. The best color that goes so well with classic black nail polish is rose gold. Therefore, if you can accessorize your manicure with a necklace, a bracelet, a subtle ring or maybe even a piece of clothing, you are good to go!
  4. Black nails go extremely well even with a suit. There is no secret that nowadays, more and more men have started wearing black nail polishes. Many of them were seen on the red carpet while others were seen doing their job and still rocking those black nails. For example, Chris Sullivan, Adam Lambert, Henry Styles, Johnny Depp, Marc Jacobs, and many more celebrities are destroying the stereotype according to which only women should paint their nails. This is why black nails are one of the many examples of fashion branches that support equality between men and women.
  5. And last but not least, people usually think that wearing black outfits with black nails is strictly forbidden. Well, this is not the case. There is no mistake in wearing these two items combined. Many celebrities have been seen wearing this combination. For instance: the Duchess of Sussex, Selena Gomez, Angelina Jolie, Adele, Megan Fox, Kendall Jenner, Sandra Bullock, and many others. The secret behind this look is to know how to mix them, how to let your manicure shine and keep the dress as simple as possible, without unnecessary accessories that will steal the sparkle away from your classy black nails.

stars Black Nail

In conclusion, black nails are more than just a simple fashion trend that comes and goes. They have such an interesting story behind them, they are a part of history, they convey a social message and a bold statement, the black nail designs help the nail industry to be understood as more than a mere part of the bigger fashion industry, which is truly impressive.

Black nails have been associated with the Goth culture for such a long time that people are still quite reticent when it comes to wearing them. Luckily, nowadays, black is no longer avoided and black nails are becoming more and more well-known because of the sense of empowerment and security they exude.

stiletto Black Nail

The days when teenagers tried so hard to obtain their parents’ permission to wear black manicure are over. Black nails are no longer a luxury but wearable short description about yourself.

So, cut them short or medium! Then, you need to make sure you have everything you need around you – prepare a desk or a table, where you put all the materials for black nail designs in front of you. You should not go searching for something while your nails are still wet, because this might ruin your work!

If you do not have better skills, you need to practice, depending on the difficulty of the black nail designs you have chosen. Look at our photo gallery and get inspired! Opt for the black nail designs which represent you and everybody will admire them!

black and gold nail designs

Black Nail Polish Base

If you want to paint your nails all black, you must know that the short and medium nails are the most appropriate for this style, otherwise, you risk looking as you have claws. Another aspect you need to take into consideration is that you must match the black nails to your clothing style.

For example, a white dress will look great with a black manicure, because black and white create a contrasting effect. But there are no reasons to think if you want to wear black nail designs, you cannot ornate them, because it is possible to do this. It all depends on the outfit.

Black matches any other color, but the glitter elements, the light designs and vivid hues painted on the black nail polish base are the ones that stand out.

black girl nail designs

Black Nail Patterns

The reverse type of cool black nail design is to paint the base in any color, and the patterns must be black. Maybe sometimes you will need to practice more to get the black nail designs you want, but you will have great results!

Creative Black Nail Designs

There are a lot of patterns, for example, the geometrical forms, which can be used with black nail designs mixed with other colors or decorations. If you want something simple, but with a sophisticated look, you can choose to do some black nail designs like polka dots, they are very fashionable.

Use your imagination to create intricate combinations using black nail polish that make you look unique, combine elements of your choice to obtain mysterious effects with black polish, make your black nail designs stand out with rhinestones, stickers, strands, and glitter.

Choose the black nail designs that suit you best, and give them a try! You will be admired for your courage to wear something different and chic, and you will stand out wherever you go.

Black nail designs are the ideal option for several “nail occasions” in your life. They are an ideal service for replacing a broken nail. They are wonderful as a temporary repair till your own nails grow out. And they are there instantly.

More then that, they can be used on your own at home as well as at a beauty salon, providing you the opportunity to select the right dimension as well as do something creative to eliminate the plastic look, they can appear completely natural and convincing.

white and Black Nail

Black nail designs can be used properly in the beauty salon, or you can apply them at home utilizing widely-available nail enhancement kits. They come with their very own glue and are quickly reduced as well as shaped to the design you desire.

So, if you want to create black nail designs on your own, how do you get started? Below are the six basic phases of obtaining the perfect black nail designs:

1. Initially, tidy and also completely dry your very own all-natural nails. Then data and also form them to prepare for affixing the fabricated nails.

2. Then – really essential – pick the right dimension fabricated nail for every finger. File the sides if necessary to obtain a specific fit.

3. Now spread out a thin layer of nail adhesive over the entire area of your all-natural nail that will be in contact with the synthetic nail.

4. Placement the man-made nail such that it is extremely near, but not touching, the follicle. Then apply light stress to the top for a short time to permit the adhesive to hold as well as collection.

5. As soon as the nail is set securely in position, remove any type of rough sides.

6. Use two layers of the black nail polish, then finish off with a layer of the overcoat to secure it.

It’s advised that you do not wear artificial nails for more than a couple of weeks at a time – a month optimum. Then eliminate them and provide your all-natural nails an opportunity to breathe and revitalize their development.

It’s also important that you constantly make use of correct nail adhesive and never simply normal adhesive you may discover around the house.

short black nail

To eliminate synthetic nails, saturate them in a non-acetone polish cleaner until they start to liquefy and also leave. It’s really essential to prevent acetone as well as various other chemicals with an acetone-base. They will certainly harm the surface area of the nail, influencing the luster and slimming and deteriorating the nail bed.

Additionally, don’t attempt to peel the man-made nails without very first soaking them in gloss remover, and certainly never, ever try to damage them. This can cause major damage to your own nails listed below…

Complying with the straightforward actions as well as standards given here, wearing black nail designs will be not only a simple as well as hassle-free procedure, yet likewise, a joy to witness!

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red gold Black Nail red and black ombre nail red and Black Nail red and Black Nail design purple and Black Nail pink and Black Nail ombre Black Nail and colors modern black nail matte stiletto Black Nail matte Black Nail marsala Black Nail marble Black Nail long black nail heart Black Nail green black nail green Black Nail marble gold Black Nail

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