20 Best New Braided hairstyles

Braided hairstyles look very good on women, and they are a big trend this year. If you like braids, then you should pay attention to our ideas, because in this article, we present you some of the most beautiful examples of what braids you should wear so that everybody can admire you.

Braided hairstyles exist in such a large number of options, that you will never get bored to try them. From simple braids to complex techniques, all of them are stunning and innovative. If you decide to wear them, you will surely draw the attention with your elegance and gentleness.

Take a look at our suggestions of braided hairstyles and everybody will admire you:

The fishtail braided hairstyles
When you need to have a classy hairstyle which can keep your hair pulled back, a fishtail  is a perfect choice (it is also known as herringbone or fish bone braid). Fishtail braids are versatile; you can add a lot of twists which will give you elegance and originality.

The fishtail braided hairstyles

The French braided hairstyles
The French braid is stunning, and in the same time, classic. It may seem complicate to create because it has intricate waves, but in fact, the process of achieving it is pretty simple from the minute you understand the basis of this technique. Start by learning the traditional braid down, and then you can try make various French ones.

French braided hairstyles

The waterfall braided hairstyles
The waterfall braid is a variation of the regular French braid, but it is created with a twist. It is also versatile, so you can wear it down, curl it, make a bun out of it, or you can wear it to the side or any other ways you feel comfortable with it. Plus, it is not necessary to have really long hair.

waterfall braided hairstyles

The side braids
These braided hairstyles are very romantic and look even better with a side-swept bangs or with a messy look. You need long hair to create a side braid, so you can wear it over your shoulder. You can also wear a side braid in combination with a bun.

side braids

These side crown braids
If you want some braided hairstyles which really stand out, then you must try a boho braid. The boho braids permit a lot of alternatives and they will give you a sweet and sassy look. If you are a fan of the hippie style, then a boho braid is perfect for you.

side crown braids

The twist braid
The twisted braided hairstyles look sophisticated. You can wear it in different ways, from a the classic form, to a cool crown or on the bottom side, incorporating hair from below the twist.

twist braid

The Heidi or milkmaid braids
With these braided hairstyles you will never get bored. Many people think they are difficult to create, but they are surprised to discover how simpler the procedure is. The thing is, you need to have very long hair to make them, but the result is fabulous. You will have a romantic, but in the same time, modern look which will make you irresistible and also chic.

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