15 Things to Avoid in Hair Care

Beauty is a complex word. Many things are essential to achieve the beautiful look you want. Hair is one of the most important things that play a significant role in completing a look. And some unhealthy hair can ruin your whole look.

We want to tell you which are the most common mistakes women make.

Choosing the Incorrect Shampoo

The shampoo is essential. It can either help your hair become healthy or damage it. You should make sure that your shampoo is the shampoo that best suits your hair.

Cleaning Your Hair Frequently or Otherwise Typically Enough

How often you should wash your hair depends on the hair type you have and the quality of water. If your hair is an oily type, you should wash it every two days.

The Method of Using Shampoo

You should be careful not to use too much shampoo. The quantity of shampoo you should use depends on the length of your hair. Use a trial method to determine the amount.

The shampoo should be applied to the roots of your hair after you previously have put shampoo in your palms and rubbed them together. You should use massaging movements and should be careful not to touch your skin with your nails.

Do not Fail to Remember to Moisturize and Nourish Your Hair

Hair loses moisture quickly. Special balms and hair masks are perfect for this problem. You should use balm either at the same time with the shampoo or after rinsing it off. The balm should not be applied to your skin.

As for hair masks, you shouldn’t be using them more than once a week.

The Wrong Water Temperature

Excessively hot water can be very damaging for your hair. This is a huge mistake because very hot water activates the oil-producing glands. Warm or tepid water is the perfect one; this will help dilute the oil glands’ secretions, remove dirt, and improve blood circulation. If you want to stimulate circulation at the hair roots, you should finish with a cold shower.

Drying Your Hair with a Towel

Use a towel to blot your hair gently from roots to ends after washing it. Don’t tie the towel around your head, and this could damage hair follicles. If you are in a hurry and you want to dry your hair real quick, you should use a cotton T-shirt.

Constant and Hostile Combing

Overstretched hair or brittle hair is caused by aggressive combing. The hair should not be combed when it is wet. You should wait for the wet strands to dry up, and then you should separate them with your fingers. After doing so, you can begin to comb your hair. The comb should start from the ends and gradually moving up to the roots.

Regular Use of Styling Products

Styling products make your hair dry or brittle. If you do not want to quit using styling products, be careful to thermal protective spray along the whole length of the hair first.

Wrong Use the Hairdryer

Because using a hairdryer can do a lot of damage to your hair, we made a step-by-step guide to help you avoid damaging your hair:

First, use a towel to dry your hair a bit. Then take a flat nozzle attachment and fit it to your hairdryer, make sure it is situated at a sharp angle to the hair strands. You should start drying your hair from the roots to the ends.

In the beginning, it is ok to use the maximum temperature, but as the hair dries, you should decrease the temperature, because if not, you will overdry your hair.

In the end, you should treat your hair with a few cold blasts.

An Undesirable Diet 

The diet and lifestyle you have are essential for your hair. You should adopt a varied diet and be careful to make a good eating schedule. You should have a diet full of vitamins and minerals if you want healthy hair.

Not Caring for Your Wellness

Serious illnesses can be the cause of hair deterioration. Gastrointestinal tract or thyroid gland problems, hormonal disorders, stress, and diabetes are only some of the illnesses that can cause hair problems. Hair problems can indicate some other problems in our body, so if you have a really bad hair problem, you should make an appointment with your doctor.

Disregarding to Use Hats

A hat is good protection from the sun and a woolen hat keeps away the cold. When you choose a hat, you should take care that it is not too tight. Choose some comfortable hats.

Not Cleaning Your Comb

Your comb needs to be washed in warm water at least once a week. Old combs have to be replaced regularly.

Neglecting to Cut Your Hair

You must trim your hair at least once every two months. By snipping off split ends, you prevent your hair from getting split even further…

Sleeping with Your Hair Down

If your hair is long or medium-length, you should braid it before going to bed. This will prevent it from becoming tangled and frizzy.