15 pretty Hello Kitty nail designs

Hello Kitty nail designs are a part of the big trend represented by the famous Japanese cartoons which have gained the hearts of millions of people all over the world ever since their appearance in 1974. In this article, we introduce you the best Hello Kitty nail designs and if you like them, you may use this beautiful photo collection to inspire you.

cute hello kitty nail designs

Hello Kitty nail designs are not destined only to girls and teenagers. Women an also wear these popular patterns if they want something fun and joyful for their manicure, because these days, these patterns have suffered modern improvements and they can be adapted according to one’s taste and personality. Make sure you use your imagination, good quality products and specific instruments. If you want to paint your nails with this cool symbol with the latest trends, then you should take into consideration our advice below.

pictures of hello kitty nails

Easy Hello Kitty nail art

These patterns are simple, very easy to apply. You can try different colored Hello Kitty patterns. A great example of simple, but impressive design is Hello Kitty with polka dots. French polka dot nail tips combined with the cute cat symbol, may be exactly what you need, but there are plenty other variations you can try.

Intricate Hello Kitty nail designs

Intricate does not mean necessarily difficult. If you are interested in complex designs, then you should mix various patterns with Hello Kitty symbol. Use the Hello Kitty stickers if you do not have enough time or patience to practice your painting skills.

hello kitty nail design

Try new kinds of colors

There is no rule according to which you have to paint your nails with just one colour. A green, or purple or a blue accent might be right what you need to stand out from the crowd. Experiment with orange, yellow, metallic nail polishes and create new Hello Kitty nail art. You will obtain some stunning Hello Kitty nail designs by blending various nail polish colours like white, pink, purple, bright and light hues as a base, and then paint the iconic cat. In the summer time, the neon nail polishes denote a cheerful mood and they are great for parties. If you want a colour which will draw the attention, but in the same time you want to keep it simple, use a pastel colour base and red bow to highlight your Hello Kitty symbol.

Accessorized patterns

Decorate your nail with glitter and strands – your friends will admire your gorgeous Hello Kitty manicure! If you want something really special, use delicate crystals or shiny rhinestones to add a glamorous look. If you have acrylic nails, it is even better! There are a lot of awesome patterns you have the chance to try. Or you can even choose multiple Hello Kitty nail designs on the same manicure. Try any idea it crosses your mind.

hello kitty acrylic nails

If you liked our recommendations of Hello Kitty nail designs, do not hesitate to try them any time you want. No doubt, you will look wonderful and joyful no matter what pattern will you choose…

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