10 Steps to Wear High Heels as a True Lady

Men think that there is nothing funnier in this world than a woman who wears high heels but does not know to walk in them.
But for us, women all over the world, it is very tempting to buy high heels. Those make us feel sexy and like a top model. But in order to look like a model while walking in those heels, not only feel like one, we also have to learn how to walk correctly in them.

Because we want our readers to feel confident and comfortable while wearing high heels, we have put together some tips.

Take Small Steps

Take small steps

When wearing heels, the best way is to take small steps. You should not take big steps as you do in your day to day shoes, this will make you look pretty awkward. Also, do not raise your knees more than you should. Only by following this advice you will be closer to the top model walk.

Step From Heel to Toe

Step from heel to toe

Your heels should come first to the ground if you want your pace to look natural. So, first, place your heel and then move to the toes. When the arch of your foot takes on your weight, tilt it forward, as if beginning to tiptoe, and then push yourself further to make the next step.

Hold Your Back Straight

Hold your back straight

The posture is very important. You can not look like a model if you do not hold your back straight. Square your shoulders, and keep your chin parallel to the floor. This posture will also help you look thinner.

Walk-in Straight Line

Walk-in straight line

If you want that top model walk, you should imagine a straight line and walk only along with it. Put your feet in front of each other and stretch their tips forward.

Prepare at Home

Prepare at home

For a big event, you should prepare in advance to make sure you will look stunning. These are the things you should do:
• Practice your walk at home and scratch a little the soles of your shoes to make them less slippery.
• Make sure you wear a bit of the new shoes you have bought. You can put some wool socks and wear shoes for like 10 minutes. Brand new high heel shoes and some hours on them do not make a good team, it will be a torture for your feet.
• Learn to walk on the stairs. Step with the full foot on the way down, and step on the tips on your way up.
• Use comfortable insoles and linings. If you want to fully enjoy the event and keep your feet safe, spend some money on accessories.

Learn to Stand on Heels

Learn to stand on heels

Walking in high heels is not everything. You have to learn how to beautifully stand in them too. First, place the heel of one foot to the middle of the other at an angle. Then put your weight on the latter foot, and when it’s tired, move the weight onto the other one.

Give Your Feet a Break

Give your feet a break

From time to time is highly recommended to give you and your feet a little break. But do not take off your shoes, your feet will swell and you will not be able to put your shoes on again.

Do Not Wear High Heels too Often

Do not wear high heels too often

Do not constantly wear high heels, because they may damage your health. It is better to wear flats and comfortable shoes more often than high heels.

Choose the Right Footwear

Choose the right footwear

If you have never worn before some high heels, do not rush wearing for the first time some 4-inches ones. Start with something lowers, maximum 3 inches if you want to be able to keep your balance.

Pick the Right Size On

Pick the right size

Nothing will make you walk more horribly than some tight shoes. You should never buy a pair of high heels even if it is only a little tight. It is way better to buy some shoes which are a little large because you can always wear them with some lining…