7 Fashion Mistakes that you should avoid for a perfect appearance

A great figure and a nice appearance can be easily spoiled by choosing the wrong clothes, instead to hide the small imperfections and create the illusion of a perfect body we accentuate the parts we want to hide.

We have made a list of the most common mistakes and the tips you should use the get a perfect figure.

Large squares

The large square patterns can give the impression that you are several inches wider at the hips, however, they look stylish but they can completely ruin your appearance. Better to choose neutral print or just plain colors, but if you really prefer checkered designs select items with small rather then large squares.

Horizontal prints

fashion Mistakes Horizontal prints

If you like prints and stripes then you should know the horizontal prints give the impression that you have a much larger figure then you really are, but this is not a reason to give up on the things you like. The fashion specialists advice is to use vertical stripes which will make you look taller and slimmer or you can opt for a combination of different colored items.

Too much decoration

If you want to look slimmer than avoid clothes with a lot of decorations such as frills, folds and endless ruffles which will only add a few pounds to your figure. For instance, a zip-up skirt will lengthen your figure the same as the vertical stripes as mentioned above.

Large prints with horizontal elements

Another good to know tips is that large prints clothes make you look heavier and wider same as the sandals with long laces going up your legs make you look shorter. Choose instead of a sharp neckline and a slit in your skirt to look taller. To give the impression that you are taller and slimmer, choose one color clothes and shoes that are close to your skin tone.

A boat neckline

A boat neckline

When it comes to the neckline we advice you to avoid the boat neckline on the dresses which will make you look heavier than in reality and choose instead a V-shaped neckline with cleavage for an elegant look.

Wide horizontal stripes

If there is something worse than horizontal stripes on clothes then in the wide bright color stripes which combined with a wrong shape of clothes makes you look like in a shapeless sack. It is always better to choose a single color dress with small prints and a wide black belt at the waist which will accentuate your best features and make you look much slimmer.

Bright colors

It is not important only the direction of the stripes but the color of the clothes as well. The same stripes on a bright color top will make look actually wider than a top with the same stripes but in much pale color. The black makes everyone look slim but only if you wear the right design wide dress-like pants can ruin the effect and make you look larger.

Bonus: perfect jeans

perfect jeans

If you want to choose the perfect pair of jeans all you have to do is to follow a few simple rules

  • Always choose a size than the one you feel comfortable in the store, the jeans will stretch and ruin the effect
  • The dark colors are more elegant and match with more out-fits
  • You can find a perfect cut for any body shape
  • Check the jeans fabric, stitches and pockets before you buy them