112 Rainbow Hair Color Ideas for a Colorful Life

Rainbow hair used to be a sign of rebellion, but now it is simply cool. The trend was taken up not only on the podiums of fashion shows but also among the stars from across the Ocean and from us. This article will reveal everything you need to know about rainbow hair, who can wear this type of hair color, and also a tutorial of how to dye your hair at home.

rainbow hair color
rainbow hair color

Rainbow hair does not know age. It can be worn by a 16-year-old kid, but just as well as a young lady from her early youth. Hair is the way some women present themselves: nonconformist, mastery over them, lively, happy. For all those who are tired of the monotony and monochrome in the hair, the good news of 2020 is that “rainbow hair,” full of color and personality, is still in trend.

And it is not at all difficult to understand why hair dyed in rainbow shades is so successful all over the world. It is MAGNIFIC!… and through the creativity and versatility it allows, the rainbow hair color carries us as if in story worlds.

hidden rainbow hair
hidden rainbow hair

Whether it is a uniform and robust rainbow hair color or a few rebellious curls or extensions that you can wear only when you want, the rainbow hair is fun and cool. A star whose hair color we admire is none other than Kelly Osbourne, who has been maintaining a pastel hue of purple.

Rebel Avril Lavigne wears only a few “rainbow” strands and looks excellent. We suggest, however, that you go to a professional salon if you want to get the best look possible when it comes to rainbow hair color. As for keeping everything in the salon, it is advisable to go to keep the colors alive.

Avril Lavigne rainbow hair
Avril Lavigne rainbow hair

Most of the celebrities had “rainbow” periods: Katy Perry dyed her hair blue and pink for long periods, and Rihanna adopted a bright red. Other celebrities, such as Lady Gaga and Nicky Minaj, have used wigs to keep their hair from getting too strong. How many changes of extreme look the two have had is understandable!

Katy Perry rainbow hair

We do not suggest you adopt this rainbow hair color trend just because the stars do it, but because it is a change of brave and spectacular look, especially if the rainbow hair is done by a professional. The rainbow hair color palette is different from the natural colors of the hair: red, blue, green, pink, purple.

The rainbow style is also called the “sand art” style, from decorative bottles filled with layers of colored sand in intense hues.

If you dream of having your hair instantly attract everyone’s attention and pride yourself on various bright shades, then this rainbow hair color style suits you perfectly. Here’s what you need to know about rainbow hair:

– For the brightly colored strands to be very visible, your hair must be very light. And this implies total discoloration, a process that can irreparably affect the structure of the hair. Your hair will become rough, brittle, lacking in shine, and will be challenging to arrange.
– Because of the strong shades of pink, green, blue, or purple fade quickly, this rainbow hair color style often needs retouching and re-applying colors, which can be quite costly.
– Don’t try to make your hair rainbow at home! It is a complicated process, which involves discoloration, a problematic technique even for hairstylists.
– Also, the application of the rainbow hair dye is made in well-established stages, so that the shades are interspersed interestingly.
– The rainbow hair dye used to get those intensely colored strands is a special one, usually available in beauty salons.
– If you are not ready for such a big makeover with rainbow hair dye, you can try rainbow hair with extensions. They are already in an infinite range of colors; all you have to do is attach them.

pastel rainbow hair
pastel rainbow hair

The Rainbow Is Hidden in Your Hair

It’s called rainbow hair or unicorn hair, and it’s a subtle way to dye yourself in the new trend of the last period: intensely colored strands, in different shades, great crazy, that you can hide anytime you want, and they are obtained by using rainbow hair dye. Such a change, I think, helps anyone who wants to get away from the routine, the banal, and even give a phenomenal restart to optimism and self-confidence.

The hidden rainbow hair dyeing technique is not very complicated, and it does nothing more than add colored strands to the colors of the rainbow that can only be seen when the hair is trapped. So you choose when you want these strands to be seen.

The stylists tell us that the only problem with this tendency to dye is to maintain the integrity of the hair during the bleaching, which will be strong, to reach the vibrant shades of the rainbow. If it is wrong, the intense hidden rainbow hair color can mix with the basic one of the hair, and it can achieve undesirable shades.

In any case, the rainbow in the hair seems to arouse real passion among women around the world, Instagram posts in this regard being clear evidence. Whether they are corporatists, moms, teachers, doctors, most of them choose to dye their hair with a hidden rainbow because they are given this possibility, to hide it when they want and to reveal it when they need the optimism boost given by such a change.

hidden rainbow hair color
hidden rainbow hair color

Rainbow Roots? A Way to Revive any Hairstyle!

Ask any woman what is most annoying when it comes to hair dyeing. It won’t tell you it’s a time-consuming procedure. They won’t even mention the massive number of colors to choose from.

They won’t talk about the difficulty of getting the perfect color. Then what? ROOTS. Hated by all women because they manage to destroy even the most beautiful effect of dyed hair. Especially when the hair is growing fast, and within a few weeks after visiting the hair salon, you can see in the mirror the natural color of the hair.

But what if you can dye the roots of your hair to your advantage with rainbow hair dye? Instead of trying to camouflage the roots with a color as close to the natural one! If you dye your roots in all colors of the rainbow to highlight them even more, without worrying that the dye will not act properly?

A great method of dyeing the roots is, for example, shady, which gives a delicate, gradual color at the tips and a natural color at the roots. On the other hand, why bother with hair dye when there are so many effective ways to highlight the origins? Sometimes you have to adopt a style that defies the obvious, and the effect can surprise you, like the hidden rainbow hair.
Rainbow roots are a way to transform your long hair to the roots, to decorate it, and to ensure that your hidden rainbow hair has a three-dimensional effect:

– rainbow roots in just one shade provide contrast to the hair,
– rainbow roots in a mixture of many bright colors.

The rule is simple. The darker the hair color, the more rooted the color must be in the neon shades (and vice versa). For example, for light-colored hair (platinum blonde or golden), the best colors are bright, fruity, and juicy.

rainbow dyed hair
rainbow dyed hair

Maintenance Tips for the Rainbow hair:

– Catch each hidden rainbow hair strand separately before rinsing it, but also afterward.
– If you go to the gym, it is good to have a towel handy, because when you sweat, or the hair is moistened, the hidden rainbow hair colors can be taken on the skin or on the clothes (especially if you are recently dyed).
– For the same reason, avoid wearing your favorite white blouse, so you don’t have any unpleasant surprises.
– The key is hair care before and after discoloration. You have to do treatments often, not regularly, but often, until you want to dye your hair again and after that, too.
– Wash your rainbow hair as rarely as possible in the first 2-3 weeks after dyeing (it is best not to use your rainbow hair at all), so as not too chaotic colors.

rainbow hair extensions
rainbow hair extensions

How to Dye Your Hair in a Rainbow, without Ink – Tutorials –

If you would like to dye your rainbow hair according to the trends, but are reluctant about the permanent result of this change, you can use some tricks to help you color it without dyeing and without having to discolor it beforehand.
You will be able to obtain the desired rainbow hair with the help of unique ingredients, and the result will take about a week, depending on how often you wash your head.

dark rainbow hair
dark rainbow hair

Rainbow Hair With Crepe Paper

This is how you can experiment with different rainbow hair colors before making the big step, going to the salon for a permanent change. The process is straightforward, and you need a crumpled paper of the desired colors, warm water, salt, a bowl, and a pair of gloves.

– Mix the water with salt in a bowl, and then insert the crepe paper.
– To color your hair, insert the strands you want to dye in the bowl for 15 seconds.
– Repeat the process with all the bowls where you have different colors.
– In the end, wash your hair, apply the balm, and comb it as usual.

Rainbow Hair With Coloring Spray

There are one-day coloring sprays that offer fancy color shades for one day, so you can play and test on special occasions, parties, or festivals such crazy colors. They will go anyway one day away.

The one-day temporary hair spray helps you to change your look instantly. The hidden rainbow hair color resists until the first shampooing. The rainbow hair color can last longer, depending on the porosity of the hair. The final result depends on the hue on which the product is applied.

How to use:
– Before use, cover the shoulders with a towel.
– Shake well before use.
– The rainbow hair color container is held upright during the application. Spray on dry and curly hair, from a distance of 15 cm, in a thin layer.
– Do not apply much product, and a light spray is sufficient.
– If you want a more intense rainbow hair spray color, you can spray more products.
– Let it dry for 1 minute, and you have a new look!
The coloring spray dries quickly and does not make hair difficult. It offers instant look change.

rainbow color hair
rainbow color hair

Rainbow Hair With Chalk

This temporary chalk paint in fancy colors is UV reactive, which means that we can be noticed in an area with exposure to ultraviolet light. Our rainbow hair will have a shiny effect impossible to overlook.

The chalk hair type in neon shades is compatible with any kind of hair, it will not hurt the rainbow hair, and it will be removed quickly at the first wash. It can be used even on degraded, discolored, chemically treated, white, or gray hair. But also on fragile, normal hair, light in color.

It does not affect, on the contrary, leave beautiful and healthy hair, so stay safe!
The chalk paint in vivid neon colors is easily and quickly applied to the hair, is harmless and has a temporary effect, and it is easily removed at the next wash on the head with shampoo. It is rather a matte chalk paint and is available in the colors of the season, increasingly in trends.

How to use:
– You need a few pieces of colored chalk and a water spray.
– After you split the hair into strands and grab each one with a hair ring, moisten each section successively and spread the chalk on each hair section.
– After that, wrap each strand in an aluminum foil, because the shade not to touch the other strands.
– You must do this in every color used and make sure that the hair is tight in the aluminum foil, so as not to have unpleasant surprises.
– You also have to be careful when rinsing your hair! This is the stage where you could ruin the rainbow effect because the dye colors tend to mix.
At this stage, you can ask a friend to help you. Rinse each strand separately, above the sink, without allowing them to touch each other, and especially the yellow color, which can easily change the different shades, and your rainbow hair will be a fail hair.

  1. Short Designs

These colors aren’t intense and also dazzling, yet with brief designs, you can take even more threats because it doesn’t take long to expand out your hair.

rainbow hair
rainbow hair

2. Dazzling Tones

There are many intense and also lovely tones below to experiment with. The terrific point is that you can attempt them simultaneously.

Rainbow Hair 1

3. Brilliant Colors

We enjoy these limited swirls, and also they have some rather intense colors.

Rainbow Hair 2

4. Green Tones

We have a couple of various eco-friendlies in this outstanding hairdo. There is also a touch of purple to please you.

Rainbow Hair 3

5. Rainbow Color Styles

You won’t discover a new lovely hairdo than this set. The tones are rather and also intense completely. We enjoy it.

Rainbow Hair 4

6. Neon Tones

If you are seeking something a little edgier, after that, you need to experiment with some neon colors.

Rainbow Hair 5

7. Cut Designs

An excellent design that is genuinely one-of-a-kind. The forms are cut right into the head and also tinted in wild methods.

Rainbow Hair 6

8. Pleasant Tones

You don’t need to have intense, dazzling tones to experiment with the rainbow tones. This design has some outstanding lighter tones to it.

Rainbow Hair 7

9. Strong Tones

Pigtails are absolutely a terrific method to display various Colors. Exactly how could you not enjoy this design?

Rainbow Hair 8

10. A Touch of Color

You don’t need to tint all your hair with rainbow tones. You can simply have a little color to illuminate your day.

Rainbow Hair 9

11. Jealous Green

It’s mainly green, yet there is a touch of red to it also.

Rainbow Hair 10

12. Back Tones

These colors become part of a peek-a-boo design. You would certainly see a peek of color throughout the black.

Rainbow Hair 11

13. Brilliant Pink

The base tones are mainly pink and also purple, yet we have a touch of the rainbow throughout.

Rainbow Hair 12

14. Coming Down Tones

This is an extremely various method of showcasing your color, yet we need to confess that it’s equally as lovely as the remainder.

Rainbow Hair 13

15. Brilliant Coloring

You don’t need to dye your whole head to take pleasure in the rainbow tones.

Rainbow Hair 14

16. Magnificent Tones

It resembles light representations throughout this design, it’s genuinely a unique appearance.

Rainbow Hair 15

17. Radiant Colors

These light tones are virtually beautiful, and they are so impressive.

Rainbow Hair 16

18. Strong Pastels

Pastel Colors are terrific for rainbow tones, and also they don’t bring about way too much dramatization.

Rainbow Hair 17

19. Strong and also Brilliant

These magnificent tones make sure to place a smile on your face every single day.

Rainbow Hair 18

20. Brilliant Purples

Light tones can likewise be intense, and also these are genuinely impressive.

Rainbow Hair 19

21. Primaries

We enjoy just how these intense tones remain concealed and even simply peek out every once in a while.

Rainbow Hair 20Likewise See:

22. Shine at night

Why not attempt a color that shines at night? This is a color that you will certainly enjoy for a very long time.

Rainbow Hair 21

23. Lighter Looks

If you’re not right into the significant appearances, there are lots of light tones to select from.

Rainbow Hair 22

24. Rainbow Bright

That’s specifically what this design resembles. These are some rather vibrant colors.

Rainbow Hair 23

25. Brilliant Emphasizes

An excellent color has some rather intense highlights to it.

Rainbow Hair 24

26. Warm Designs

If you desire something edgier, after that experiment with these outstanding intense tones.

Rainbow Hair 25

27. Strong Tones

You will certainly enjoy these tones due to the fact that they remain in layers. They are lovely colors.

Rainbow Hair 26

28. Dark Tones

An excellent color that is dark and also strange. We enjoy these dark blue tones.

Rainbow Hair 27

29. Strong and also Dark

An excellent collection of colors that conceal incredibly beneath her all-natural color. An excellent color mix such as this will certainly be terrific for the summertime.

Rainbow Hair 28

30. Warm Colors

These beautiful tones are concealing meticulously beneath this beautiful color of blonde.

Rainbow Hair 29

31. Pleasant Shielding

These colors are impressive due to the fact that they are light and also intense. You will certainly really feel amazing all summertime long with these outstanding tones.

Rainbow Hair 30

32. Magnificent Purple

Rainbow colors are beautiful when they are dark. We enjoy these lovely colors.

Rainbow Hair 31

33. Spectacular Tones

These Colors are so light that they are virtually white. We enjoy these tones and also they will certainly look fantastic in the sunlight.

Rainbow Hair 32

34. Radiant Colors

Brilliant and also vibrant colors below are all you require to make your summertime an intense one.

Rainbow Hair 33

35. Light Pastels

An excellent hairdo that has some outstanding tones to it. They are light and also will certainly supply you with a quite hairdo for this period.

Rainbow Hair 34

36. Brilliant Reds

A couple of intense colors will actually illuminate this entire appearance.

Rainbow Hair 35

37. Sundown Tones

Warm colors such as this one are genuinely most likely to brighten your day. If you actually desire a strong appearance, after that this is the one for you.

Rainbow Hair 36

38. Blue and also Bright

A lot of the base colors remain in blues with some included rainbow tones; this hairdo is definitely magnificent. You will certainly be transforming heads all summertime long with this color.

Rainbow Hair 37

39. Warm Yellow

These intense colors look outstanding with the grey and also it will certainly provide you a quite outstanding color in general.

Rainbow Hair 38

40. Little Emphasizes

These are some appealing pinks that look terrific with the general design.

Rainbow Hair 39

41. Amazing Tones

You can’t fail with some pinks and also purples for this period.

Rainbow Hair 40

42. Amazing Pigtails

An excellent design that you make sure to enjoy due to the intense tones. There are just some colors below, not the complete design.

Rainbow Hair 41

43. Warm Shielding

These are 2 various hairdos and also they both have some outstanding colors. One is fairly light while the various other is very intense.

Rainbow Hair 42

44. Light and also Brilliant

These intense tones are genuinely one-of-a-kind and also lovely. An excellent brand-new color for this summertime.

Rainbow Hair 43

45. Beneath Tones

We can’t aid yet enjoy these tones as they remain covert beneath her all-natural color.

Rainbow Hair 44

46. Green and also Yellow

One side is green and also the various other is yellow. It’s an extremely one-of-a-kind hairdo that you make sure to enjoy this period.

Rainbow Hair 45

47. Typical Tones

One more terrific instance of some intense colors that will certainly brighten your day.

Rainbow Hair 46

48. Hot Rainbow

If you desire a truly vibrant appearance, after that experiment with this magnificent hairdo. The colors are so intense and also appealing.

Rainbow Hair 47

49. Black With Color Styles

If you have a dark base after that this may be a hairdo that you are seeking. Brilliant tones will certainly provide your dark base a good comparison.

Rainbow Hair 48

50. Pixie Styles

This magnificent hairdo has some intense tones that actually make the entire appearance pop.

Rainbow Hair 49

51. Cut Designs

A brief design that has some rather outstanding colors.

Rainbow Hair 50

52. Black Styles

These intense colors make sure to bring a smile to your face due to the fact that they illuminate the whole appearance.

Rainbow Hair 51

53. Low-key Tones

These colors aren’t intense, yet they are no much less lovely. We enjoy the lighter tones they create terrific hairdos.

Rainbow Hair 52

54. Amazingly Brilliant

These intense tones are sectioned off and also very intense. If you don’t mind a great deal of interest, after that you make sure to enjoy these colors.

Rainbow Hair 53

55. Brilliant and also Blue

An excellent color that you make sure to enjoy due to the lovely blue tones. These beautiful colors go incredibly with purple. The remainder of the colors are lighter and also they drop near the bottom.

Rainbow Hair 54

56. Various Appearances

We enjoy tones such as this due to the fact that the colors are one-of-a-kind and also not such as the main displayed rainbows.

Rainbow Hair 55

57. Neon Coloring

One more instance of a terrific peek-a-boo hairdo that has some intense neon tones.

Rainbow Hair 56

58. Dark Blue

One more terrific instance of including colors to your all-natural color without dyeing every hair.

Rainbow Hair 57

59. Magnificent Pigtails

This is an incredible design to attempt if you have the peek-a-boo colors. When you utilize the inverted braid, you reach display your color for all the Globe to see.

Rainbow Hair 58

60. White Tones

We enjoy just how vibrant this nana is. Her base color is white and also she doesn’t mind shaking out some intense tones. It simply most likely to reveal that age doesn’t matter when it concerns dyeing your hair.

Rainbow Hair 59

61. Bang Color Styles

The colors below are just on the bangs along with simply a touch in the front of the design.

Rainbow Hair 60

62. Brilliant Pink

Every component of this design is intense and also vibrant.

Rainbow Hair 61

63. Grey Styles

One more brief design that makes sure to please you. If you desire something edgy, after that this is the design for you.

Rainbow Hair 62

64. Magnificent and also Brilliant

You make sure to transform heads anywhere you select this outstanding rainbow design.

Rainbow Hair 63

65. Glittery Tones

Envision this design out in the sunlight, it will certainly appear like it’s glimmering. We enjoy the colors they are genuinely valuable. You will certainly be the hit of the event anywhere you select this design.

Rainbow Hair 64

66. Warm Pink

A timeless rainbow design and also one that will certainly make you seem like a siren this year.

Rainbow Hair 65

67. All-natural Tones

You can hardly inform that there are colors under this design. If you are seeking a refined adjustment, after that you can’t fail with this design.

Rainbow Hair 66

68. Strong and also Gorgeous

Strong colors like these ones make sure to swipe the program. You won’t have the ability to avoid all the praises you will certainly get with this hairdo.

Rainbow Hair 67

69. Red Hot Tone

This color is so red warm that you will certainly seem like your hair is essentially ablaze. We have both trendy and also warm tones in this hairdo for a terrific comparison.

Rainbow Hair 68

70. Great Blues

Heaven is the primary color in this color mix, yet there are lots of various other intense colors to join it.

Rainbow Hair 69

71. Curly Colors

The swirls are beautiful in this design and also the colors complement it. It’s the excellent design for a youngster due to the fact that it’s not a single color.

Rainbow Hair 70

72. Mermaid Color Styles

Blues and also purples are commonly related to the mermaid tones. We enjoy these beautiful colors.

Rainbow Hair 71

73. Strong and also Stunning

One more terrific instance of a design that integrates black with some intense colors.

Rainbow Hair 72

74. Hot Tones

These lively tones aren’t as well intense, yet they are likewise not refined. If you are seeking something that is extra in between, after that you can’t fail with these tones.

Rainbow Hair 73

75. Pretty Tone

These light tones are constantly the excellent option for springtime and also summertime. These are coastline swirls that you can put on anywhere.

Rainbow Hair 74

76. Braid Tone

She has even more of an ombre coloring that simply appears in the braid. It doesn’t look like fi the top of her hair is dyed whatsoever.

Rainbow Hair 75

77. Pink Styles

Styles like these are everything about simply choosing a few of your preferred colors and also not utilizing the entire rainbow of colors.

Rainbow Hair 76

78. Much Shorter Appearances

If you wish to vamp up your brief design after that why not experiment with some intense tones, you will certainly enjoy them.

Rainbow Hair 77

79. Neon and also Warm

There is absolutely nothing hotter than neon colors. This lady makes sure to attract the eye anywhere she goes.

Rainbow Hair 78

80. Magnificent Colors

These colors are most likely to be tough to leading. They are so lively and also lovely we can’t aid yet enjoy them.

Rainbow Hair 79

81. Fresh Tones

One more terrific instance of integrating magnificent tones with each other to produce an absolutely one-of-a-kind design.

Rainbow Hair 80

83. Patches of Color

If you are seeking something various after that why not experiment with this design. The color is used in an extremely various method and also it provides you a unique design that you don’t see on a daily basis.

Rainbow Hair 81

84. Pleasant Designs

We enjoy these dark colors due to the fact that they release an entire various appearance. Blue is absolutely one of the most specifying color in this design and also if it’s your preferred color after that look no more than this style. The much longer your hair, the even more color you are most likely to have the ability to take pleasure in. This is just one of one of the most beautiful rainbow designs around. It’s outstanding.

Rainbow Hair 82

85. Warm New Appeal

One more peek-a-boo design that begins with a soft blonde yet beneath is some rather outstanding colors. We can’t overcome just how intense these colors are.

Rainbow Hair 83

86. Cut Styles

Among the most effective methods of showcasing your color is with a mohawk and also a cut layout. We enjoy these vibrant colors. If you are seeking edgy designs, after that darker and also brighter colors function best for them. As you can see below, she is actually shaking the design.

Rainbow Hair 84

87. Striking Designs

Occasionally the lightest colors produce a few of one of the most impressive tones. We enjoy these light colors due to the fact that they will certainly look also much better when you head out in the sunlight. This is a best summertime color for you and also you will certainly enjoy revealing it off to the Globe.

Rainbow Hair 85

88. Green Styles

The base below is mainly green and also it produces an extremely various appearance.

Rainbow Hair 86

89. Softer Tone

One more terrific rainbow hairdo that you will certainly be passing away to flaunt all summertime long. We have 2 pictures below that are showcasing the beautiful colors with a design that has pigtails and also waves.

Rainbow Hair 87

90. 2 Buns

These 2 buns are a terrific design that you can put on to an official occasion. These vibrant colors will certainly constantly be terrific options if you desire an edgy design. If you desire an enjoyable brand-new design this year, after that this would certainly be an enjoyable alternative to experiment with.

Rainbow Hair 88

91. Great Ponytails

Ponytails are the most effective design ever before due to the fact that they can be official and also laid-back all at the very same time. This braid is doing a terrific task of showcasing her outstanding colors. We enjoy it.

Rainbow Hair 89

92. Golden-Haired Styles

Golden-haired hair is a terrific begin to obtaining outstanding Colors like these. We enjoy whatever regarding these beautiful colors. They have a sparkle and also sparkle to them. These 2 photos reveal just how they produced this outstanding knotted design. It’s something that you can put on to your following occasion.

Rainbow Hair 90

93. Fantastic Redheads

If you are a redhead and also you don’t believe that you can manage the rainbow design, after that you would certainly be dead incorrect. It’s an additional peek-a-boo design that looks amazing. These designs are actually prominent on teenagers.

Rainbow Hair 91

94. Strong Reds

This trendy red is a terrific method to flaunt color. It’s like having fire undergo your hair. We enjoy it.

Rainbow Hair 92

95. Numerous Pigtails

Pigtails are constantly a terrific method of flaunting a mix of colors due to the fact that as soon as they remain in pigtails, they are all blended with each other in innovative brand-new methods. This design has a lots of pigtails in it and also it actually flaunts several color mixes.

Rainbow Hair 93

96. Brilliant Tones

These are extremely slim highlights of color throughout the black hair. They beam through and also actually illuminate the entire appearance. The colors are magnificent.

Rainbow Hair 94

97. Circus Color Styles

If you are seeking to make a declaration in your life, after that you actually can’t fail with colors such as this. They are intense and also vibrant yet likewise lovely also.

Rainbow Hair 95

98. Girl with Rainbow Hair

girl with rainbow hair
girl with rainbow hair

99. Rainbow Hair Girl

rainbow hair girl
rainbow hair girl

100. Secret Rainbow Hair

secret rainbow hair
secret rainbow hair

101. Rainbow Braided Hair

rainbow braiding hair
rainbow braiding hair

102. Kylie Jenner Rainbow Hair…

kylie jenner rainbow hair
kylie jenner rainbow hair