10 Items You Must Not Wear Over 40

It is not a secret that specific styles do not look good on the women of certain age. Because most women change over time, it is recommended to adjust their outfits and looks to make them enhance their beauty and improve their appearance.

In this article we will show you 10 items that once were fashionable, but they are not suitable for women over 40.

It is better to stop wearing them and replace them with others more appropriate, or you will look outdated or ridiculous.

Clutch bags

These are appropriate as a regular basis for girls and younger women. Women over 40 must not wear them every day. If from you really like them, you can wear them rarely, just on special occasions or events, but it is more suitable to choose mini bags to wear daily.

Bracelets with pendants

Must Not Wear 2

Although you might have memories about these and you like wearing them, they look childish and they are not suitable for women over 40, so you must stop wearing them. Choose wisely some fine and elegant bracelets.

Colourful tights

Must Not Wear 3

Over 40, you should wear classic tights, not some colourful ones, because they are destined to schoolgirls and you will end up looking silly.

“Boyfriend” hoodies

Must Not Wear 4

These hoodies are not suitable to older women. The reason is that a woman over 40 must look classy, and the “boyfriend” hoodies are not that style, they are the opposite.

Shapeless cardigans

Must Not Wear 5

You must stop wearing jersey blouses and cardigans and instead you can adopt other style, an elegant one that consists in sophisticated neutral blazers.

“Teenage” dresses

Must Not Wear 6

If you do not have the figure you had when you were 20, you should change your preferences when it comes to dresses and wear more flattering ones.

Clothes depicting symbols of sports teams and music bands

Must Not Wear 7

Even though you might still like these items, you must accept the fact that they are not the right choice now. You can wear them only at home or at concerts, but not on a regular basis.

Hats with pom-poms

Must Not Wear 8

You will look ridiculous wearing hats with pom-poms because they are not fashionable over 40. Choose classy hats which do not have pom-poms.

Trousers with no size

Must Not Wear 9

These items are definitely not a good choice for the women over 40. There are few people who can wear trousers and still look good. These kinds of trousers are very tricky.


Must Not Wear 10

Flip-flops are ruining the style of a woman over 40, especially if they are worn in the city. They are not appropriate because of aesthetics, but also for health reasons – if you wear flip-flops for a long time, your legs will develop issues.

It is important to make the right choices that reflect your good taste and they should improve your style. Every woman should be aware of the changes she’s going through with age and to try to adjust by removing from their outfits these items that are not suitable…

Do you have in mind other fashion items that are not suited for women over 40? What would you recommend? Tell us by commenting in the comment section.