10 Interesting Truths About Joaquin Phoenix (Joker) You Don’t Know

1. The factor behind the mark on his lip

Joaquin Phoenix lip
Definitely you have actually currently observed this as it is among his most special face functions. You could think that the mark showed up after surgical treatment, disease, or mishap, the fact is that Joaquin was birthed with it. The mark has actually accompanied him throughout his whole life.

2. His home town is San Juan, Puerto Rico

Joaquin Phoenix little boy
He was born on October 28th, 1974, and also is of Puerto Rican citizenship. He’s the 3rd of 5 brothers or sisters. Joaquin lived for 3 years in his indigenous San Juan.

3. Throughout his profession, he has actually shown up in more than 30 movies

joaquin phoenix gladiator
When he was 12 years old, his acting occupation started in 1986.

4. He’s been vegan since he was 3

Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin’s family members were vegan so he took on in this way of life from a very early age. He’s presently collaborating with companies that protect pet legal rights and he has actually likewise performed projects in the past to elevate understanding worrying pet misuse.

5. It took him 4 months to accomplish the Joker’s laugh

joaquin phoenix Joker
The personality’s laughter is charged with suffering and also anxiety considering that it’s motivated by a problem pertaining to epilepsy. Phoenix examined the actions of individuals with these signs and symptoms completely for months up until he handled to do the one-of-a-kind laugh completely.

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6. In 2008 he revealed he was retired

joaquin phoenix retired
Following his look in Two Lovers and also after being chosen for 2 Oscars, Joaquin introduced his retired life from his acting profession to establish a brand-new imaginative side as a hip jump artist. This was later on rejected as he was in fact dealing with a phony docudrama called I’m Still Right Here.

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7. At age 6, he transformed his name to Leaf
At age 6, he determined to transform his very own to Leaf. When he chose to utilize his genuine name once again, this lasted till he was 16.

8. He worked as a fireman for an entire month to exercise for a role

joaquin phoenix fireman
In Ladder 49, Joaquin played a fireman who was required to encounter a massive fire to conserve a household. As part of the research study he did to bring this personality to life, he dealt with a genuine fire department for a month.

9. He needed to lose nearly 45 extra pounds to play the Joker

joaquin phoenix joker lose weight
He assumed that the finest point to do for the duty would certainly be to get some weight, Todd Phillips, the supervisor of the movie, persuaded him to lose weight. He complied with a rigorous diet regimen that assisted him lose 45 extra pounds…

10. Joaquin Phoenix was nominated 3 times for an Oscar (Gladiator in 2000, Walk the Line in 2005 and The Master in 2012)