Best 150 Short Haircuts Ideas for Women to Look More Stylish

Short haircuts that fit you, how to care for short hair, tips and tricks for short hairstyles, how to style your hair if you have a short haircut. The advantages of short haircuts.

Short haircuts like the crown for short hair, styled curls for a CARRE haircut, Playful hairstyle in retro style, fishtail tail braid for short hair, elegant hairstyle for short hair.

Short haircuts have become in the last few years the new fashion in matters of hairstyles. This article will show you which of the short haircuts are cool and fits you, the advantages of short haircut, how to care a short hair, some tips and tricks and a few “how to make” tutorials.

Short haircuts can be very feminine and also rebellious, but when choosing a short haircut it is very important to pay attention not only to the front or side look, but also to the back. Surely you thought of cutting your hair at least once, but you weren’t completely sure about it because of several questions like “What haircut fits me?” or “ Will it look good on me?”. Well, below are the answers to some of these questions regarding short haircuts.

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I Want to Make a Change. What Kind of Short Haircut Fits Me?

A short haircut is an important step for many women. However, from the many short hairstyles that are trendy and very feminine at the same time, you have the chance to find the perfect hairstyle that suits your face shape, hair type and personality; if you are not sure, consult your stylist for a recommendation of short haircuts.

– A short hairstyle, like the pixie style, is perfect for women with normal hair: it is easy to arrange and it can be styled in many ways.
– The wavy hair can be trimmed into a spun bob, up to the chin, to highlight the curls.
– The delicate and feminine features can be highlighted by a short haircut that perfectly fits your face.
– If you have a wide forehead, yo.u can choose a bobby bun that will highlight your eyes. It is perfect for women with a wide forehead who want short haircuts.
– Women who have a round or heart-shaped face and choose a short haircut are favoured by bouncy hairstyles.
– If you are looking for a style that gives your hair more volume, try the Garcon hairstyle. In general, normal hair Is perfect for short haircuts.

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How to Care for Short Hair

Short hair is not as difficult to care as long or wavy hair. It is not necessary to invest a lot of time in intensive treatments or special masks for short haircuts. However, you can keep your hair healthy and full of volume if you use the right care products.

When it comes to hairstyles for short hair, you can choose from a wide range of hairstyles: arrange your hair in a lightweight cream gel or use a hairstyle gel to get a finished look and elegant; adjust a volume bob with a round brush and add a glow extra with Gloss Care Hair Remover or Gloss Care Fixative Spray.

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Short haircuts are easy to arrange and take care of. You do not need long time and neither much money to care for short haircuts. Short hair dries quickly and can be arranged in any form immediately, without any effort. It takes a little hair wax or volume powder to create a hairstyle for short hair.

This is, of course, a good argument for which short hair can give the stressed and product-laden hair the break it needs. If you are a woman who changes her mind easily and likes to experiment, it will not be difficult for you to give up long hair and try a new style. Variety is the spice of life!

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Short, but Powerful: The Advantages of Short Haircuts

– If you have dry hair, a short hairstyle is the perfect choice: short hair is easy to arrange and does not tangle as quickly as long hair.
– Short haircuts are fashionable, especially the precise, spun styles that highlight your physiognomy.
– Short haircuts are quick and easy to style: short hair washing, drying and styling take a little time, and the whole process is very easy to do- you can not fail.
– Short haircuts are more versatile than you might think. You can even arrange the short haircuts in a different style everyday – there are rebellious short haircuts, feminine or light short haircuts.
– Even the shortest hairstyles can be feminine – a face with delicate features is usually enhanced by a short haircut.

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# TRICK NO.1: find a haircut that will beautify your face
Short haircuts are more popular because they make your features become the focus of attention. If you have strong jaws, highlight them with a bob haircut that ends where the jaw ends, such as Katie Holmes haircut for example. Make sure the bob haircut you have has the following feature: it is shorter in the back than in front. If you have a round face, consider a short haircut that ends with a centimeter or two below the jaw bone. High forehead? Cover it with a classic brace or one on one side. These are the right short haircuts for you in these cases.

# TRICK NO.2: hair type and texture
If you have straight hair, you’re lucky. A short haircut will make it easier for you to take care of your hair. If you have wavy hair you can try using a special head dryer. Curly hair? Reconsider your desire to have short hair. The curly hair tends to rise and looks in an inappropriate way. Try to have it so that it is several inches below the jaw when it is dry.

# TRICK NO.3: maintenance!

Not all short haircuts require minimal care. In fact, the short haircuts are some of the hardest types of haircuts, which you should consider when deciding to cut your hair. You need to go to the hairdresser every 6 weeks, to use a lot of care products that could cost you a lot of money.

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# TRICK NO.4: how do you know if a short haircut is what suits you?

Here’s a funny trick about short haircuts: if you’ve never had short hair, yet but wonder how you look like this, consider these tips.
A. Think about the shape of your face when you want to choose one of these short haircuts. Most types of girls are suitable for short haircuts, except for round girls. Women with round faces tend to look better with a haircut that stops immediately below the jaw. The bob haircuts on a round face makes it look as if it is wearing a helmet.
B. Do you have beautiful shoulders, delicate jaws and an elegant neck? Short haircuts draw attention to these areas. If you have a short neck, double chin or huge shoulders, trim your hair up to or above the clavicle bone.
C. Height matters when it comes to short haircuts. Very tall women will look funny with a super short haircut that surrounds the head. If you are taller than 1.70 m and want to trim yourself short, the right hairstyle will be no lower than the chin line. Short women will look good with a short haircut because they do not oversize the body.

# TRICK NO.5 : curls?

Curly hair has a tendency to fade when trimmed too short. Some stylists recommend that this type of hair be trimmed 2-4 inches below the chin, but there are also some absolutely gorgeous shorter hairstyles for women with curly hair. The secret for these kinds of short haircuts is in alternating layers of hair with different sizes.

Cutting hair is a fine art, so if you have such hair you must carefully choose a stylist, otherwise you will leave the salon looking like a puddle.

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How to Style Your Hair if You Have a Short Haircut

Thin Crown for Short Hair

1. We divide the hair into 2 equal parts. The hair on one side we twist it in a kind of braiding, grasping as we moved each strand.
2. We weave the other side in the same way.
3. We catch the hair so braided, at the neck, with needles for the hair. Don’t worry if a few rebellious threads remain, the hairstyle will look so much more natural and beautiful.
4. The hair left in the back, we divide it in two, we twist it in a similar way, we cross the tails obtained and we take them side by side.
5. To make this hairstyle look lighter, we easily pull and arrange the braids on both sides.

very short haircuts

Styled curls for a CARRE haircut

This is the ideal hairstyle for a CARRE haircut or a bob. These short haircuts are suitable for both day and special occasions. Steps to get such short haircuts:

– Apply a thermal spray to the hair.
– We attach the top of the hair with an elastic band and attach it, if necessary, with hair pins.
– We twist the shortest strands of hair on the curl. We hold the upright upright and twist the strands from the root to the tips.
– Then we go to the longest strands. They need to be twisted in different directions (one slit in front, one slash in reverse). It is not necessarily necessary to create ideal loops of the same thickness. The result must be a rebel curly hair.
– We have to loop the bangs. We hold the hair curling utensil at a certain angle and lift the bangs up.
– We fix the hairstyle and shake the head slightly.

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Playful Hairstyle in Retro Style

Girls with oblique bangs will be delighted by this retro hairstyle. Steps to achieve such short haircuts:
– To give the hair a texture, it is necessary to spray it with dry shampoo.
– The hair from the neck is combed for extra volume.
– Then we straighten the hair, catch it in an elongated loop of hair, giving it a voluminous shape.
– Then we fasten it with hair pins, not before arranging it on the crest, side by side.
– The hair near the ears we also catch with the needles, in the same direction.
– We also catch the falling drops and fix them well.

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Fishtail Braid for Short Hair

If you have a CARRE haircut, is not always necessary to wear it in the usual way. A braid for each day is exactly what you need! STEPS:

– We wash the hair and dry it, stretching the strands of hair well.
– We make a path on one side.
– We’re starting to make a French braid.
– We weave the slightest streams.
– And starting from the level of the ear, we make the tail of the fish.
– On the other side of the path, we usually weave.
– Next we make a braid and join it with the first one with the help of a hair elastic.
– We take a few strands of hair out of the crest, lift them up and temporarily catch them with a pliers.
– The thin braids and the fish tail are crossed at the neck and fastened with hair pins.
– We let go of the hair we picked up.
– We curl the hair with the help of the curl.
– We pass our fingers through the hair for a last hairstyle retouch.

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Elegant Hairstyle for Short Hair

This hairstyle looks extremely sober and fits the office dress-code wonderfully. Steps:

– We wash the hair and dry it with the hair dryer, lifting the hair from the root.
– We catch the hair in the growth, temporarily fixing it with a pliers.
– The hair from both temples we carefully weave it, heading for the neck. We take the ends together and form a small bun.
– We remove the pliers and comb the screws from top to bottom.
– The top of this section of hair we carefully comb and give it with a fixative.
– We choose two strands of hair from the sides and twist them, placing them at a distance of 1 cm above the braided tails, fastening them with invisible staples.
– After the hair has been properly twisted, it is arranged over the neck.
– We fix it with spray!

trendy short haircuts

Short haircuts are very attractive, daring, trendy and they exist in a lot of cool variations to choose from: cropped hairdos, short romantic curls, gorgeous pixie cuts, cute bobs with bangs, all of these short haircuts will make you want a change. Take a look at our ideas of short haircuts and feel free to inspire yourself from the ones you like best.

Short haircuts are definitely in trend this year. Many famous actress and artists wear short haircuts with style and they are very admired for their daring, but in the same time, romantic attitude. Perhaps you always preferred the short hair or just maybe you are tired of keeping it long and you want a change of style, or you find yourself in a situation where cutting your hair is a remedy solution to make it grow stronger and healthier afterwards. You have no reasons to be sad because you cut it too short or maybe because you do not know how to style it.

In this modern days, you have plenty alternatives of short haircuts to make your short hair look amazing, and if you feel you wear a haircut which it looks great on you, you feel great on the inside too. You can follow the example of your favourite stars with short haircuts and find out which short haircuts are the perfect for you, so you can feel happy about yourself and confident that you will be admired by everyone even if you do not have long hair.

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Easy Styling
There are a lot of easy short haircuts to try without the fear you might get unnoticed. The secret is to wear your haircut with attitude and to choose the right ways to style it to look gorgeous every day. After you get your short haircut, you can experiment different styles for your short hair in your free time at home, and see what do you like best, without spending money. Or you can go to a professional stylist to arrange your haircut exactly the way you desire. We hope that our ideas of short haircuts are helpful for you to decide which one you will wear this season.

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Cool Hair Crops
Pixie cuts are stylish short haircuts which draw the attention. You can experiment to discover plenty of versions of pixie cuts. You can opt for one pixie cut with a soft side-swept bangs  – you will look amazing! Other options of short haircuts are cute super-short pixie cuts which give you a classic and sophisticated look, but in the same time they show you are a bold women with a mature style.

You can be an interesting and feminine apparition wherever you go if you have a closely-cropped  hair with short sides and subtle soft waves on the top; your face will be luminous and this style enhances your natural beauty, without too much effort.

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Mohawks are some fun short haircuts for the women who want to reinvent themselves and add some extra style. These short haircuts are versatile, so you can wear them in different trendy ways, from alternative edgy look to glossy image for fancy occasions.

Short haircuts like cute bobs will always be remarked: short angular bobs with curls, stylish sleek blunt bobs, vintage 1920′s structured curls, short haircuts like short bobs with blunt bangs, short bobs with deep side-parting, simple asymmetrical bobs, these short haircuts are all in trends right now and you surely make a very good decision if you opt for one…

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