Original Fashion Items VS. the Fake Ones

Can you identify an original brand item from its copy? It is something very hard to do, and when you want to buy some brand items that you have been saving money for, you would not like to buy its fake copy, for sure.

How can you tell that the fashion item you want so much is the original one? How can you be sure you do not spend your money only on some copy? We will give you some tips that will help you differentiate the original item from the fake copy.

original fake Nike

Some copies are so evident that it is very easy to tell they are not an original item, but some manufacturers make good copies that are really hard to differentiate from the original items. We want to help you spend your money only on original things, so if you want to be sure you are buying an original, just follow these pieces of advice:

  • The easiest way to be sure you buy the original item is to go and buy it from the official designer’s store. If you are into that Dolce & Gabbana shoes or that Prada handbag, go in the official store and purchase them. There are no fake products for sure.
  • If you want to buy something online, you have to make sure that you know every single detail of the product perfectly. If you want to be sure, better go to the official page, look for the product you want to purchase and compare it to the one on the online store. Pay a lot of attention to the material and texture.
  • For buying online is better to ask the seller for some recent pictures of the item you want to buy. Be sure the seller does not give you some downloaded pictures. It is very important to shop only from the online store that let you see the seller’s ratings and feedback.
  • The price is a detail you should pay attention to. If the product you are willing to buy has a very attractive price, then you should be very sure that you are going to buy a copy.
  • Examine every single detail of the product. If it is impossible for you to compare the product you are ready to buy with the one from the official page, there are some things you should pay attention to. Some original brand items would never have glue stains or some other visible defects. If your product has one of those, then it is certainly a replica. The locks and zippers should be carefully checked too. Also pay attention to the material, if the item is from plastic or leather substitute then it is not an original.
  • If the product you are buying is made of leather, it is very easy to be identified by its smell. Another good idea is to look for stamps of authenticity…
  • Finally, make sure the seller gives you a refund or return guarantee. This is a great way to secure your money if the product ends up to be a very good replica.