How to lose weight fast

How to lose weight fast? This is a frequent question asked especially by women. There are various alternatives to obtain the best and fast results, but not all of them are healthy. In this article, we present you the most efficient options to lose weight fast without putting your health in danger and without getting hungry.

If you want to know how to lose weight fast, the first thing you must know is that is better to avoid the fad diets and to try to get out of house the tempting foods, to eat the recommended ones and to stay away from what is bad for your health. You can lose up to 1 – 3 pounds a week just by adopting a healthy meal plan and do physical exercises.

  • Monitories the calories

If you burn 500 more calories than you eat daily for a week, there are high chances that you lose 1 – 2 pounds. For better results, you need to do some sports. For example, one hour of exercise per day associated with a calorie intake of 1050 – 1200 help you lose up to 3 – 5 in just a week. Make sure you do not cut more calories, because if you do that, you put your health at risc. Take a look at our advices and try them to obtain the body figure you dream of.

  • Another option on how to lose weight fast is that you must not skip meals and have a strong willpower. Eat 2 – 3 meals + a snack a day. Try to stay busy and do not eat just because you are bored. When you take your meals, eat only from a table while you are sitting down at a table, not when you are standing in front of the fridge, because you might get tempted to eat more than you need.
  • Limit certain foods                                                                                                                   

Minimize or give up on fat meat and dairy foods with high level of fat.

Reduce the amount of salt, because salt retains water, and this is another way of how you can lose weight fast. This way, you reduce bloat and unnecessary water weight and you can lose 5 pounds but they are from fluids and not from fat. You can limit certain foods like the starch ones (carbohydrates)and minimize the eating if added sugars. Starches and sugars stimulate the secretion of insulin in the body much more than other foods, and insulin is the biggest fat storage hormone. When insulin is reduced, the body burns the fats. If you lower your insulin and cut the carbs, you will start to eat less calories automatically and without getting hungry.

  • Eat the recommended foods

If you wonder how to lose weight fast, then you need to know what are the foods most recommended to eat and not getting fat. Focus on eating the following:

– low – carb vegetables (for fibres, vitamins and minerals; eat as many as you can, because they help you feel full without getting you fat):cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, Kale, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, Swiss chard, cucumber, celery, spinach, etc

– eggs (especially egg whites), to get your proteins and Omega – 3 healthy fats

– soy products

– fish, shellfish, seafood (for proteins): trout, salmon, lobsters, shrimps

– non – fat dairy products

– lean meat (for proteins and fibres): beef, chicken and other skinless poultry breasts, bacon, lamb, pork etc

– healthy fat sources: butter, olive oil, coconut oil etc

– healthy carb sources: oats, rice, quinoa, fruits (for vitamins too), occasionally you can eat potatoes

– drink 2 l of water

  • Do not avoid the healthy fats

Not all fats are bad for your body. There are some good fats too and you need to include them in your meals like the ones from good oils, fish or lean meat. You should eat proteins at least at one meal, good fats and low – carb vegetables to get the recommended 20 – 30 grams intake per day. The proteins give you the sensation of fullness and they improve the metabolism.

  • Be physically active

It is recommended to do physical exercises or sports 3 – 4 times per week. You can use the dumbbells, go to the gym, do warm ups, stretches, lift weights, jogging, running, walking or swimming and you will burn calories much faster. Plus, your metabolism will be improved.