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Top 60 Curly Haircuts for a Charming Look

by Jennifer
Curly haircuts

Curly haircuts for all face types, rules for curly hair care, how to dry curly hair. How to choose your curly haircuts and what you should pay attention to.

Curly haircuts without heat, how to arrange and trim the hair, best pictures for short, medium, and long curly hair.

Curly hair is rebellious, with personality and more difficult to care for than it might seem at first glance. It has special features and needs, from the care products used, to the shape of the trimmer and how it is dry after washing.

If you want defined loops and a hairstyle that will appeal to all eyes, this article is going to tell you all the secrets of curly hair, some care advice, a hairstyle tutorial and a lot of more things about curly hair.

shoulder length haircuts for curly hair

Curly hair is a dream for any woman. But many times, many of those with curly hair want to have straight hair and have no dreams about beautiful curls. In the case of curly hair, it is twice true that nothing is free. To have healthy and beautiful curly haircuts, it takes a long time for care.

In addition, women who have curly hair will definitely confirm that it is not easy to give the desired shape of the hair, especially in wet weather, the hair tends to curl and, more than that, to stay messy.

In general, curly hair is fragile, with a great tendency to dry, break and lose its shine. At very curly hair drying occurs not only because of the low production of sebum but also because the sebum naturally produced by the skin of the head does not naturally stretch along the entire length of the hair.

shoulder length curly haircuts

Sometimes curly hair becomes a big problem in case of strong wind, but especially in rainy weather. The most harmful for curly hair is strong chemical coloring. Also, avoid aggression and choose a friendly dyeing method to get curly haircuts, so that the hair structure is not disturbed, especially if your hair was very weak from the previous dyeing.

Curly hair is beautiful hair, curly haircuts that have a story. However, as beautiful as the curly hair is, the curly haircuts are so difficult to care for and to be stylized.

Natural curly haircuts are not easy to maintain to look perfect. This type of hair is often considered difficult and deserves its reputation because it needs more care than straight hair. It is easily affected by humidity changes, split peaks are often a problem and electrified very easily!

How you care for it depends on the type of curly hair you have, but there are some important rules to follow when you have curly haircuts, and we will explain them step-by-step, so here are our recommendations for curly hair care.


Rules for Curly Hair Care

The curly hair is rougher and drier than the straight one. Moreover, the more it grows, the drier it is and it needs more hydration to maintain the elasticity of the curly haircuts. Otherwise, it breaks easily, it electrifies. However, do not overdo it with moisturizing because if the hair becomes too soft, the curls will become loose, becoming like wool.
Here’s what to do if you have curly haircuts.

1. Washing
Ideally, wash your head every three days if you have curly haircuts, using a volume shampoo that does not contain sodium sulfate. Shampoo twice, apply a moisturizing or regenerating mask on the lengths, then a conditioner to handle it. You do the curly haircuts in the shower with your fingers, starting from the tips, taking each loop separately. Then rinse the conditioner and wrap in a towel for a few minutes.

2. Drying
Do not rub your hair with the towel as any friction will aggravate the hair, and the strands will be fluttered, electrified. Apply a styling product on the still wet curly haircuts – either a special oil for the elasticity of the curls or foam for volume, with medium fixation.

Each product has a number from 1 to 5, which represents the degree of fixation. We recommend the 3, which does not strengthen the hair so hard and maintains its elasticity. You start by drying the root first, putting the hairdryer on the scalp and turning it gently so that you lift the root. You help yourself with your fingers. Then you start drying the lengths of your curly haircuts, from bottom to top, to form the loops.

3. Don’t comb your hair
If some straight-haired women do not plan to leave the house casual, those with curly hair are the only ones who can afford this “luxury.” Even comb is the only forbidden object in the bath of those with curly haircuts. “It stretches the hair,” and “it and breaks the loops. The curly hair only implies the use of the fingers, when washing, and so on. The next day, if you want to arrange the curly haircuts a bit before leaving the house, dampen it a little with your wet hand, from root to length, and resume the drying process, with a diffuser.

short haircuts for thin curly hair

4. Be careful with hair

It is very important. Proper curly haircuts remove you from many problems and make your hairstyling process easier. We recommend the layers technique for curly haircuts, by which you lift your hair and cut it from short to long, so that it is somehow in fine stairs, shorter up, for volume. In this way, it will not just sink to the base, and the loops will fall beautifully and will fit your face better.

5. Once a week, prepare a moisturizing mask made from natural ingredients in the house.
A simple recipe would be two tablespoons of honey and a few tablespoons of olive oil (depending on the length of hair). It is applied after washing with shampoo and conditioner when the hair is still damp. Allow to act for about 15 minutes, then rinse the curly haircuts.

Another mask can be prepared from several types of oil (coconut, olive, rich in argan) when it comes to curly haircuts. And this applies to the lengths and is allowed to act for as long as possible.

You can also prepare a moisturizing mask made from coconut oil, lemon juice, and baked avocado. Form a paste that spreads on dry hair and allows you to act for 20-30 minutes.

6. Hydrate your hair
Curly hair needs extra moisturizing, so make sure you use a good conditioner or leave-in conditioner on a regular basis, or an extra moisturizing mask weekly. If you keep your hair well moisturized, it will not easily electrify, and the hairstyle will not be so easily affected by the humidity changes in the atmosphere.

short haircuts for thick curly hair


– When wiping the curly hair with the towel you must be careful not to use a rubbing motion. To avoid “frizzy” hair, wipe the hair with the towel through gentle tamping movements. Bump your hair until you’ve removed all the excess water.

– If you have time, apply the final care/styling product recommended by your hairstylist and let the hair dry completely.

– If you’re in a hurry, use the foehn. Apply the styling product and use a heat diffuser, which you connect to the foehn. He shaves his hair. Divide it by hand into 3-4 equal areas. Gather each area through circular motions in the speaker. Avoid the high speed of the foehn and do not separate the strands when you gather it in the diffuser. From the tops to the root. Keep the diffuser close to the root to dry the root.

– Foam is not the only product for curly hair. Besides the foam, there is Texturiser, a liquid gel that provides texture and energy to the hair. A hairstylist helps you choose the best products for your hair type and curly haircuts.

– After you have dried your hair, resist the urge to go through the comb or brush through your hair. However, if your hair looks too good, use your fingers to “mess it up”.

short haircuts for naturally curly hair

How to Arrange and Trim the Hair

– Because curly hair is a special type of hair there are special haircuts for him. The emphasis is on brave hairstyles. This highlights the strength of curly hair, the generous volume.

– If you want to grow curly hair then you should trim it 1 cm once every 2-3 months. Tips are the first to degrade, so be sure to trim them regularly. Thus, the hair will no longer split or tangle.

– To avoid the “frizzy” look, curly hair should not be spun … but only in exceptional cases.

– The curly hair is well-matched with the occasion curly haircuts and is highly appreciated by the stylists. The braids look splendid on the curly hair, obtaining great volume and textures.

short haircuts for curly hair

Haircuts for Curly Hair: How to Choose One

What Should You Pay Attention to When Choosing a Haircut?

– To begin with, pay attention to the length and structure of the hair. It is important to understand that curly hair has many open scales. Due to its porous structure, curly hair needs additional nourishment and hydration. This means that the longer and stronger the ripple itself, the more vulnerable is the hair. How thick the hair depends on its thickness: a thicker hair is more curly than a fine one.

– Also, the shape of the face will be taken into consideration. If this is closer to the oval, then you can do without any concern virtually any famous hairstyle. On the other hand, ladies with a round face shape must be very careful because very fluffy hair can increase the contours even more, therefore, in this case, attention should be paid to medium length curly haircuts with asymmetrical oblique bangs.

If you have an elongated face shape, then volume-trimmed curly haircuts are highly recommended. Ladies with prominent cheeks also have to opt for medium curly haircuts.

If you have decided to cut your hair short and you are sure that such looks will suit you, we recommend that you pay attention to curly haircuts such as fouetté, pixie, waistcoat. Garçon is more suited to the young and daring ladies, who are not used to losing much time for the arrangement.

Take into account that this very short haircut it thaws a lot of the face area, therefore, you will not be able to hide with your hair those imperfections you have. You can try instead, the pixie haircut, which is a wonderful short haircut option, which visibly rejuvenates and gives the hair that little volume. Another very creative and popular option is fouetté haircut. In this case, the hair from the neck is trimmed very short, after which, twisting in the spiral, the length increases in the area of the forehead and headband.

Some waterfall curly haircuts and curly haircuts such as bob are extremely popular on curly hair. Bob is the most suitable option for delicate, feminine and romantic women.

On the long and curly hair look very well the multilayered and graded curly haircuts, for example, the haircut in stairs and the waterfall. Long curly haircuts, trimmed from the level of his ears to the chin line, can become a wonderful way to “tune” your loops.

If the haircut is done on the entire surface of the hair, then the beauty and natural luxury of your hair can be accentuated. Such curly haircuts stimulate the natural curl of the hair, which should be taken into account by those people who want to tighten their curls a little.

short haircuts for curly hair women

How to Make Curly Haircuts Without Heat

Unfortunately, we were not all endowed with naturally curly hair! There are of course all kinds of styling tools but we cannot always use them because the heat emanating from them damages the hair. Note: It is important that the hair is a little wet for these tutorials. You can use fixing gels or styling products.

Curly hair with headband:
– Comb the hair and moisturize it from the ears down
– Use a hairband to make loops
– Divide the hair into sections
– Spread the subsections by fingers in one direction and rotate it by the elastic band. Do this with each strand. The thinner the string is, the more the loop will be defined.
– Leave it for a few hours until it dries or even overnight.

Curly hair with straws:
– For a better effect on the curly haircuts, do it on wet hair.
– take each strand of hair separately, thinner or thicker, depending on your preferences, give it a little foam and then wrap it on the straw from the root to the tips.
– Tie the straw with the two ends, attach it with the elastic to stay fixed and then move on to the next strand.
– Leave it for a few hours until it dries…

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