Black hairstyles – photos and models

Black hairstyles create fantastic looks if you choose the right ones which are an advantage for you. Updos, cornrows, wavy and lose curls, bangs, bobs and pixie cuts, they are all a must have and they will be like this for a long time. In this article, we gathered the most beautiful and trendy black hairstyles to inspire you.

Black hairstyles for women include this year some awesome trends, so you have a lot options to inspire from if you want to change your style or you simply want to try new ways to arrange your hair.


The classy updos are perfect for special events like prom, weddings, fancy dinners and other formal occasions. You can make a chic updo with bangs and braids – you will definitely be very admired with this kind of style! You can also try other alternarives of updos, they are all trendy.

Black hairstyles Updos

Braids and cornrows

The black hairstyles with sophisticated braids draw the attention everywhere you go, so if you want something really interesting which enhances your beauty and charms, you should opt for these. There are a lot of patterns to try, so feel free to choose your favourite. Bold woman should try also the cornrows, which are gorgeous and very trendy this season.

Black hairstyles Braids and cornrows

Waves and loose curls

Even if the waves represented a controversial topic when they are related to the black hairstyles, they are still trending, and the best way to prove it is the fact that many black celebrities are wearing them this year. They are easy to do and it is not necessary to cut hair or to colour it in order to look very good.
Loose curls are excellent if you prefer a natural look; plus, you can make them yourself at home with a medium barrel curling iron and some hair spray.

Black hairstyles Waves and loose curls

Lovely bangs

Bangs are a must this year and they look gorgeous in many black hairstyles. Opt for edgy, asymmetrical bangs and use the ceramic flat iron to straighten your hair and be careful to maintain it. For example, if you have medium or long, straight hair, then you can gather it into a sexy ponytail with bangs, or you can make a sleek, straight hair with soft bangs. No matter what you choose between these styles, you will look classy and elegant while wearing them.

Black hairstyles Lovely bangs

Cute pixie cuts

If you have short hair, you can style it in attractive pixie cuts. They are easy to maintain and to style, you will look at your best without too much effort. A pixie cut with a little highlighted colour will give you a fresh look. You can try various crops and asymmetrical cuts too, because they are still in fashion.

Black hairstyles Cute pixie cuts

Sophisticated bobs

If you want black hairstyles which are easy to do and to maintain, then you may choose to have a bob cut. Bobs permit many styling ways, and you will look very trendy and elegant. For example, a long and classic bob is perfect. You can also try different cool variations.

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