Cute medium hairstyles

Medium hairstyles are very popular, especially this season. Their versatility allows numerous ways to style the hair, no matter if it is straight or curly, or if it is with or without bangs, or with or without layers. The mid-length haircuts look very good on everybody if they are chosen properly.

Medium hairstyles have a medium length, or shoulder length hairstyles are the ones which fall between the ear lobe and all the way down to the base of the neck. They are definitely not boring, as one might think, but on the contrary. They make your hair seem more full of life and definitely more healthy, because is easier to maintain than longer hair. The mid-length hairstyles are suitable for most women because of they are available in so many versions according to the face shape (round, oval, square, heart or long), the hair texture and other elements a professional hairstylist knows. Whatever your face shape, there will be a medium length hairstyle which suits you best. You may also look up to 10 years younger if you decide to have a mid-length hairstyle, so that is another good reason to opt for such haircut.

cute hairstyles for medium hair

Stay classy
If you are more the conventional type, you should go for the classic centre-parted straight down-do, which is very sophisticated and ideal for when you go to work or at a formal event. Other options are to wear the loose waves, to make a side-swept low bun, to slick back the top and sides of your hair and pin into place for a perfect look, or to opt for natural and casual medium hairstyles. You can always straighten your hair with a flat iron to obtain a conservative look; medium length hair is shinier and smoother when it is straightened. There is nothing more chic than ultra-straight medium hairstyles, so you can also try these versions.

cute hairstyles for medium length hair

Be expressive
If you prefer a more rebel style, you can try a free and easy up-do, or simply curl your hair with hot rollers and add some volume with a hairspray to bounce, because this length is great for this style. Choppy bangs with layered locks are also perfect for medium hairstyles and make you stand out. A “messy” shoulder length bob is appropriate on informal events or when you go out for a walk in the park. A razor-cut bob is also easy to style for any occasion. A “shaggy” mid-length haircut with bangs seems natural and effortless and you will be admired with this gorgeous look.


Look younger
The medium hairstyles are an advantage for many women, because they make them look younger. For example, if you are past 40, you tend to make the mistake by cutting your hair very short, thinking the long one it is not appropriate for your age anymore. But you do not need to go extreme. A mid-length haircut might be perfect for you if you just give it a try. Instead of a very short hairstyle, choose a medium one which preserves your femininity and elegance.

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