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60 Splendid Ash Blonde in The Most Breathtaking Photos

by Jennifer
Ash blonde

Ash blonde care rules and tips, differences between dyeing at home versus at the salon, when to dye your hair at home or at a salon – advantages and risks. How to get ash blonde hair.

Ash blonde step-by-step tutorial and what you should know, pictures with the most trendy hairstyles for inspiration.

Ash blonde is a trend which has not aged and which is a great idea if your hair tone is light and you want to make a change not too radical, but observable and modern.

In this article, you will learn things about ash blonde, how to take care of an ash blonde, who can have this type of blonde and also a tutorial of dye your hair in ash blonde shades.

smokey ash blonde

Ash blonde passes in the world of stylists as a special, paradoxical shade, which translates into self-confidence, free and rebellious spirit, but also conservatism – all depending on how the ash blonde is combined with hairstyle, age, and dress. A brief check of the wardrobe is the first step that will indicate whether or not you can choose an ash blonde.

Dark red, raspberry-red or orange-red are your favorite? Do you like a gray pigeon, white in combination with blue jeans? Do these colors match your skin? If so, then you are an ash blonde woman!

How to Get Ash Blonde Hair

Ladies who do not have a light shade of hair will have to use bleach to sweeten natural tones. If you are a brunette, you have to be patient, because the transition will take at least eight months. Red pigments are difficult to remove. If you paint yourself at home, use a care conditioner after bleaching.

Of course, not to be mistaken, you need to use a hairstylist to dye your hair in shades of ash blonde. Otherwise, you risk first of all to destroy your hair during discoloration, but also to obtain a shade that is far from the ash blonde.

silver ash blonde hair

Because the ash blonde will fade when washed and will get tones of green, purple or yellow blonde, you can use a tinted shampoo or a colored hair mask, so as to maintain the gray tones during the periods between dyes.

The ash blonde is not easy to maintain, which means that you have to go at least once a month to the beauty salon, to maintain the color. On the other hand, if you opt for the ash blonde with dark-colored roots, you can postpone the bleaching and dyeing of the hair for up to 2 months.

The ash blonde is one that damages the hair, which means that you will have to be more careful and protect it further. For example, women with ash blonde hair should avoid sun exposure, and when they have no choice, they should, first of all, use a sun protection cosmetic product, and second, to protect their hair with a hat.

short hair ash blonde

Care Cules for Ash Blonde Hair

Moisturizing is also important for the care of the gray-haired blonde, this is because the hair discoloration dehydrates it. Ideally, you should use either a hair oil or a rinse-free conditioner daily for your ash blonde hair.

It is very important to think well before choosing the ash blonde and not make this change of look unless you are sure that it is what you want. Because the ash blonde hair involves repeated bleaching and dyeing processes, the grayish blonde affects the texture of the hair, and then returns to a very dark shade, such as brown, which will not be easy.

short ash blonde hairstyles

Dying blonde hair often means bleaching it. This means that your hair is attacked and will react as such: it will become rough, the tips will crack and it will lose its shine after the first wash. You can fix this problem of you rash blonde hair by following few simple rules:

  • Hydrate your hair regularly – if you have dyed your hair blonde, you will not be allowed to skip it again. At each wash use a hair conditioner, preferably one that does not require rinsing, and once a week make a hair mask, either DIY or commercial.
  • Use dry shampoo for blonde hair – dry shampoo postpones hair washing, which is great because, with each wash, the paint goes away and, along with it, your hair shines.
  • Use a product with UV protection – your hair is attacked by the sun’s rays, as is the skin. To protect it, use a UV protection product whenever you are exposed to sunlight.
  • Use heat protection products – blonde dyed hair, including the ash blonde hair, is more sensitive than dyed hair in any other color. Therefore, always use thermal protection products before drying your hair with foehn or before stretching it with the straightener. Thus, you will create a protective layer that will protect it from strong heat. If you can, use the warm air to have the hairdryer to protect your hair.
  • Use hair oil – whether you use argan oil, or you prefer grape or jojoba oil, always apply hair oil from half of the hair ornament down, after you comb it. The oil layer protects it, but it also hydrates it, and you can use it even if you have ash blonde hair.
  • Trim your hair regularly – specialists recommend that we trim it every three months, especially if we discolor or dye our hair.
  • Call a hair color specialist – if you decide to dye yourself any shade of blonde, including  ash blonde, do not do it alone, but leave it in the hands of a specialist. Thus, you reduce your chances of burning your hair.
  • Protect it from saltwater from the sea or water from the pool. Both saltwater and high chlorine water in the pool can affect the blonde hair. It is generally recommended to wear a swimming helmet, but if it is not necessarily your style, it is essential to apply a hair protection treatment before going to the pool.
  • The treatment consists of applying a hair conditioner before entering the water so that you create a barrier, and after you get out of the water, rinse your hair as soon as possible. If you get used to swimming often and notice that your hair starts to turn green, use a clarifying shampoo to protect your blonde hair color, even if yours is ash blonde.

ultra light ash blonde

How do You Maintain Your Ash Blonde?

An ideal solution to keep your hair color for longer is to use a purple shampoo. These products are specially created for blonde hair and help you have a vibrant and bright color, so you can use it even if your hair is ash blonde.

The purple pigments in the shampoo are absorbed by the hair follicles, preventing and stopping the appearance of warm yellow hues. Also, consider the type of shampoo you choose, as some may have formulas that are too strong for your hair. You can ask the advice of your stylist, who will recommend the right product for you.

Use the shade shampoo at least once a week, alternating with other types of shampoos. If you notice that the shade of yellow returns too quickly, use the shampoo more often and let it act on the hair for five minutes. Instead, if the hair becomes too gray, reduce the amount of shampoo and leave it in the hair for two minutes.

wedding hairstyle ash blonde

Dyeing at Home Versus at the Salon

You may be wondering which option is best for you if you want to have ash blonde hair. The color change is not an experiment, but a decision that deserves your full attention and depends on several aspects.
If you are still unsure of the advantages and disadvantages of dyeing at home or at the salon, here are the most important ones:

When to Dye Your Hair at Home

The main advantages of dyeing at home are that:

  • You don’t need programming and you save some time;
  • You save a considerable amount in the short term;
  • You can paint your hair anytime you want.

It’s okay to dye yourself at home only if you want to go for a shade with two shades lighter or lighter than your current hair color. If you want a color change, you should know more techniques (which a professional knows) to achieve the desired result without affecting your hair in any way.

The risks of irritation of the scalp or failure of the resulting color increase depending on the chosen dye.

platinum ash blonde

When to Dye Your Hair at the Salon

If you need a stronger change, a stylist will always know:

– What color to choose or how to combine tones for a custom hue, which harmonizes with your features;
– How to protect your hair and scalp;
– What proportions to choose, how to apply the dye and how long to allow it to act
– How to make balayage, babylights, shadows or a difficult transition (from brown to blond or stronger bleaches)
– How to apply the dye evenly on your hair, without effort from you.

If the budget puts you in the mood, we recommend a handy solution: buy your professional dye and go with it to the salon, and the price will definitely be lower.

ombre ash blonde

What You Should also Know

Choose the clothes in your wardrobe to match the new hue. The cool, cool colors are the ones that best match the ash blonde hair. Also, the makeup will have to be in accordance with the new hair color. Choose red lipstick or marsala shades for evening outfits and pale colors for daytime outfits when you have ash blonde. When it comes to eye makeup, opt for cool tones.

Therefore, consider these tips if you are thinking of going for a ash blonde hue. Remember that with the change of hair color it is necessary to adopt other colors both in makeup and in the outfits you choose. Also, try other styling ideas to enhance your hair.

How to Dye Your Hair at Home – TUTORIAL

If your hair is in its natural color, the dyeing process will be much easier. But still, you have to be aware of certain rules.

The most important thing is that you can apply paint with up to two tones lighter or darker to get the desired shade. For stronger or atypical color, leave yourself in the hands of a professional.

If you have already bought your ink, here’s what you need to paint it right at home:

  • One or two tubes of professional paint (maximum two tones lighter or darker);
  • A pair of latex gloves (may not come with professional dye package);
  • A bowl of glass or porcelain (not metal, because it oxidizes the paint);
  • A towel or cap to protect your body skin from paint stains;
  • A wide brush for easy application of the paint (do not use the toothbrush);
  • A comb and hair clips.
  • A plastic cap/foil for hair dye insulation and heat retention (optional)…

It is important to do that recommended allergy tests and experts, otherwise, you risk developing burns or even baldness in the painted areas. Take a splash of paint with your finger, apply it behind your ear and wait a few hours (ideally 24 hours) to see how it behaves.

natural ash blonde

Steps for the Dyeing Process:

  • Apply a cream or grease a lip balm around the forehead, ears, and neck to avoid stains on the skin.
  • Unscrew your hair and draw, using the brush (usually the opposite end of the brushes is slightly sharp to draw the path during dyeing straight path in the middle of the head, and then one from one ear to the other – you will have four areas of dy.
  • After you put on your gloves, prepare the paint in the bowl and start applying it from the roots to the tips, in each area (you can catch the hair with clamps, after painting).
  • After you finish all the areas, you can massage the hair at the end (or comb it once) and cover it with a plastic cap/foil.
  • Follow the recommended waiting times, then proceed to the thorough hair rinse, using professional dyed hair products, to stop hair oxidation.

ash blonde hair before and after

However, this tutorial above applies to changes of shades with a difference of 2-3 tones. To create an ash blonde color, we recommend that you leave it to the hands of professionals, or at least the bleaching process (hair bleaching is not recommended at home because the end result cannot come out as you wish.

If in the front it is possible to get the desired shade at the back, where you do not have the best visibility, you will not know what is happening)…

This way you are sure that you are not ruining your hair color or even your hair construction.
Do you want to risk?

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