TOP 40 In Vogue Androgynous Haircuts for Powerful Women

Androgynous haircuts have evolved and modernized from year to year. All kinds of hairstyles were invented and stylized, and women look better and better.

The challenge of hairdressers today is to make any hairstyle fit any physiognomy of women, but this is almost impossible without changing the style of the haircut at all. This article is going to tell you everything you need to know about androgynous haircuts and also will show you a hairstyle tutorial step by step.

Androgynous Haircuts for women

Androgynous haircuts are growing in popularity these days. Pioneered by celebrities like Miley Cyrus, this style attracts many who want to make a statement that embraces the power of masculinity with a feminine twist. Others may call for this haircut to violate gender norms and expectations in today’s political climate.

What are Androgynous Haircuts?

Androgyny is a newly popularized term that can attract interest and confusion for others. It is simply a gender-neutral approach to things such as look and hair. Androgynous haircuts are popular among those who proclaim gender fluidity.

From 1901 to 2000 the changes in the hairstyle have an amazing evolution, fulfilling any preference: from the classic Victorian elegance to the hippy suits of the 60’s and to aspects that only our imagination could anticipate: punk, rasta, skinheads etc. In fact, the industrial and technological progress was equally and quickly reflected in the hairdresser’s progress.

What is important to know is that, in the 20th century, fashion arbitrators, fashion symbols, are no longer among the aristocrats of the time. The geometric hairstyles give an androgynous look, which is harder to accept by ladies who want a refined look but are extremely well received by teenagers. Equally popular is the pixie haircut, a trend re-launched with the advent of the Mad Max movie. Most overseas stars have already adopted the new style, and the results are spectacular.

One of the most famous androgynous haircuts is garcon haircut, launched by Coco Chanel. Synonymous with refinement and elegance resulting from simplicity, Coco Chanel was and will remain a masterful character that has changed the world of fashion.

women Androgynous Haircuts

Over time, Chanel has launched many trends: tanned skin fashion, cardigan jacket, androgynous style, all complemented by a tailored look: the studio-style haircut.

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Nonconformist and boyish, the garcon haircut defined very well the style of the creator who revolutionized the canons of beauty.

“Garçon” in French translation means nothing more than “boy”. However, this hairstyle of male origin is ideally suited for the vast majority of the female population. Appeared for the first time about 100 years ago, this is until now considered the true embodiment of French charm and elegance.

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Androgynous haircuts: advantages

Why is this haircut so in demand all this time? What is the reason for its immense popularity today? This haircut has many advantages including:

  • Always current. The modern boy, like 100 years ago, remains the same hairless, flirty, and stylish hairstyle, which looks feminine, daring and naughty at the same time. This allows achieving a “boyish femininity” effect that makes the look incredibly appealing through playful strands, lack of exact lines and graduated structure.
  • Easy arrangement. In order to use the androgynous hairstyle, you will only need to have more free time and the most professional hair care products.
  • Possibility of experiments. This haircut allows for quick and sometimes very bold look changes: from smooth glamor to bold hair.
  • The hairstyle is suitable for all ages: both for elderly ladies and young ladies.

androgynous short hair

Who can wear Androgynous haircuts?

  • Androgynous haircuts are ideal for girls with a narrow, curved shape, as it is able to bring out their natural outline.
  • The haircut will look great on fragile and not too tall ladies. For those with more prominent shapes, we recommend choosing other types of haircuts.
  • Ladies with the square shape of the face also recommend refraining from such hairstyles. If you still want to try it a lot, then the situation can be saved by a correctly chosen belt.
  • Very careful will have to be the possessors of the round shape of the face. In this case, you can look for other variations of the androgynous style, which assumes larger shapes in the head area, as well as the presence of an asymmetrical long brace.
  • The most advantageous are the ladies with oval face. It is very difficult to find a hairstyle that would not fit this shape. The flirty boy is no exception, matching wonderfully to the round shape of the face.
  • Very curly hair can also become a contraindication for the execution of this haircut. A slightly wavy hair will look more harmonious in this case.
  • The androgynous haircut looks good in the case of high cheekbones, and the neckline must necessarily be highlighted given the androgynous haircut play lines. Do not forget that short haircuts discover the whole face, therefore, if you possess perfect features and beautiful feminine lines, then androgynous haircuts will help you highlight them in the best way.
  • If we talk about the lifestyle and character of the admirers of this hairstyle, then this is most often chosen by active ladies, who can maneuver with the feminine and boyish character of the hairstylist.

Types of androgynous haircuts

1: Pixie cut with a Tapered discolor

Pixie cut with a Tapered discolor
This androgynous pixie cut is simple and daring, ideal for straight-haired women. A slight gradient discoloration adds flair without including the simplicity of the style. With a low maintenance style, this is a solution for those who want to reduce their time in front of the mirror.

2: Androgynous punk cut in lines

Androgynous punk cut in lines
For girls who want a more textured cut, try a longer crown length with a layered edge. To warm your texture, warm wax between your hands and gently shake your hair with your fingers. Leaving a few horizontal lines in front of the ear is a common trend that modernizes the look.

3: Dirty blonde cutting

Androgynous Dirty blonde cutting
Concentrating the length of the hair towards the lash helps mask a larger forehead. In addition, highlighting the bangs helps to draw attention from unwanted areas. Those with smaller foreheads may, however, choose to have longer fringes because they can sketch the sides of the hair or push it back.

4: Soft side cut

Androgynous Soft side cut
Neutral hair for women, for thin hair, must be properly textured and layered to maximize volume. As fine hair tends to collapse, blow-drying with a round brush on one side forms the illusion of higher height.

5: Classic textured Pompadour

Classic textured Pompadour woman
This image is a perfect example of androgynous haircuts for thick hair. It is upright because thicker hair tends to be shorter in length. One side may not work for this texture and be cut due to the bulkiness of the style.

6: Gender-neutral quiff

Gender-neutral quiff hair
The quiff appeared in the 1950s, popularized by celebrities such as Elvis and James Dean. This inherent male hairstyle was adopted by many women in the 1970s and even today. The use of an alcohol-based hair spray, rather than gel or ointment, can allow a higher height.

7: Sassoon

Sassoon haircut
Even if it is complicated enough, the Sassoon haircut does not require adjustment! Simply comb your hair and you’ll look perfect! This elegant Mireille Mathieu style haircut suits both young girls and older women. Sasson is the perfect choice for women with a long face and a wide forehead.

8: Gavroche

Gavroche haircut
An extraordinary haircut, bold and even provocative. As a rule, this model of hair is chosen by girls who love to experiment. The haircut opens a nice neck and accentuates the cheeks. It is best suited for women with a long face and those with large facial features. If you combine the hair with a creative hair color you will amaze the eyes of others!

9: Pixie

Pixie Androgynous Haircut
A modern hairstyle is popular among brave girls! Even though the hairstyle seems simple, it is elegant, feminine and refined enough. It perfectly complements a classic office outfit or a steamy summer dress. The front pipes cover the forehead and correct the oval of the face. The haircut looks extremely good on the girls with the little features of the face.

10: Streak

Streak haircut
A trendy technique used by the barber is the “difficult part”, in which a very thin line is carved on the side of the head in which the piece is desired. This makes more definition and interest; however, this may be the limit because you can only model your hair on one side.

11: Long Mohawk

Long Mohawk haircut
Androgynous haircuts for long hair are harder to achieve, due to the fact that long hair is a classic female. To bring a more fluid sense of gender, a pocket side, mullet hair or extended mohawk may be sufficient.

Androgynous haircuts are suitable for almost everyone, men or women. Requesting an appointment with a barber or a short-term specialist guarantees the best result. To get your favorite style, go to the salon with a photo and show it to the hairstylist.

Personalities who have approached androgynous hairstyles:

Beyonce, Britney, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Jessie J are some of the initiators of this trend. Knowing that sometimes less means more, they have managed to impose a masculine-inspired fashion while retaining their integral femininity.

Miley Cyrus: After giving up the idol status of teens around the world, Hannah Montana has adopted a different look, with punk accents and a bespoke attitude.

Miley Cyrus Androgynous Haircut

Jessie J: The author of the hits “Nobody’s Perfect” and “Do It Like A Dude” gave up the black hair with perfectly straight bangs. The diva cut a brush and dyed herself a blonde, to show off her jewelry.

Jessie J Androgynous Haircut

Rihanna: Over time, the “Princess of Barbados” has shown that she quickly gets bored not only by attitude but also by hairstyles. The singer exposed her hair to several changes of color, shape, and size, from brown to red, blond, brown, short, long, with extensions and locks. In the clip of the song “Take A Bow” (2007) from the album “Good Girl Gone Bad”, Rihanna is a boy cut.

Rihanna Androgynous Haircut

Emma Watson: For ten years, as she played Hermione Granger in “Harry Potter,” the actress wore long hair. After “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part II”, Emma Watson was cut short, but in 2011, the famous hairstyle in the franchise brought her the title of “the most influential hair in showbiz”.

Emma Watson Haircut

Natalie Portman: In 2005, the actress shaved her head for the role in the movie “V from Vendetta”, but in an interview for “USA Today,” Portman said that not body modification was the most difficult, but the interpretation of the character Evey Hammond, a young woman from the working class that the V mask saves.

Natalie Portman Androgynous Haircut

Amber Rose: The brushed hair is a hallmark for the 29-year-old American model.

Amber Rose Androgynous Haircut

How to transform your short haircut into an androgynous Pixie haircut

  1. The hair must be wet (also should be cut at least shoulder length). This will make it easier to make the pixie haircut.
  2. If the hair is longer than the shoulders, fasten it into a tail.
  3. Select the back part of the hair, pull the combs through the strands and pull up. Place the comb behind your fingers, catch it gently and pull towards the neck. Start cutting easily, repeating the process with small sections of hair.
  4. Divide the hair into 3 sections with a comb: front, back, and sides.
  5. Start cutting from the side, taking a section of hair with the help of the comb, take the strands between your fingers, lower the length of the hair to where you want to cut. Now you can cut (the pixie haircuts are up to 2 inches)
  6. Repeat the process with the rest of the sections of the hair.
  7. Insides, bring the hair close to the ear and carefully cut it so that the length of the hair is fixed under the ear.
  8. Return with the cut in the backside, but select only a few hairs above, for a more pronounced effect.
  9. Continue to cut the top, including hair from the sides. Then, check that all the cut sections are equal. You can intervene where appropriate.
  10. Gently shake your head, fix the hairstyle with spray and your pixie haircut is ready.

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