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6 Amazing Arms Exercises to Lose Weight

by Jennifer
6 Amazing Arms Exercises to Lose Weight

Most of the people who are going to the gym forget to pay attention to the arms, too. They mostly do workouts for their legs, their abs or their buttocks. But if you want to have the perfect body, you work so hard for them, you should pay attention to your arms. They need to be kept toned.

Because we want to help you, we have made up a list with some really effective arm exercises.

Arm Circles

Arm circles exercises

Stand straight. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart and your arms should be extended out on the sides of your body, parallel to the floor. Close your hands into fists. Now you should start rotating your arms in a clockwise motion.

Do 20 arm circles and then relax for 15 seconds. This exercise should be repeated for about 10-15 times.


Scissors exercises

Stand straight with your feet wide apart. You should extend your arms out on the sides, then you should bring them in front of you (keeping them straight) one over another as if you were doing an X. Now return the arms to the original position.

You should make 10-20 sets of 20 reps each. Make a 15 seconds break after every set.


Stand up straight. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Your arms should be extended on the sides of your body, parallel to the floor. Now make circles with your arms clockwise, as if you were stroking a ball.

Make 8-10 sets of this exercise. Each set should have 20 reps and you should make a break of 10-15 seconds after each set.

Push and Stretch Elbows

Push and stretch elbow exercises

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Extend your arms out on either side of your body, parallel to the floor and keep your hands closed into fists. Now bend the elbows so as the fists are at the level of your armpits, then go to the initial position.

Do 15-20 sets of 20 reps each. Make a break of 15 seconds after each set.

Upside-Down “Namaste” Exercise

Namaste exercises

Stand up straight and bring your arms above your head. Now bend your elbows, so as your arms be behind your head. Bring your palms together. Move your palms down, then lift them to the level of the middle of your head.

Make 10-15 sets, 20 reps each. After every set put your arms down and relax for 15 seconds.

Push-and-Pull Exercise

Push-and-pull exercise

Stand up straight, now bend your knees a little and tilt your body forward. Raise your arms upward diagonally in front of you. Then bend your elbows. Move your arms as if you were pushing and pulling something…

Make 5-10 sets of 20 reps. Stand straight and rest your arms for about 20 seconds after each set.

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