2019 Winter Weather in United States

Are you curious about the 2019 winter weather in the United States? If you are interested in how the weather is going to be in the next period of time, read this article and you will find out.

2019 winter weather in the United States is a topic of major interest especially for the ones who travel a lot or who have to participate in events in January and February, but also for everybody else because it is a good thing to be accurately informed. You must be well prepared for these weather conditions, so you can wear the appropriate clothes.

Normal temperatures for winter

In 2019 winter weather in the United States is predicted to be colder, bud not more than the usual. In fact, the winter this year will be slightly colder than in the previous year. However, it is recommended to wear appropriate clothing and to keep on-hand the very long and warm outfits.

In a large part of the Northern and Western areas, 2019 winter weather in the United States will be milder-than-average when it comes to temperatures, so you must not worry about them if you live there or if you travel in those regions.

In the Southern regions, the 2019 winter weather in the United States is expected to be cooler than normal, but not too much. There is a 33%-40% chance of having an above-average winter this year. Although they have had drought conditions in 2017, in 2019 in Northern Florida and Southeast Georgia the temperatures are milder-than-usual, which means these locations are great if you want to escape the chill and experience good weather. These regions will have the greatest probability of drier conditions, according to the experts.

2019 Winter Weather in New York


We can expect wet and snowy winter weather in 2019 in the United States because precipitation will be at above-normal levels in all regions of the country. This means there will be above-normal amounts of snowfall in various regions; for example, in various parts of the Northeast, Northern Rockies, in some parts of the Midwest, in central Great Lakes, in central Plains (in the Plains will be sub-zero temperatures, as in, minus 30°F), in Intermountain region, and from eastern Tennessee through New Mexico.


There are a few exceptions to this wet winter when it comes to the areas of the country. These regions which are less snowy and which have less wet winter is mainly the Pacific Northwest and Upper Midwest, from Southern California to the Carolinas – in these places, we can expect less precipitation than usual; mostly, in these regions the weather is expected to be drier or with very small winter storms, unlike the rest.

In conclusion, the 2019 winter weather in the United States will not bring too many changes. The temperatures will be normal for this period of the year or a little colder, depending on the regions, and it will be plenty of snow, but in some regions of the USA, the winter will be milder, dryer, without precipitation or with very little precipitation.

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