15 pictures with crazy hairstyles

Crazy hairstyles are destined to those girls and women who are daring, who like to have fun and who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. If you are brave enough to wear such bold hairstyles, then this article is for you.


Crazy hairstyles can be worn in certain circumstances, like a themed party, Halloween or even a professional photo shoot. Use many professional products, but remember these kinds of hairstyles require special hair treatment, in order not to destroy it with too much stretching, curling or colouring. Be creative, have fun by trying these hairstyles and pay attention to our suggestions below.

Crazy hairstyles for little girls

There are a lot of fun hairstyle ideas for little girls. You can make a hairstyle like this for your little girl, because they are very suitable to parties. Choose a simple style which can be comfortable or a complex one, depending on what you like; you can also combine several elements from different styles to obtain a unique look.

afro crazy hairstyles

Some of the crazy-fun hairstyles can be worn by the little girls almost everywhere. Discover the nicest ones which have many details and twists. There is also the possibility to decorate them with interesting and crazy elements.

Crazy hairstyles for women

Some of these crazy hairstyles can be made just by professional hairstylists, but if you have a skilful friend, you can ask her to help you. If you are bored, you can try achieving these crazy hairstyles even by yourself, to have fun and practice your abilities. If you are a creative person, you can put your mind to work and see what you can do, but if you are not, get inspired from our photo gallery. If you are ready for a big change, you can cut your hair and choose an asymmetric style, or have a vintage hairstyle with a crazy twist. Or if you want to have crazy long hair, you can consider using extensions.

braided crazy hairstyles

Try something to match your features. Crazy hairstyles represent a great manner of changing something about yourself if you are bored with your current style. For short hair, an extreme pixie cut or a Mohawk might be the right crazy choice. Other cool styles you can choose, but without cutting your hair too much, are the vintage hairstyles based upon the previous decades. Find out which retro style is the most suitable for you and try a crazy version of it. Do not be afraid to experiment different styles, even if you are not used to changes, because you might discover nice hairstyles to wear at parties.

Try crazy loops and braids, unusual buns, funky ponytails and eccentric layers. If you like our pictures and suggestions of crazy hairstyles, give them a try. If you do not want extreme styles, it is not necessary to copy the exact same styles; you have the freedom to take whatever elements you want and insert them in your own manner to create a new look which will make you draw the attention.

bun crazy hairstyles Pink crazy hairstyle multicolor crazy hairstyle Katy Perry crazy hairstyle emo crazy hairstyles Drew Barrymore crazy hair crazy hairstyles crazy hairstyles for school crazy-hairstyles-for-girls crazy hair styles Casie crazy hairstylecurly crazy hair