10 Important Details to Take into Consideration When You are Buying New Clothes

Most people consider shopping as an exhausting experience, although there are women who do this for fun and because they have large amounts of money they can spend on whatever they want. But either way, all people need to buy clothes and shoes, and there are some helpful things everybody should pay attention in order to be satisfied by the items they bought.

In this article we present you 10 important details to take into consideration when you are buying new clothes and shoes. If you will apply them, your shopping experience will be wonderful and you will buy affordable items.

  1. Buy only if you need something

One of the best ways to save money is to buy clothes only when you need them. If you are not sure if you really like something, it is recommended not to buy it immediately; instead, wait for a week and after that you will see if you like it or not. The experts say this strategy works and many people realise they do not really want to buy the item because they do not like it that much or because they consider that it is not really necessary. The studies show that you should spend just 5% of your monthly salary on clothes.

  1. The “Cost per wear” equation



The “Cost per wear” equation represents the sum of the price of the garment and its maintenance divided by the number of times you will wear it. This is a good way to decide which type of garment to buy. For example, it is recommended to buy an expensive item if you will use it regularly for a long period of time, because it will last longer without deteriorating fast. When we are talking about clothes you will not wear too often, it is better if you buy those which are not expensive or qualitative.

  1. Don’t trust the size on the label



Most of the brands do not respect the sizes and they have developed their own sizing system. The best way to make sure you get the right item is to try it out in different sizes, until you find one that fits best.

  1. The matching patterns


The matching patterns are a trait of the high-quality clothes. For example, look at the patterns such as plaid or horizontal stripes – these matches should be seen at the seams and sleeves. Only the top quality manufacturers respect this feature, because the others want to reduce costs and that is why they skip the matching patterns – this procedure means cutting out the individual pieces of the garment, and they are more expensive than using the same piece.

  1. When you need to buy jeans


When it comes to women, each type of jeans has a specific length you must be careful about. The perfect length for jeans is different and you must choose the jeans according to your body type. For example: the skinny jeans should offer a clean, ankle-length look; the straight jeans should cover the top of your feet; the ankle pants the hem should be positioned just above or right on your ankle bone.

The right length for the jeans worn by men is short enough not to cover the shoes, but long enough to cover the socks.

  1. You must be careful when you are choosing the item


When you go shopping, it is recommended to use comfortable clothes, because you need to change and you do not want to stay much in the changing room. For the same reason it is better to have some shoes you can easily slip on and off.

  1. The cashmere sweater


The ply of a cashmere sweater is very important when you want to buy this item. Most cashmere yarns are 2-ply, meaning that 2 threads are tightly intertwined to create one stronger one. It is recommended to buy cashmere sweaters which have multiple-ply yarns because they are more resistant, thicker, they will last more than the other ones.

  1. The quality of the fabric is very important


The synthetic fabric does not last long; it is always cheaper and blended with natural materials. To verify the fabric, hold it up to the light to judge its weight and the density of the weave. Check the seams on both inside and outside the garment as well and do not buy the item if it is loose, sloppy or if it has been stitched over multiple times.

  1. Pay attention when there are sales


It is better to go shopping in certain times of the year when there are sales, because this will help you save money. Some stores offer discounts in some days or weeks. For example, according to ShopItToMe.com, Monday is the best day of the week to buy sunglasses and trousers, while Thursday is the perfect day to buy handbags. When it comes to the seasons, in autumn are the best sales on jeans, and in winter (especially in January) you can find big discounts on suits and winter garments.

  1. When you need to buy shoes


Although many shoe designs look good and they are fashionable, you may not feel comfortable wearing them. The flexibility and width of a shoe are the main aspects you must take into consideration, so you must check them first. They must be resistant when twisting and you should try to walk with them on a hard surface as well as a carpet, to make a proper idea of how they feel. You should also try them both at the same time while you are testing them. They must have the appropriate width so you can slightly wiggle your toes, otherwise they will hurt you when you are walking. If you can’t move your toes at all, the shoes are too tight and you must try a bigger number…


Have you tried these tricks? Do you want to recommend other things worth taking into consideration when buying new clothes? Feel free to tell us in the comment section.