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40 Stunning Wavy Hair Ideas that Are Easy to Make

by Jennifer News
Wavy Hair

Wavy hair hairstyles according to the shape of the face. Things you need to know about wavy hair, how to style it, step-by-step tutorial to get these type of hair.

Wavy hair advantages and disadvantages, wavy hairstyles like messy pixie, stylized wavy long bob, light loops, hair fallen on one side, wavy hair ponytail.

Wavy hair is one of the most versatile and appreciated hairstyles. At the border between straight and curly, wavy hair has both advantages and disadvantages, which you will find in this article. You will also find some methods for styling wavy hair, as well as maintenance methods and a tutorial.

wavy short hair

Wavy hair can be a huge plus of style. It’s healthy, versatile and easy to arrange! There are countless variants where you can arrange your curly hair. You just have to have the courage to be creative and to wear your hair in a way worthy of a star! Wavy or curly hair offers a lot of variants of arrangement and you can look every day another person, but at the same time it is very difficult to maintain.

Often it seems dry, broken, and unkempt because the right hairstyles and products are not chosen properly.

Things you need to know:
– Wavy hair is best when trimmed at the shoulders or even longer, with a few layers, so as not to completely lose its volume at the root. They can start from the chin and go down one by one. Be careful not to cut them too short, because otherwise, the capillary ornament will have a plump, not at all appealing appearance.

– Loops can be very sexy even when cutting short, so you can follow Halle Berry’s example in this regard. With well-focused eyes and a pair of long earrings, you will attract all your eyes.

– As for wavy air, definitely less shampoo means better care. Do not wash in any case every day, do this once a week. To make it look great every day, use avocado, shea butter, or palm oil products.

In addition, when washing, put on a mask containing silicone-containing products, cover with a bag and a towel and allow to act for a few minutes before rinsing. And keratin masks are also good, 10 minutes is enough for excellent hydration and for the ingredients to enter the cuticles and nourish them.

wavy long hair

How to Style Wavy Hair

1. Washing
– Convenient variant: If you know how long it takes to shampoo some matte and rough loops, then it may be best to reverse the order of the products you use. “Apply balm from root to tip and wait five minutes before shampooing”, says the hairstylist Kim Kimble. “And if your hair is dry or lightly electrified, end the ritual with a leave-in product.”

– Even more convenient solution: Sometimes it is more efficient to combine activities. Co-washing means applying the shampoo and conditioner together and then rinsing. Spread the wonderful formula over wet hair and rinse after five minutes. But keep in mind, you can skip classic shampoo in just a few days. Once or twice a week, your scalp and hair need a sulfate-free shampoo that removes dirt and product deposits.

– Lazy variant: In this case, dry shampoo is the obvious choice, but it will not help you with the loops, which will need a little revitalization. Spray a loop refreshing spray and massage it into your hair with your fingers. Or create your own product by mixing four parts water with one part balm. For light curls, braid your hair in two, in four sections, then dampen it slightly. By the time you get to the office and unzip them, the loops will be refreshed.

2. Drying
– Convenient option: Drying the loops with the blow drier can take a long time, so hurry things up a bit. Apply styling cream or gel to wet hair, then remove excess water with a towel and work the diffuser set on medium or small intensity (do not rush the airflow with the thought that you will finish faster; you will do nothing but electrify your loops and make them lose their shape).

– The even more comfortable solution: “Use the diffuser for about five minutes to dry your hair in half and then let it dry naturally,. With the help of heat, you just want to determine how the loops will be laid, for more definition. Focus on the roots if you have wavy hair and lengths for light curls.

– Lazy variant: You guessed it – let them dry naturally. Tighten the strands periodically in the palms or twist the fingers on the curls to give them volume and shape. Just before bedtime, you can tighten your hair in small twisted buns. This way, the roots will dry very well overnight, and the length of hair, faster in the morning.

3. Styling
– If you have light curls: Define them with a hair straightener. Work neatly: take a small section, close to the roots, and as you descend with the plate, twist it outward and remove the scalp. Change the direction of rotation of the straightener with each centimeter that you lower to the tips.

– If you have wavy hair: Give them shape while you sleep. Twist the straps at the top of the head and fasten them with staples until morning; when you wake up, you will gladly find that the ripples are well defined. If some strands still need help, use a curler only where it is needed.

It is not easy at all to have wavy hair, and women who naturally have hair like this know best.
In the morning it is a nightmare to comb your hair, your hair is in all directions, and the loops are beautifully defined only when you do not care how your hair is. If you recognize yourself in the description, then you must know that there are ways in which you can learn to love your natural hair structure.

First of all, you must know that 2020 is the year of natural hair. There are trendy, relaxed styles and hairstyles that embrace the natural structure of the hair. Instead of the rigid styles that struggle with the features characteristic of your hair, you can now adopt looks that celebrate its shape. Wavy hair has the most to gain from this important trend.

All you have to do to be on the trend is to leave your hair free and highlight your curls. Use a special conditioner for wavy hair care and don’t forget to apply a serum or conditioner every morning to define curls.

wavy hair with bangs

Hairstyles for Wavy Hair Depending on the Shape of the Face

Natural wavy hair is super chic, but can often become trivial, especially if you have been wearing the same hairstyle for years. The same is true if you are accustomed to curling your hair with curls, curls or hair straightener.

The advantage of wavy hair is that it allows you to arrange your hair ornament in dozens of ways, without losing much of your beloved volume. Discover sensational hairstyles for curly hair and adapt them according to the shape of your face.

As you know, the shape of the girl contributes decisively to the success of a hairstyle. However much you would like a hairstyle, if it does not fit your physiognomy, it will not reveal your beautiful features:

1. Heart-Shaped Face: Wavy Hair on One Shoulder

Taylor Swift wavy hair on one shoulder

If you have a heart-shaped face and have naturally wavy hair, you may consider yourself lucky. Mostly you benefit from long and medium hair, less short hair. For a successful hairstyle, you can get inspiration from the hairstyle of the singer Taylor Swift.

She has curly hair from Mother Nature and manages to do a lot of modern hairstyles. To obtain such a hairstyle, it is recommended to use the curler even if you have naturally wavy hair. If you do not want equal ripples, you can skip this step.

2. Oval Face: Messy Pixie

Halle Berry messy pixie

The oval face is very tender in terms of hairstyles. If you have wavy hair and you fit into this physiognomy, we suggest you try a pixie hairstyle and a messy hairstyle, like that of actress Halle Berry.
Such a hairstyle accentuates the natural features of the face and distracts attention from small imperfections.

3. Oval Face: Stylized Long Bob

Keri Hilson stylized long bob

If you have long hair and an oval face, you can opt for a light but stylized hairstyle, like that of singer Keri Hilson.
The long bob has the perfect length to accentuate the beautiful features of the oval face.

4. Square Face: Light Loops

Denise Richards light loops

The square face has no defined cheeks, which means that a short haircut would further highlight the jawline and the “full” cheeks. If you have wavy hair, it is advisable to wear light curls, just like actress Denise Richards.

Is your wavy hair too tight? Use a balm for rebellious hair when you wash your head, and when you comb your hair it uses foam. This styling product will help the loops sit nicely on the shoulders.

5. Round face: hair fallen on one side

Lauren Storm hair fallen on one side

If you have wavy hair and a round face, it will be best to get medium length hair. To create the elongated face illusion, it is recommended that the length of the hair exceeds the jawline. Actress Lauren Storm has naturally wavy hair, and one of the best hairstyles is her fake hair on one side.

In order to obtain such a hairstyle, it is advisable to leave a few tips to frame your face in one part, and the rest of the hair to gather it in a ponytail.

6. Round Face: Ponytail

wavy Ponytail

Another hairstyle suitable for wavy hair and round face is the ponytail, caught at the back, on the ear line.
The volume at the top of the head elongates the face and accentuates its natural features, without highlighting the roundness of the face.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wavy Hair

Advantages :

  • It is between the worlds: while straight hair has a lack of volume problems and curly hair frizz problems, wavy hair does not have any of them. Little volume and not too much need for care are more than perfect.
  • It is easy to switch between styles: if you are getting bored of the curls, you can get very easy straight hair and also looking like another person. Also, from light curls to really curly hair it’s only a step.
  • You can stay without washing your hair for even one week! The waves are more defined and look sleek when you don’t wash your hair often.
  • It looks good to any face shape and length. Whether short, medium or long, you can wear your wavy hair with little effort, and look fabulous while doing it.


  • You have to use a certain shampoo. This can be annoying sometimes because maybe you don’t find the perfect shampoo or they can be quite expensive. Still, certain shampoo is the best trick for your wavy hair because it maintains your waves perfectly and helps your hair with certain vitamins.
  • If you want to get your hair straight, it won’t resist much because of the natural form of the strands. It tends to get wavy even after you fixed it with special products.
  • The frizz! Yes, even wavy hair have frizz problems. If you forget to put special oil in the hair or it is too hot outside, or you are going to the swimming pool, the frizz appears really fast and can be really annoying sometimes (or almost always).

How to get wavy hair – tutorial –

  1. The hair is washed and combed using a comb with rare teeth, and for shine, a spray is applied to the length of the hair.
  2. A very important step to follow is to tighten the hair with a towel for several seconds for the formation and contouring of the loops, and for the absorption of the surplus of water. The same procedure is followed for the roots.
  3. Wavy hair requires special attention and therefore it is advisable to use a special cream for this type of hair. You need to take a small amount of product, spread it on your palms and apply it from roots to tips. The tips are clamped in a few seconds, to be hydrated.
  4. Attach the diffuser to the hairdryer, set it to medium speed and temperature. After you bring the hair into your comfortable position for drying, start the process from tip to root. This process is carried out until the hair and the roots are very dry. This detail is very important because otherwise, the loops will not resist.
  5. In the end, apply a light fixative. It will give resistance to the loops but also shine…

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