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Best 70 Kylie Jenner’s hair styles

by Jennifer
kylie jenner hairstyles

Kylie Jenner’s hair styles are definitely some of the most diverse and daring hair styles that you have ever seen. From medium to long, from black to green, it seems that she has tried everything she could.

Here are some of Kylie Jenner’s hair styles that stood out and that managed to impress the world.

Kylie Jenner Long side part black hair

It seems that this kind of hair styles are often pleased by Kylie. A simple hairdo, but nevertheless has an elegant air and it appears to be often worn by her.

All you have to do is straighten your hair with a hair straightener, to split it into two equal parts on both sides of your head and let its length to fall over one shoulder, but make sure that your hair tips are perfectly straight.

If you want something more daring, dye it in a light-green colour, as Kylie uses to do!


Kylie Jenner Long wavy ponytail

Before catching your hair in a ponytail, you will first have to undulate it a little bit to get the desired big waves in your hair.

After you got the waves, you’ll catch your hair in a low ponytail, but try not to tighten it too hard. In order to mask the hair trap, cover it by using a strand of hair and rotate it a few times around it.

You’ll be able the wear this hair style anywhere you’ll go, either at a simple party or at a wedding.

Kylie Jenner Long wavy ponytail

Messy hair with uneven pink colour

Here’s something a little more daring! You can use a semi-permanent hair dye to get this colour, in case if you don’t want to stay forever with this colour in your hair.

Kylie used to wear this hair style when she had a bang, but you can wear it even if you don’t have one. The hair tips are choppy, even the tips of the bang, and the hair strands don’t have the same length. The hair has a slightly wavy shape and its colour is not even.

If you wear a monochromatic outfit, you will definitely be able to highlight it with this hair style!

If pink is your favourite colour, especially when it comes to hair, you can choose another colour with the condition that it’s still a bold one.

Straight cut green hair

She strikes again! But this time she aims higher. Who would have thought to wear green right after pink? Certainly not too many people, but it seems that Kylie Jenner did, especially when we are referring to her hair style.

If you have medium length hair, you will be able to have Kylie Jenner’s hair style, if you’re willing to dye it green. If your hair length is not the same, there’s no problem, only the colour is the one that has to resemble it, because it’s the centerpiece of the hair style.

Again you can use a semi-permanent dye, but try to leave your roots in their natural colour. If you don’t have straight hair tips, you should cut them so, and your hair will look healthier, unless we consider the fact that it was dyed. It’s not so difficult to create such hair style, but certainly you have to be very bold to do it!

These are just some of Kylie Jenner’s hair styles and it seems it is because of them she was able to stand out at the events she attended, but also at different other occasions… So if you want a bold hair style, try to get ispired by Kylie Jenner’s hair styles!

Kylie Jenner Straight cut green hair

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