The Most Popular 15 Fashion Trends Over the Time

Everything comes and goes and this applies to fashion as well. What we consider new today or in trends was invented long time ago and already experimented by the fashionistas of those times. It like a circle, everything repeats itself at some point.

We find below a list of 15 fashion items from the time when they were invented to our days.

  1. The Trenches from the 1940s

The Trenches from the 1940s

The word ʺtrenchʺ first appeared in the fashion world in 190,1 when the Military ministry approves it as clothing for the soldiers. A year later after World War 1 it was transferred in the cloakrooms of civilians and the style was adopted and loved by fashionistas all over the world. It was made even more famous by its appearance in several reference movies of those times like Casablanca, The Key or Breakfast at Tiffany’s and this is how it became a cult item in the fashion world.

14. Nighties from the 1990s

The nightgown type of dress which gives the impression that you just woken up and you are ready for a party is still one of the favorite fashion items both today and 2 decades ago.

  1. Chokers from the 2000s

Chokers from the 2000s

The choker is another accessory that survived over time. Each and every girl probably had at some point a trendy collar called ʺchokerʺ. In our days the celebrities set an example by being stylish wearing this kind of jewelry.

  1. Frills from the 19th Century

Very popular in the 1920s and then years later in 2000s the frills and jabots were very important for the fashionistas of the previous century and yet you can find them in the clothes of our days.

  1. Bell-Bottoms from the 2000s

Bell-bottoms from the 2000s

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Extremely popular again the bell-bottoms or flares are combined these days with long pants or culottes.

  1. Peplum from the 1940s

Peplum from the 1940s

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Another trendsetter is the overskirt or peplum which accentuates the women’s shape but at the same time hiding the imperfections. This must-have piece of clothing can be worn with tight jeans or skirts but, of course, everyone is free to experiment in different styles.

  1. Bob haircuts from the 1990s

Bob haircuts from the 1990s

One of the most popular hairstyles in the 1990s, the bob haircut returned in our days with the only difference that now we prefer the lengthened version or a choppy bob.

  1. Midi Skirts from the 1930s

Midi skirts from the 1930s

Very popular 80 years ago, the midi skirt became the most favorite items for today’s fashionistas while the mini and maxi skirts were put aside for better times.

  1. Cuffed Jeans from the 1990s

Cuffed jeans from the 1990s

The jeans with cuffs called ʺpyramidsʺ were famous in the 1990s; if you want to be in trends you can give your casual jeans a more fashionable look by making a wide cuff as the shorten pants are in trends today.

  1.  “Banana Jeans“ or ”Pyramids” from the 1980s

Extremely popular in the 1980s among boys and girls, the tapered jeans also called Banana jeans“ or ”pyramids” are back in fashion but this time they suit the girls only.

  1. Socks with Shoes or Sandals from the 1940s

A fashion trend in the 1930s and 1950s was the socks with sandals, and then this funny combination was forgotten for a while until 2014, when suddenly the socks with shoes and sandals appeared in the fashion industry again. Little by little, the trend was moved from the fashion show and adopted in the everyday life of true fashionistas. If you decide to give them a try, try to be careful – not all the fashion experts agree that this combination is successful.

  1. Oversized Coats from the 1980s

Oversized coats from the 1980s

The oversized coat from the 1980s which looks like to took the coat of your man and put in on shoulders is back in fashion.

  1. Pointed Toe Shoes from the 2000s

Pointed toe shoes from the 2000s

Another fashion item very popular thorough the fashionistas in the 2000s were the shoes with very pointed toes. Back in trends in 2017 if you want to create a delicate and more elegant look this type of shoes is a great idea.

  1. Culottes from the 1950s

Culottes from the 1950s

Culottes were present in the fashion of different periods of time and this is how they became an indispensable piece of clothing in the girl’s wardrobe. They are very versatile and back in trends in 2017, you can experiment with different lengths, color or material to create from a casual to a business look…

  1. Swimsuits from the 1950s

Swimsuits from the 1950s

The first time they appeared as we know them in 1950 and they became popular very quickly among the ladies. Over the years they changed from different forms, styles, and models, from the conservative swimming suits to ultra hot bikinis. After 60 years or more, the one-piece swimsuit became very popular again.