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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Break Silence on Netflix Reality Program asserts

by Jennifer News

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have broken their silence to deny caims they will be participating in a Netflix reality program.

The pair lately authorized a $ 120 million handle the streaming titan, and last evening it was reported they would be opening up their lives to the video cameras in a collection as a component of the plan.

Nevertheless, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has currently launched a declaration rejecting any strategies to turn their lives right into reality TV.

An agent for the pair informed HELLO!: ” The Duke and Duchess are not participating in any reality shows.”

A source formerly informed The Sun the pair were intending a reality program as a component of their handle Netflix to offer followers “a glance right into their lives.”


They stated: “They might have had all these soaring suggestions concerning generating legendaries highlighting ecological reasons and the destitution void. However, Netflix undoubtedly desires their extra pound of flesh.”

They included the idea is “attractive” and not a” Katie Price and Peter Andre-style show”; however, they would concentrate on their charity job.

The record recommended video cameras would follow them for three months as they live and operate in California.

Nevertheless, the record was met by a reaction from movie critics consisting of Good Morning, Britain host Piers Morgan, that contrasted Meghan to reality TV magnate Kim Kardashian.


Talking on the program today, Piers surged at Meghan and Harry over the reality program rumors – flagging that both transferred to the United States to escape what they asserted was media invasion.

When will it go down that she came right here, took our prince and the titles, returned to Hollywood? I suggest a ₤ 112 million handle Netflix at the back of her imperial condition.

“And currently Miss Privacy has for among the movies she’s provided for $ 120 million is a fly-on-the-wall docudrama. Every component of their lives is most likely to be shot!


“At what factor do these ranges boil down from your eyes ?!”

” Well, I do believe I have gotten to the oblique factor,” Susanna confessed. “I am truly personal, and I believe if you are most likely to whine concerning invasion right into your privacy, having a fly-on-the-wall docudrama concerning your personal life is not the message you need to be sending out!”

Piers included: “She truly is the brand-new Kim Kardashian, isn’t she?”…

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