[FAQ] The Lemonade Diet: Easy and Cheap Way to Lose Weight

The lemonade diet is a quick, easy and cheap way to lose weight. A lot of people and celebrities follow this regime and consider it very effective. But many specialists consider the lemonade diet is not healthy and they do not recommend it al all.

Today we thought it would be better if you knew everything about the lemonade diet. So, we gathered information and we will share it with all of you. Then, it is up to you to follow or not this weight loss program. Pay attention and find out more in this article.

Can you eat on the Lemonade Diet?

What to Eat on the Master Cleanse Diet Plan: Master Clean lemonade, made from fresh lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and water, is the only food enabled during the diet. No other foods or beverages are enabled throughout the Master Cleanse diet plan.

How long should you follow the Master Cleanse?

The diet plan is suggested for a minimum of 10 days and a maximum of 40 days. According to the book, individuals can repeat Master Clean 3 to four times a year. After the cleanse is over, a fasting procedure is advised. The very first day after the cleanse, only orange juice is permitted.

What do you eat after the lemonade cleanse?

The day after completing a detox diet plan or juice clean, eat generally veggies, either raw or lightly steamed, and fruit or nuts. Portion sizes ought to be small, and the diet must be comparable to what you did to prepare – no sugar, coffee, wheat, gluten-containing foods, processed foods, or dairy.

Does lemon juice break a fast?

Lemon water will not spike your insulin, it will not break your fast, rather it will do the OPPOSITE! Second of all, lemon water and weight-loss go head in hand because of that sensation of fullness it gives you.

Is lemonade cleanse safe?

The Master Cleanse is a fad diet that isn’t sustainable or safe. There’s likewise no clinical proof that reveals that the Master Cleanse eliminates any toxic substances from the body. People can reduce weight on this diet. They’ll most likely gain the weight once again after this type of weight loss.

How many lemons can I eat a day?

Dr. Datta and Dr. Sood both recommend that having the juice squeezed from two lemons daily, is quite sufficient to keep you hydrated. It is perfectly healthy to consume lemon juice every day.

How many days should I detox?

While the time it requires to detox from substances differs from person to person, detox programs are usually 3, 5, or 7 days long. Detox is considered the first stage of healing from addiction and should not be thought-about as a substitute for any required rehabilitation or therapy to follow.

Can lemonade make you lose weight?

Lemonade diet plan undoubtedly causes weight reduction due to an extreme decrease in day-to-day calorie intake. You may say that this is one apparent advantage of the lemonade diet plan – fast weight loss. … Cleansing is likewise a possible advantage of the lemonade diet plan, considering that both lemon juice and cayenne pepper have detox residential or commercial properties.

Who can follow the lemonade diet and what are its effects?

The lemonade diet was created by Stanley Burroughs. Back then, this diet was a detox program designed especially for those with an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle. Over the years, the lemonade diet became more and more popular and a lot of people have started to follow it. They discovered other benefits of this diet, like, for example, the relief of symptoms of depression, weight loss, relief of chronic pains, skin rejuvenation, high energy.

What are the possible side effects?

Almost everyone can follow this regime. But people with digestive problems and other serious medical conditions should talk to their doctors before starting the lemonade diet because there can be some side effects of it. These include fatigue, nausea, irritability or dehydration.

What is, in fact, a lemonade diet?

A lemonade diet should not be followed for more than 10 days. During this diet, you will lose about 9 kg and you will have to consume 6 portions a day of lemonade.

Here is how you can make this lemonade:

You need the following ingredients:
– 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice
–  2 tablespoons of organic maple syrup
– a teaspoon of red pepper
– 300 ml of filtered water

During these 10 days of dieting, you can only consume this lemonade. After you finish this regime and you lost the extra weight, you can start including in your daily menus all the other foods. Start with vegetable soups, then veggies and fresh fruits and then meat, sweets and healthy fats.

When you are following the lemonade diet, you should not do physical exercises, because you will not have enough energy for these kinds of activities. If you try to make an effort and exercise, there are certain risks, like you can pass out or even have more serious health problems. So it is recommended to stay at home and relax as much as possible. There is also one more important fact you should take into consideration before starting a lemonade diet: during this program, you will lose mostly water weight and muscle mass. This means that once the diet is over, it is very likely to regain the extra weight. So, from this point of view, the lemonade diet is not very effective in the long term…

Now that you know everything about the lemonade diet, will you decide to follow it or not?