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Bodybuilding Diet: Best Way to Gain Weight and Muscle Mass

by Jennifer
Bodybuilding diet

Bodybuilding diet is the perfect solution if you want to build some muscle mass. The diet we will present you today is for those persons who want to show a well defined muscle mass. Of course, the regime we will recommend today must be adjusted for your specific needs.

Bodybuilding diet is very healthy and will help you whether you want to build muscle mass by replacing the adipose tissue or if you want to gain some weight by building muscle mass.

When we talk of muscular growth we refer mainly to the increased volume of the striated muscles which represent 40% of boy weight.

The muscles contain:
–    water (75-80%)
–    potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, chlorine salts with an important role in contraction
–    organic substances: myofibril proteins (actin and miozaina and other proteins with an important role in contraction)
–    glycogen and glucose
–    ATP- the “battery power” of the muscle fiber which together with keratin releases energy for contraction

By understanding the biochemical composition of the muscle you will understand easier the role foods and nutritional supplements play in bodybuilding diet.

You want to have muscles, but you are too skinny or you want to have muscles, but you are too fat! There are people who want to build muscle mass and replace their adipose tissue with muscle mass, and there are people who want to gain weight by increasing their muscle mass. In both cases the main allies must be patience and perseverance combined with a proper nutrition and physical exercise.

Let’s find out what is the proper bodybuilding diet.

Those who want to replace the adipose tissue with muscle mass must go to the gym at least 3 times per week and should exercise a lot. Also, these people should have a low calories diet but highly proteic.

These people should also take some supplements like:
–    L-carnitine. Take 2 g/day for 21 days and benefit from their effects: lower triglycerides and free fatty acids and increased labor contraction of the muscle fiber. When you are taking L-carnitine you should also take an antioxidant for neutralizing peroxides that appear after you burn fats.
–    Amino acids. Take amino acids half an hour before you start your gym practice and half an hour after your workout. Creatine contains 3 amino acids that help muscle building. Take 20 g of creatine per day for a week and then 5 g per day for the next 5 weeks.
–    After your workout you should take a product that contains mineral salts.

Menu Example for Bodybuilding Diet

Breakfast: tea, 2 tablespoons of honey, 100 g of ham, one boiled egg, one slice of whole wheat bread

Snack: one protein bar

Lunch: 150 g of grilled beef meat with green beans; one salad with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers; one orange

Snack: 4 nuts

Dinner: tomatoes with low fat cheese; one yogurt, oven cooked fish with cabbage salad; one pear

Bodybuilding diet for those who want to gain some weight by building muscle mass

These people should take into consideration the following rules:
–    they should go to the gym at least 3 times per week
–    they should take food supplements but should avoid L-carnitine
–    they should include in their daily menu: sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, brown rice, nuts, popcorn, chocolate
–    they should consume 5000 calories per day

Menu example:

Breakfast: 300 ml of milk with 30 g of sugar; 20 g of butter and 50 g of honey; cheese; one tomato; 2 eggs; 200 g of whole wheat bread; 200 ml fruit juice

Lunch: 60 ml of soup; grilled pork meat with mash potatoes; tomatoes; 200 g of grapes; 2 slices of bread

Dinner: pancakes with cheese; grilled beef meat with vegetables; one salad; 2 slices of bread; one apple; one yogurt

Don’t hesitate to eat a protein bar as a snack.

Top 5 Mistakes in a Bodybuilding Diet

There’s simply no very easy method to tackle it. The bodybuilding diet regimen belongs of every bodybuilder’s routine. Being a professional or an amateur does not even matter as bodybuilding diet plan is so vital that it can make or damage a training routine.

And also since the bodybuilding diet plan is very important, this is exactly the reason that blunders are dedicated. Blunders belong of virtually any venture and also they range from being amusing to annoying to unsafe. Below is a checklist of the 5 greatest mistakes a body building dieter can make.

Our objective in sharing this is not to scare or even worse, make fun of you and your issues in the bodybuilding diet plan. The supreme objective is to reveal you the very best means to deal with these errors and hence take full advantage of the possibility for success in your body building diet.

  • Impatience. Every body building dieter has an imperfection yet the most awful is certainly impatience. There is no instant formula for an effective bodybuilding diet regimen. It takes some time for a body building diet plan program to work and also a great deal of body building dieters make the error of jumping from one diet plan to another just because they are also impatient to stay with one program for longer than a week. You must keep in mind that a minimum of three weeks is what it takes for your body to get utilized to the change in your body building diet plan. For example, if you are adjusting a low-fat, high carb muscle building diet, expect to begin losing your fats in roughly 21 days.
  • Not tracking your calorie-intake. Since a great deal of body building dieters do not keep documents of what they consume, the amount of carbohydrates and proteins they take, or the overall fat and calorie consumption they make, a lot of them do not lose fat at the expected rate. Any kind of mistake in your calorie-intake is a risk unworthy taking. So keep tabs of your food intake. This is what every body building dieter need to constantly keep in mind to guarantee success in their muscle building diet regimen undertaking.
  • Uneven eating. Slipshod as well as occasional eating is something every muscle building dieter should avoid. Whether you are adapting a three-meals-a-day bodybuilding diet strategy or doing it 5 times a day, staying constant is the solution to shedding fat leaning up your body mass.
  • Excessive dependency on scales. Bear in mind that body building is mostly an aesthetic sporting activity. So also if the range or body fat calipers don’t offer you the scale you’re expecting, your weight loss muscle building diet plan is still possibly functioning, especially if your images or an impartial onlooker tells you that you look leaner and also fuller.
  • Supplements function like magic. In correct body building diet regimen, this is called wishful thinking. No supplements, regardless of how great their products reviews are, can make you lose fats in say, a day. Keep in mind that supplements can only do so much in a body building diet. The remainder is attributed to the person’s dedication to the program and dietary common sense…

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