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Kylie Jenner’s Net Worth: Kylie Jenner Has Exceeded $ 1 Billion

by Jennifer

Kylie Jenner’s net worth from her cosmetic line of lip kits has placed her in top Forbes 30 with 1 billion dollars. The star from the Kardashian clan has a huge revenue and she is the second in her family to earn so much money, after her half-sister Kim Kardashian.

Kylie’s Business Line

She started the cosmetic line of lip kits in 2015 and after only three months of testing them on the market, the success was so big that she started her own company with her mother Kris Jenner.

At first, she was doubtful that women would like her products, but she was in for a big surprise. Kylie Jenner’s net worth started to grow. As she started to sell online, the lip kits got sold out in one minute on the first day. Kylie Jenner gives details about her business in Women’s Wear Daily Magazine:

“Launch day, I refreshed the page about a minute after we launched and everything was sold out. I thought there was a glitch at first.”

Kylie Jenner’s lip kits are original and the new collections are sold out instantly after being launched on her website. Kylie Jenner’s net worth is great. She updates the products herself and makes sure the catalogs are up to date.

Besides the business with Kylie branded lip kits, she also has a personal app for your mobile phone, which shows details from Kylie’s private life, so that her fans can know her better. Kylie Jenner’s net worth grew with this occasion.

This app is not free, it costs  $2.99 per month. Recently, the app seems to have been hacked because some posts appeared about Jenner’s relationship with her boyfriend Tyga. Kylie claims she did not give up private details about her sex life. Anyway, their relationship ended after a few months, she is currently dating the rapper Travis Scott.

Kylie Jenner is close to becoming a billionaire

Net Worth from Kylie’s Lip Kits

The 20-year-old businesswoman reached a figure of $420 million in sales in the last 18 months. Her mother, who is also the Chief Financial Officer in their company, says that in 2019 sales will go up to $386 million in only 12 months. At this rate, Kylie Jenner’s net worth will grow, she will be a billionaire by 2022.

Every lip kit costs $29 and is the favorite of teenagers worldwide, which means Kylie Jenner’s net worth will grow. Kylie reinvents the line regularly, improves the package, changes colors and textures. In the beginning, in November 2015, the Jenner company produced only 5.000 units of each shade of lip gloss, now it must satisfy a continuously growing demand and produces 300.000 units from each shade. After lip kits, she extended her business to other makeup products, such as eyeshadow palettes. Kylie Jenner’s net worth grew with this occasion.

Kylie Jenner is considered a veritable cosmetic mogul since her net worth will reach the first billion in 7 years, whilst Lancôme reached it in 80 years of cosmetics production. Kylie Jenner’s net worth is growing very fast.

In July, Jenner landed yet an additional distinction from Forbes as she featured on their leading 100 greatest paid celebs – rising up the ranks to the second place just behind singer Taylor Swift’s ton of money. Kylie Jenner’s net worth is great.

To celebrate her billionaire status as well as the money that keeps on rolling in, she introduced a birthday makeup collection for Kylie Cosmetics which centered around the style of cash. Knowing Kylie Jenner’s net worth is very important if you are interested in this celebrity.

With American money costs glued throughout the famous drip logo and also campaign imagery of Jenner dressed in a money-print gown, some followers criticized her for the messaging. One called it “tone deaf” and also an additional said it appeared she was “showing off”, however later on Jenner made clear in the comments that she was going to be “repaying … in a massive, substantial way”.

What Is Kylie Jenner’s Net Worth?

According to Forbes, Kylie Jenner is worth $1 billion.

“Add in the cash Jenner has already pulled from the profitable business, and the 21-year-old is now a billionaire, with an estimated fortune of $1 billion,” the Forbes reporter Natalie Robehmed wrote. “She’s the youngest-ever self-made billionaire, reaching a ten-figure fortune at a younger age than even Mark Zuckerberg (who was 23 when he hit that mark).”

Just How Much is Kylie Cosmetics Worth?

Kylie is the single proprietor of Kylie Cosmetics, well-known for its resilient lip packages. And boy, has the brand name marketed a lot of those – in 2015, when they first went on sale, the Kylie Cosmetics lip kits offered out soon, growing Kylie Jenner’s net worth.

Jenner has made more than $630 million because Kylie Cosmetics introduced it. It absolutely assists that she has 145 million Instagram followers eager to emulate here make-up looks, which she flaunts making use of full Instagram story tutorials. The firm deserves an approximated $800 million. This means that Kylie Jenner’s net worth grew again.

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the VALENTINE COLLECTION launches February 1st at 3pm pst only on KylieCosmetics.com ?

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Just How Much Is Spent on Kylie Jenner’s Sponsored Material on Instagram?

The influencer does unsurprisingly make a lot of cash on Instagram for publishing funded content – one current #ad was for SugarBearHair gummy vitamins, a Kardashian fave.

According to the Instagram Rich Checklist, she’s holding back the top area as well as could generate an estimated $1.2 million per sponsored post for business consisting of in shape tea, a brand Jameela Jamil has actually called out Kylie’s family for advertising. Kylie Jenner’s net worth grew this time too. In comparison, her sister Kim rakes in $910,000 per article.

Kylie Jenner’s net worth will grow. Her plans for the future are big. So she can reach the first billion net worth, the next step is to bring her cosmetic line in the stores. Kylie wants to expand the line and complete the lip kits and eyeshadow kits with a concealer and foundation. Kylie Jenner’s net worth will be greater. She is ready to expand the business, even though she is young:

“I don’t know how we’re going to do it. I think it’s time people walk into a store and see «Kylie Cosmetics». I do want that but we haven’t figured out exactly how we’re going to do that and what approach we’re going to take. It’s going to be hard to buy concealer online. That’s why I kept pushing it back… I’m up for it…”

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