Jennifer Aniston Is Wearing Brad Pitt’s $500k Engagement Ring

Jennifer Aniston is still putting on the engagement ring provided to her by Brad Pitt, according to records in United States media.

The 51-year-old Friends starlet is believed to have maintained the $500,000 ring that Hollywood legend Brad provided her when they got engaged in 1999.

While that could not be a significant offer, The Cheat Sheet had reported that she used the considerable ruby ring when she met Brad face-to-face previously this year.

The amusement chatter website had claimed that eagle-eyed followers had seen her putting on a ring that looked like the one that Brad offered her more than 20 years earlier when she met him at the Screen Actors Guild Awards at the start of the year.


The website has asserted that it was pictures of both grinning and talking with each other that shows Jen wearing the ring.

Brad had a large hand in what the ring looked like when it was made, collaborating with Silvia Damiani to craft the ring.

The style is based upon a set of jewelry that Brad had purchased for Jen formerly.

Back in 1999, the $500,000 was a large amount (comparable to $769,474 in today’s cash), and Brad would, later on, take developer Damiani to court after her firm began offering reproductions of the ring.

It apparently concurred that the ring would be a one of a kind, unique design.

The ring included a huge center rock which was bordered by a spiral of smaller sized diamonds.


Coincidentally, when Jennifer got involved to her 2nd partner, Justin Theroux, he additionally sprinkled out $500,000 on a ring for his wife-to-be…

With rumors of a settlement in between Brad and Jen, 15 years after their separation, the records that she has maintained the ring will be just lead followers to guess further that the ‘gold pair’ of Hollywood, will once more come to be in a romantic relationship.