How to Avoid Having a Tasteless Wardrobe

There are a lot of modern trends which can create confusion because not everybody has a sense of fashion. Most people would wear something just because it is a trend, without adapting it in order to create an advantage for their own personality. They do not emphasize their individuality, and this fact leads to misconceptions about their wardrobe.

Take a look at the most common fashion misconceptions and discover 10 ways to avoid having a tasteless wardrobe.

  1. Everybody can wear oversized clothes.

Everybody can wear oversized clothes

These items are suitable for most women; however, they must pay attention when they choose them. Oversized clothes look better on tall and thin women. Short girls and the ones with extra weight should balance proportions and avoid wearing more than one voluminous item; otherwise, the outfit will be a disaster.

  1. Your body looks bigger if you wear horizontal stripes.

Your body looks bigger if you wear horizontal stripes

This is true only if the color and the width of the stripes are the right ones. For example, the large contrast lines make your body look bigger because they create an extra volume effect. The narrow horizontal stripes lengthen your body. The best way to obtain the perfect look is to wear clothes with thin stripes and to complement striped clothing with accessories which will help to obtain additional vertical lines.

  1. Black makes you look slim.

Black makes you look slim

This is true, however, not everybody can benefit from it. Black creates an advantage for those who want to hide their extra weight, but the difference is made especially by the cuts, not by the black clothes themselves. If you want to look slimmer, you must not wear shiny black fabric or fur, but you can choose to wear contrasting accents, which will offer you an amazing look by enhancing your best features.

  1. You will look fat if you wear light clothes.

You will look fat if you wear light clothes

The truth is that the style makes more difference than the color. If you want to wear light colors, choose clothes with cuts that suit you. You can also use items in different colors.

  1. Different prints in one outfit.

Different prints in one outfit

Most people know you cannot combine multiple prints in one outfit. But this is not entirely true. There are some exceptions, and you must have them in mind if you want to wear different prints at the same time. For example, you can wear them as long as they are in the same color. Another good idea is to wear the same pattern but in different sizes. Geometric figures can also be combined with other patterns and still look great.

  1. Only tall women can wear short pants.

Only tall women can wear short pants

This is not entirely true. Short women can also wear short pants, but they must choose ones with high waists, calm colors and another important thing is they must wear them with heels because they will advantage them.

  1. Do not combine more than 3 colours in an outfit.

Do not combine more than 3 colours in an outfit

This rule is only for the dress code. Otherwise, you can combine any number of colors you like, as long as there is harmony in your style. It is recommended to have a specific color that is dominant.

  1. Frills and flounces make you look fat.

Frills and flounces make you look fat

If they are chosen well, the frills and flounces can add tenderness to your look. You must avoid the excessive decorative elements because they indeed make you look fat. The best way to wear them is to choose outfits with frills on the sleeves. It is recommended to avoid dresses made with many frills because they will create a visual effect of having a figure with extra pounds.

  1. Only children and young women can wear pink.

Only children and young women can wear pink

This fact depends on the style and the specific shade of pink, but you can wear pink at any age if you make smart choices according to your figure and the color type. You can also combine pink with different colors like gray, purple, white, beige, blue. Keep in mind that 50-60-year-old women should choose coral shades to look great.

  1. A wide or bright belt accentuates the waist, creating a slimmer body look.

A wide or bright belt accentuates the waist, creating a slimmer body look

This works only for the slimmer women, not for the ones who have extra weight because these belts are created to draw the attention upon the waist. The solution for those women who do not want to highlight their waist is to choose knee-length or slightly longer dresses where the waistline will be moved up or down. They can also wear dresses with a V-neck will help to emphasize the bust and visually lengthen the neck, making other areas of their body be the center of attention.