Grapefruit diet – how much can you lose

The grapefruit diet is also known as the Hollywood diet, and it represents a short-term weight loss program. This diet claims that grapefruits contain a fat-burning enzyme, which helps you lose some weight very fast.

If you want to look very hot in no time, the grapefruit diet is perfect for you. This fruit contains very few calories, many fibers and vitamin C. More and more women decide to follow the grapefruit diet and they say that it really works. Nutritionists claim that its effectiveness hasn’t been proven yet. So it is up to you to start this diet.

What is the main principle of the grapefruit diet

The answer to this question is quite simple. Before every meal you have to eat half a grapefruit or an entire one. Another possibility would be to drink before every meal the juice from one grapefruit.

Other rules of the grapefruit diet

There are some other rules that you should keep in mind when you are on a grapefruit diet:

1.    During the grapefruit diet, you can drink only one cup of coffee/day.

2.    You have to drink at least 8 glasses of water/day.

3.    Base your meals on meat, salads and vegetables.

4.    Eat enough but don’t exaggerate with the size of your portions.

5.    Eat less salt and don’t eat any sugar.

6.    You are not allowed to eat any sweets.

7.    You are not allowed to eat bread, pasta and potatoes.

8.    Don’t cheat during the grapefruit diet.

9.    Follow the grapefruit diet for 12 days. Then take a brake for two days and repeat the diet. Respect this rule for 2 months.

Menu example for the grapefruit diet


–     Half a grapefruit
–    2 boiled or scrambled eggs
–    2 slices of ham
–    One cup of coffee or tea


–    Half a grapefruit
–    A salad with dressing ( your favourite dressing) or green vegetables sautéed in butter with spices
–    Grilled white meat
–    A cup of tea


–    Half a grapefruit
–    One cup of tomatoes juice or one cup of non-fat milk.

As you can see, the grapefruit diet is quite restrictive. It supplies less than 1200 calories/day and very few nutrients. This diet can be used to quickly lose a few pounds but has some drawbacks as well: after the program is finished, you can gain back the weight you lost because you will return to your old eating habits.