David Beckham Makes Fun of Victoria Beckham’s Teeth

Victoria Beckham is among numerous superstars recognized for seldom grinning in pictures, something she has also identified and mentioned in interviews. But today, her kid, Cruz, shared an unusual shot of Victoria grinning on his Instagram. And her other half David Beckham’s response was to tease Victoria for her intense white smile. Really, David?

“Apparently my mum does smile 😃❤️,” Cruz captioned his article, which Victoria liked.

“How white are mums @victoriabeckham teeth? 🦷 it’s Ross from friends 😂,” David commented. Victoria did not, such as or reply to that remark, not surprisingly.


david's comment under cruz's photo of victoria smiling

David is describing this scene from Friends, for context:

Victoria has even more seriously mentioned her unwillingness to grin in photos throughout an interview with Glamour UK in 2014. She stated she’s simply beginning to welcome herself and feel comfy adequate to grin openly and allowed her to let her gard down. “I wish to be sincere,” she started. “In the past, I’ve possibly hide behind my shield—the not grinning openly, for example. There’s much less of that currently…”

“There’s something liberating concerning that I am 45 years of age and possessing it, feeling great, really feeling content,” she proceeded. “Doing beauty has assisted with that—it’s been liberating. I wish to get the word out that everyone ought to seem like the most effective variation of themselves. To care for what you have. I wish to inform individuals to have that you are. Yes, we—and I—have creases, and that’s all right!”

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