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Cabbage soup diet

by Jennifer
Cabbage soup diet

Cabbage soup diet is very suitable if you have to lose weight fast for a special event or for an important occasion which will happen soon. Keep in mind that although it may be what you need as a rapid solution, this low–fat, high–fibre diet must not be followed for more than just one week. In this article, we present you all the things you must learn about this low calorie regime.

Cabbage soup diet is simple and it was created for people who want to lose weight fast between 7 lbs. – 10 lbs. in 7 days and they need to get into shape before attending a fancy dinner, a great party, a cocktail, an anniversary or other special occasion where you need to look good. Remember that this regime is only for a single week and you must talk to your doctor before start following it. You can repeat it once a month if needed, but not sooner and not for more than 7 days. If you experience some unpleasant symptoms, you must stop the diet.

What is the cabbage soup diet?

This diet is based mainly upon the cabbage soup with certain foods which are selected to be different every day. Dieters can eat the cabbage soup as much as they want, because there is no limit regarding it. The amount of lost lbs. depend on the quantity of cabbage soup you eat.

Cabbage soup recipe

There are various soup recipes, because the type of vegetables can change, but the main idea of the recipe is the following:

Ingredients: 1/2 green leafy cabbage, 6 big onions, 3 big carrots, 1 bunch of celery, 2 green peppers (you must wash them, peel and roughly chop them, trim the bunch of celery and deseed the peppers), 1 tin of tomatoes, 1 vegetable stock cube, 1 packet of onion soup mix. You also need salt, pepper, curry powder, cumin or Worcestershire sauce to give some flavour to your soup.

Method: Use a large stock pan and put all the ingredients in it, add plenty water and let them to boil, then to simmer for 20 – 30 minutes. Wait until all of them are cooked through. Then blend them a little (you may also make them puree if you prefer them like that). Last step is to add the flavours and seasonings.

Cabbage soup diet meal plan for 7 days

Day 1 – Cabbage soup + fruits
In the first day, you may eat the cabbage soup and all the fruits you want, in any quantity, but not bananas, because they are forbidden in this day. You may also drink water (minimum 4 glasses), unsweetened teas and fruit juices (also without sugar); you can add ice to make natural ice tea or natural ice juice.

Day 2 – Cabbage soup + vegetables
In the second day, it is recommended to eat cabbage soup and as many vegetables as you wish. In this day, you are not allowed to eat fruits, only vegetables; at dinner you may eat a big potato with butter. As drinks, you can have water(minimum 4 glasses) and unsweetened teas.

Day 3 – Cabbage soup + fruit + vegetables
In the third day, you are allowed to eat cabbage soup and plenty of fruits and vegetables, without any other foods from the previous days. Drink water(minimum 4 glasses).

Day 4 – Cabbage soup + bananas + skimmed milk
In the fourth day, you may eat cabbage soup and up to 8 bananas; you can drink as much skimmed milk as you wish.

Day 5 – Cabbage soup + lean meat + tomatoes
In the fifth day, it is permitted to eat cabbage soup, lean beef meat and up to 6 tomatoes. The tomatoes must be fresh. You are allowed to drink between 6 – 8 glasses of water to help detox your body. If you do not like beef, you can substitute it with chicken (broiled or baked, without skin) or fish (broiled). Drink water(minimum 4 glasses).

Day 6  – Cabbage soup + lean (beef) meat + vegetables
In the sixth day, you can eat the cabbage soup, lean beef meat  (or if you do not like beef, you are allowed to substitute it with broiled or baked chicken without skin or with broiled fish) and as many vegetables as you want (without potatoes). Drink water(minimum 4 glasses).

Day 7 – Cabbage soup + brown rice + vegetables
In the seventh day, the last day of the cabbage soup diet, you are allowed to eat unlimited portions of the following: cabbage soup, brown rice, vegetables (without potatoes) and to drink as much unsweetened fruit juice as you wish and water(minimum 4 glasses).

Pros and cons of the cabbage soup diet
You need to be very good informed when you decide to follow this diet. Here are some positive and negative aspects regarding it:

• Pros:
– the cabbage soup diet is effective
– it only lasts for one week
– you can eat as much as you want from the allowed foods

• Cons:
– it may occur light–headedness
– you might feel weak
– you may experience flatulence

Note: The cabbage soup diet is a low calorie and low fat one, so it must not be followed by the really active persons, teenagers or children. Ask medical advice before starting this regime and do not starve yourself when you are following it. Do not follow this diet for more than 7 days if you want to maintain your health. You also need to take a multivitamin complex.


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