Brad Pitt Has a New Hairstyle in Quarantine

Brad Pitt’s numerous hairdos are the right stuff of Hollywood legend. He just recently recorded a video clip to celebrate the finishing elders of Missouri State University, which lies in his home town, Springfield. In the clip, Brad sports a quarantine hairdo that’s someplace in between ’90s drapes and a messy bob.

Brad Pitt, you’ll no doubt be aware, is the kind of guy whose jawline boosts essentially any type of hairdo he establishes his heart upon to a formerly unbelievable degree of beauty, which I, as the type of woman whose jawline makes me resemble a 1950s boarding school student if I wander off outside a narrow brochure of maximum three hairdos, find excellent and distressing. Remember lengthy and lush Brad in Interview With a Vampire? Short and spiky Brad in Fight Club? Mid-size and tousled Brad in Thelma and Louise?

My factor is, like the rest of us, Pitt’s separated from his hairstylist while in quarantine, and probably unlike the rest of us, his hair has expanded naturally right into a stylish ’90s appearance. Pitt, you’ll keep in mind from the picture over, has been showing off chin-length hair for some time, however, in quarantine, he’s no more slicking it back, using it in a design that’s someplace in between ’90s drapes and a ’00s bob. I am envious and irritated. Observe!

Pitt made the above video clip to commemorate the finishing elders at Missouri State University, which lies in his home town of Springfield. “Brad here from quarantine with a shout-out to the graduating class of Missouri State University. Yeah! It must be very strange doing this in these trying times, but know we’re rooting for you,” he states in the clip…

“Our money’s on you to make this world a better place. And we wish you all the best in your future endeavors,” he proceeds. “So, you did it. You made it. Enjoy. Congrats again, and think big.”