Brad Pitt Comes to Angelina Jolie’s Residence on Bike as Connection Defrosts

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have relatively gotten in a brand-new stage of their connection as the anger of their 2016 split is placed behind them.

The 56-year-old Hollywood star was seen coming to Angelina’s house in Los Angeles, allowing himself in with evictions with a fast input of numbers on the protection code pad.

It is not the very first time lately that Brad has reached hanging out with Ange and their kids as the ice that had frozen their connection appears to have ultimately defrosted.

Los Angeles County has relieved limitations on seeing individuals face-to-face, and Brad has taken this chance to head to Angelina’s $25 million estates, with it not being the very first time in the previous couple of weeks that he has headed over.


Three months of lockdown appears to have sufficed for the pair to place a few of their current past behind them, and Brad is currently having even more routine calls with his kids.

Brad was coolness objectified as he reached the house in the Los Feliz location of Los Angeles, not far from where he lives himself.

No natural safety leathers for the Oscar-winning star as he put on a white sweatshirt under a blue tee-shirt to accompany his white cycling handwear covers and silver safety helmet with sunglasses on beneath.


The check outcomes simply a couple of weeks after he was last seen heading right into Angelina’s place, in advance of their twins Knox and Vivienne turning 12.

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This happened on July 9, and Brad was back for some even more family members bonding on Tuesday.

While Angelina has been seen with Vivienne on shopping trips and having supper with 16-year-old Pax, considering that the quarantine regulations were raised, Brad is yet to be photographed with the youngsters himself.

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In truth, he hasn’t been hanging out with the kids since he separated from Angelina 4 years earlier.

During that time, the youngster custodianship fight in between Brad and Ange got rather spiteful. Yet, a short-term custodianship arrangement that was prepared in November 2018 has relatively led the way to both coming to be much comfier in each other’s company once more…

A source informed Hollywood Life in October 2019: “They have a complicated arrangement at present, but she has primary custody with Brad getting tons of visitation as instructed by a judge the last time they went to court.”